'Saturday Night Live' spoofs the ladies of 'The View'

After "Saturday Night Live" parodied Hot Topics discussions of "The View," the co-hosts react to the skit.
4:04 | 04/22/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Saturday Night Live' spoofs the ladies of 'The View'
While we were on a spring break, the folks at "Snl" had fun with "The view." If you missed it, check it out. President trump tweet thaad he is considering dumping illegal immigrants into sanctuary cities. Can I say something as the princess of Arizona? There is a crisis at the border and the border is right up in my Arizona which was founded on sun burnt women selling turquoise jewelry, not Rando Mexicans. That's not racist because my make-up artist is gay. This is the problem you're demonizing entire countries full of nice people. Can you let me finish? Can you let me talk? Can you let me finish? Can you let me talk? It's actually your job to listen to me. Okay, okay. Stop it! We're not gonna do this. This is "The view." We are five best friends with nothing in common. Well, in a certain way I have to say it was a pleasure to be done by a woman for a change. That's the point. I thought Fred was funnier with his shoulder pads and his so what, who cares? You evolved. I transitioned into a woman. Going from several years ago when we talked about the fact that "Snl" had no women -- That's right. -- All of us were being done by men, they have made a shift. Looking at that lineup of women, I was like this is very nice to finally see a woman. The only thing Leslie Jones do is stand up because they'll know -- Leslie is like 6 feet tall. I'm 5'4". I got glasses for you too. I never thought I would enjoy being mocked so much. Can I say I was an intern at "Snl" in college? It is an honor to be mocked by them. It was an honor all the way around and you nailed me. This is a tough job. They got it right. We're all so incredibly different. You come out here every day and we disagree on almost everything. What we do every day -- I get why they make fun of us. There was so much to make fun of with sunny and she wasn't there. Yeah. I'm a prosecutor. We could go there. They will, believe me. This is not the -- The chickens, the jealousy of her husband. I'll write it for you. Keep in mind -- I don't know what happened. We're used to this. I wasn't off that day. This is what being on the show is about. Sometimes it's clever and funny. We get hit every day all day long by people. Just know your mean memes or your funny memes, the memes are your memes. The show goes on. And on. A lot of shows haven't. A lot of shows tried to do what was created by Barbara Walters. A parody is pop culture moment. "Snl" is -- I get all that. My point is that -- I wasn't offended. We know. But we do find that there are sometimes when there are rougher things that come out. We acknowledge that as well. Just know that we see it, but we have a job to do which we do not stop doing because of what goes on whether we like it or not.

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{"duration":"4:04","description":"After \"Saturday Night Live\" parodied Hot Topics discussions of \"The View,\" the co-hosts react to the skit.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"62557899","title":"'Saturday Night Live' spoofs the ladies of 'The View'","url":"/theview/video/saturday-night-live-spoofs-ladies-view-62557899"}