Sen. Chuck Schumer says infrastructure deal negotiations have ‘sped up’

The Senate majority leader discussed his push for the key vote on the infrastructure deal, which wasn’t passed, and reacted to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi rejecting two Jan. 6 select committee picks.
7:50 | 07/22/21

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Transcript for Sen. Chuck Schumer says infrastructure deal negotiations have ‘sped up’
Thank you for being here. I'm starting with this. Senators on both sides of the aisle are working hard to final ift a bipartisan infrastructure deal to fix everything that neds fixed. Crumbling roads, bridges. Negotiators asked you to give them to Monday to wrap up the deal, but yesterday you forged ahead with a procedural vote on it, and as expected, it failed. Why did you go forward with this vote and what happens now? Well, I moved forward with the vote to get things moving. A month ago this bipartisan group came up with an agreement and then they couldn't -- they shook hands on an agreement but then couldn't put it all together. You know how the senate works. Unless you get a deadline, nothing will happen. Good news, since I called for the vote, negotiations have sped up. They're making much progress. They've reached agreement on many things. There are still a few outstanding issues, but if I hadn't asked for the vote we might have been in the same situation where not much was happening. What I did do was reserve the right to bring the bill back up and I said I'll do that at some future date. So I hope they can come to an agreement and then we'll move forward. Okay. So there's another bill waiting in the wings. Yes. On human infrastructure, which will really help families with health care and child care, education, of course. Climate change, which is the scariest one of all, because everybody's affected by that, but to pass the bipartisan bill, you need to have a shot at passing this, by the way, and right now you've got people on both sides of the aisle objecting to these deals. Not just Republicans this time. What are you going to do? Well, that's why we divided the bill, and divided things into two parts. The first bill that was, sunny mentioned, the traditional infrastructure. Roads, bridges, highways. That's important, and that you can get bipartisan support on. But there's a lot else that president Biden proposed that deems with so many issues that affect families. You know, it's so much harder to get into the middle class in these days and to stay in the middle class, and there is so many good things in the bill. Let me mention one of them. You know, medicare does not have, does not cover dental, vision or hearing. There are 27 million older people in America who could hear but they can't afford hearing AIDS. Now they can. It does, deals with child care. We are 36th of 37 countries in how we deal with child care, and families that are in the middle class struggle with child care, especially because today so many families have either one parent or two parents who are working. The other bill deals with climate as well, as I think joy mentioned, if we don't do something about climate in the next few years what we saw with covid will be even worse, because climate can devastate our planet. These things don't have Republican support. So what I've done is divided things in -- in two. The first bill, the traditional infrastructure, where we can get Republican support, we do on bipartisan basis. The part, this arcane process in the senate called reconciliation but you only need democratic votes and we've come together in the budget committee and put together a good proposal that deems with many I mentioned and many more. Hoping to get both done. I called it a two-track procedure. Do bipartisan we do, what we can't and is so important with the American people we do on this reconciliation track which only needs 50 democratic votes. Senator, you know, we were talking earlier about speaker Pelosi rejecting two of minority leader Mccarthy's appointments. Jim Jordan and Jim banks to investigate the capitol riots. What do you think about Pelosi's just unprecedented decision? Well, you know, she had no choice. First, I commend to your listeners, the "New York Times" did a video of the actual riot themselves. Itself. It was devastating. I know. Ip was there. I was within 25 feet of these insurrectionists. Had one of them. A gun had two of them rushed to block off the door, lord know what's would have happened. This was one of the most serious, terrible things that's happened in our capitol in our whole history. There should have been a 9/11-type commission. After 9/11 Democrats and Republicans came together and appointed a panel of experts, non-partisans to look into it and put out a good report. We followed their recommendations subsequent to that. Leader Mcconnell blocked that in the senate, would not let it go forward. Speaker Pelosi had no choice but to move on her own, as she did, and she put together a commission. I couldn't believe that leader Mccarthy put two people who said basically, who really didn't believe, sort of supported the big lie that did all of this, you know, that the election was stolen and Donald Trump should really be president, which has no factual basis. So she was right not to let them stay on the commission, and I still believe what she put together, while a bipartisan, a non-partisan 9/11 commission would have been better. Better to have this, Liz Cheney on it. Hardly a Democrat but a seeker of truth. We need to got to the bottom of this. So many unanswered questions on one of the most serious assaults on our democracy that's happened in our whole history. Senator Schumer, you are well known for support of your jewish supporters and Israel and tell jewish sportering your name comes from a guard. The name of a guard. Recently with a hamas, the man beaten in New York wearing a do you understand critics that think you were too silent during the last attack? That's not really -- that's not true. Immediately after the attack I joined the bipartisan resolution by senators Murphy and young. I supported it, or the statement that said we need a cease-fire immediately. That was very strong and immediate, and bold, and I've talked repeatedly against anti-semitism. A lot of these attacks come from the Iraq Republican national committee, nrsc ran ads trying to attack me. This is very, very bad. As long as I've supported Israel, we've always kept it bipartisan. When I was a Democrat, in the democratic majority in house and senate, every bill we had had Democrats and Republicans. These days some of the Republican, real -- hard-right people, have tried to make it a partisan issue. It is not. I continue to defend Israel. I believe in a two-state solution. I've had long talks with the new governor and he's been fully supportive of me, Lapid, one of the two in the coalition. Those attacks were false. Just false. Would you like to say something to Joey Borgen attacked by a Palestinian -- Of course I regret he was attacked and condemned the anti-semitic attacks countless number of times and send him everything I said. With all due respect it wasn't coming from Republicans, Palestinian activists and that's the question people still have. I'm telling you. The people, the ads were done by Republicans that were saying, Schumer didn't speak up enough. And -- about attacking Joey? No, no. I know that. The attack on him was terrible and regretful. I've condemned all of these attacks over and over again. The day after he was attacked I put out a strong statement against the attacks.

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{"duration":"7:50","description":"The Senate majority leader discussed his push for the key vote on the infrastructure deal, which wasn’t passed, and reacted to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi rejecting two Jan. 6 select committee picks.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"78995254","title":"Sen. Chuck Schumer says infrastructure deal negotiations have ‘sped up’","url":"/theview/video/sen-chuck-schumer-infrastructure-deal-negotiations-sped-78995254"}