Sen. Amy Klobuchar reminisces about her relationship with Sen. McCain

Klobuchar discusses the infamous exchange between her and the then-Supreme Court nominee on "The View."
3:37 | 10/18/18

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Transcript for Sen. Amy Klobuchar reminisces about her relationship with Sen. McCain
We're back with senator Amy klobuchar. Wonderful to have you here. So the mid-terms are two weeks away. You're expected to win hands down. Congratulations. One of the reasons you do so well is because you are someone with crossover appeal. You have bipartisan support. Why do you think there aren't more people that are resonating with both parties like you are? First of all, no one wins until people vote, so let's remember that. And I think part of this is that you've got to go not just where it's comfortable, you have to go where it's uncomfortable. So I go to rural parts of my state all the time. I once found myself -- I was at a business in every state at a place called insect infer know. It was a truck and said we kill bed bugs with heat. I was standing in that truck and I thought this is uncomfortable. It's important to get out and talk to people because otherwise you never hear what they're going to say and you can't come up with ideas. You make friends doing it and one of those dear friends was John McCain, Meghan's dad. You co-sponsored bills and went to the ranch a few weeks before he passed away. What was it about him that you connected with? He was such a mentor. No one tells this story about him for the women in the senate. He would take trips, we went to Asia and we stood in front of the cell where he was held for five and a half years. We would be with these male leaders in places like China and other places and they would always look at him, he would speak first, and then they would look at someone like Lindsey and John McCain would say something like, I'm sorry, senator klobuchar is the lead Democrat on this trip, she would go next. Aw. Or he would call me after I would do a Sunday show and leave a message and you know how he would always jab at people and he would be like, okay, you did a really great job, for a communist. And he just had this joy and zest and fun about this work and of course he did big things. He always said, as you know, the last time I saw him he pointed to that sentence in his book because he wasn't always talking as easily, and it said there's nothing in life more liberating than working for a cause bigger than yourself. Is there anybody in the Republican party at the moment who's like that? I'm not going to start naming names but I think they better become one soon. You've got Saudi Arabia going on with the president once again cozying up when it looks like we just saw a horrendous act of torture against an American resident. Yes, a Saudi journalist but a "Washington post" journalist. There's things we should be doing and Lindsey has been standing up, I've been standing up. People have been saying things but we're going to have to have sanctions. We're going to have to take this on. You have to show that kind of strength, and Republicans have to stand up and they certainly should be standing up when they're talking about, you know, cutting social security again and medicare and that's why, my view is, we got to vote. Are you going to run for president? Are you going to run in 2020? I am focused on Minnesota. I am going back there. That's not a no. That's what I do. I'm focused on Minnesota. We've got a lot of big races there and it matters. Thank you. Thank you so much. I'm sorry, that story -- I appreciate it. Thank you so much for coming on. He was so proud of you when you got the job on "The view." He came up and told me. Thank you. I really appreciate it. You're a friend to my family and thank you so much for coming on

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{"duration":"3:37","description":"Klobuchar discusses the infamous exchange between her and the then-Supreme Court nominee on \"The View.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"58593125","title":"Sen. Amy Klobuchar reminisces about her relationship with Sen. McCain","url":"/theview/video/sen-amy-klobuchar-reminisces-relationship-sen-mccain-58593125"}