Sarah Sanders: Trump 'certainly believes' he has the power to fire Mueller

"The View" co-hosts discuss Sanders' comment and the consequences should the special counsel be fired.
4:47 | 04/11/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Sarah Sanders: Trump 'certainly believes' he has the power to fire Mueller
There are reports T know who in the white thought about firing special counsel investigator Robert Mueller back in December, and press secretary sa sandersays it's still an option for him. Take lo Does he have the power T fire special counsel Robert Mueller? Does he beli it's I his power? Certainly believes he has the power too so. You know, oftentimes just usyou believe you can do it doesn'tsa mean you can do it. Ah. So I'm going to defer to the chickith the law degree.our attorney a large. What are your thoughts on this? E doesn't have the power to do it. I mean not under current law less he decideshat the law shouldn't exist anymore and H issues an exeve ordo get rid of it which would be the it be? He can't do that. Thst he can do is he can ret he be fired -- ret that rod rosenste the acting attorney general fire hi if he says no, he can fire rod Rosenstein. What happens if he -- who steps ? Not someone that will actually it. M someone that will actually do but he has to get someone too his bidding and 'S why we talkedut this before. It's important for the Lindsey am and booker bill to go forward. Thatoing T proct the special counsel from bei fired. And so ie special course is fired byrosenstein or trump, then that B think, will reallyhieldhe process bethen the special counsel Mueller, he gets to appeal I to three fed judges. Mitch Mcconnell isgainst it because heees no reason for he is notng to do . Be ahead oe ball on one. You have to protecthis investigation. I know it's theone of contention for manypl across the country,e need a transparent vestigation, a it needs to run itscourse. If you are not guilty of anything, then you would the investion to go forward and it should be bust. It's also I think beyond trump in thiministration. It seems like a loophole in the law because no president under ours democracy should ev have the rightfire someone investigating them. Of course, not. Hi nee to be going forwart shouldn't exist. Watergate, the exact thing happened. It became led the Saturday night mare, and Nixon was out right after that. He better watch his St E talking about something hasn't happened, that'sng on a lot of unnamed sources and I don't te should get too far ahead of our skis. Ything you're saying about what W H if he fires Mueller, I have said, and muelle has said it's political suicide. As to be in wng in Washington, D.C. Itould take levels that we can't comprdince the Nixon era, and I don't think we should T too far ahead. It ha happened. He Cano it. This has come up before because I belie bill asked about thistoo. Clinton. Bill Clinton asked the same question, and they were, no, du you're not above the law. Everybody has to do it. They will have to find some very seriousnal activy for trump. I reer when Clinton was impeached. Th he could to serve. It doesn't mean the the nistration. In order for them to get rid of trump, Mueller has toomep with something very, very serious, very, very important and criminal. And maybp is worried aboutthat. Because that will spell the end of Donald Trump. He was upset appear in December because they said he was use becausehey were trying to get S inforon about his possible dealings with think. And his family as well. He felt it crossed the line. S,he family D so I feel like -- just do W you arposed to do. Don'torry about it because it makes me think this is just more smoke and mirro to say, hey. N't look at this. Look whahappening overhere. I'm sure he is very uncomfortable know? Yeah. And atl stormy also said she is talking with federal vestigators well, and she iso coming to see and tal with us on Tuesday for her fir liveinterview. Yeah. So that will be intereg. Yeah. But tare lookifor, you know, I suppose they are looking many, many, many, many, many, many things. We'll be right back. ??????

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{"duration":"4:47","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss Sanders' comment and the consequences should the special counsel be fired.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"54394506","title":"Sarah Sanders: Trump 'certainly believes' he has the power to fire Mueller","url":"/theview/video/sarah-sanders-trump-believes-power-fire-mueller-54394506"}