Sen. Schumer addresses Trump retweeting doctored photo of him

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer blasted the president, saying Trump has "got to go" because he’s destroyed America's honor and values.
10:12 | 01/14/20

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Transcript for Sen. Schumer addresses Trump retweeting doctored photo of him
Speaker Nancy Pelosi is said to deliver the articles of impeachment to the senate tomorrow, but majority leader Mitch Mcconnell says his vote to dismiss is already in. So how are senate Democrats going to make sure there is a fair trial? Let's find out from one of the people you hear from the most, senator chuck Schumer who joins us now via satellite. Hey, chuck Schumer. Hello. Wish I were with you in person, but -- Well, we're going to start with the guy in the white house. He retweeted a doctored photo image showing you and speaker Pelosi in front of an Iranian flag dressed in traditional middle eastern-style clothing with the caption, the corrupted DEMs trying their best to come to the ayatollah's rescue. Ridiculous. Now why he would make it about the clothing or any of this, what is the point of this? Is this just him being dumb? Well, if it were just that, it's, you know, I say how low can the president go? Yep. It relates to a larger point, whoopi, which is the foreign policy that he has created whether it's in North Korea or in Syria or in Russia, can be summarized in three words, erratic, impulsive and egotistical, and that's why we're so worried about what's happening in Iran. The mothers and fathers of America don't want another endless war in the Middle East, and yet the president could force us into one or even more likely bumble into one, and that's why I know we're doing impeachment later in the week, but earlier -- or hopefully in the next day we'll vote on something called the war powers resolution which says he can't go to war, increase large numbers of troops in the middle East without congressional approval. That's what our founding fathers wanted. They didn't want the president to be able to bear war on his own. That's right. I want to make sure people understand, you know, there's headpieces and there's nothing wrong wit, and the idea of showing like there's something wrong with people wearing it, there is nothing wrong with it. I want to clear that up. You bet, and he seems to like to appeal to bigotry and divisiveness instead of smart policy, bringing us together, keeping us safe. Senator Schumer, this is turning to Iran, president trump claims he ordered the killing of soleimani because he had been planning attacks on four U.S. Embassies. You were in the classified briefing. Did you hear any intelligence about threats against four embassies? Well, sunny, I'm not allowed to talk about these briefings because they're highly classified, these gang of eight briefing, but I can tell you I am totally un -- unconvinced that there was any imminence that required an immediate attack. Well, the president himself told the American people that there were attacks against four people -- four embassies, planned attacks against four Yes. Can you confirm that? Did you hear that? I can tell you this, that even the secretary of defense walked that back. Right. I have never heard anything to that effect. So is he lying to the American people? This president plays so fast and loose with the truth not only on that issue. The other day he just said, he's defending, protecting our health care, our preexisting conditions. He's doing everything to undermine it and the families of America need good health care. He, you know, I'm going to make a broader point and it relates to impeachment and everything else. The greatest thing America has is its honor and its values. That's what the founding fathers focused on. That's what all of our great political thinkers have focused on, and no person -- no person has done more to destroy the honor and values of America than Donald Trump, and that's why I think he's got to go. All right, senator. I want to get -- I do want to get to impeachment because there has been some movement there. Nancy Pelosi is preparing to send the articles of impeachment to the senate after she withheld them. It's been at this standstill for three weeks insisting that Mitch Mcconnell outline the ground rules for the trial. Mcconnell didn't budge, and the question is a political one because I would make the argument that this standstill for three weeks has made it so people aren't talking about impeachment. If there was this urgent and this dire need from Democrats to get this done, Nancy and the Democrats would have found a way to do this, and I'll speak for this table. We haven't talked about impeachment for the last two is this a good thing for Democrats? I'm not sure I agree with that, Abby. The bottom line is this. Three weeks ago I sent a letter to Mitch Mcconnell saying, we wanted the truth to come out in this trial. We wanted witnesses. We wanted documents. Who has ever heard of a trial without witnesses and documents, and we requested a limited number of witnesses all of whom were eyewitness to what president trump is alleged to have done, and what he is alleged to have done is very serious, to tell Ukraine you interfere in our elections or I'm going to withhold your aid is exactly -- do we Americans want foreign powers interfering in our elections? It should be we the people who decide. It's serious stuff, and over the last three weeks, we have been able to focus on getting witnesses, documents and these witnesses by the way are not what Republicans say. They're democratic plans. They're the people appointed by president trump, Mulvaney, and Blair and Duffey. I don't know what they'll say. It could be exculpatory or further incriminating and we'll let the chips fall where they may, but we will not rest until we get the truth. You know what Joe Friday used to say, just the facts, ma'am, on the old dragnet show. That's what we want, just the facts, ma'am, and we're making some of the Republicans are now beginning to say, maybe we need witnesses and documents. Had Nancy sent the stuff right over and Mcconnell moved to dismiss, who knows what would have happened. 71% of Americans do want to hear from witnesses at the senate trial. Yes. Mitt Romney himself says he wants to hear from witnesses. We're not so sure about Mitt Romney because he has been flakey in the past, but is this enough to pressure a moderate, the senators to push for witnesses do you think? Here's something interesting, joy. The American people overwhelmingly want witnesses and documents, and 64% of Republicans -- Republican voters in a recent survey said, we want witnesses and documents. So there is tremendous pressure on Republicans from their Why not Mitch Mcconnell though? You say the Republicans want it. Why doesn't he do it? You heard what he said. He'll listen to whatever Donald Trump wants. One thing we know is Donald Trump does not want the truth to come out. If he were so sure he was right, he would have said to us, have the witnesses. Have the documents. They'll tell the truth, but he's afraid of the truth, but in something as sacred and profound as an impeachment, we need the truth. There have been 16 impeachment trials, 2 for president, 14 for other things in the history of this republic, and only one was there in witnesses and that's because they stopped it before that would happen. Every other trial has had witnesses. Every other trial has had documents. How can you -- the common sense. How do you run a trial with no witnesses and documents, no evidence? That's what Mcconnell wants. He can't handle the truth. That's it. You got it. Senator Schumer, this is Meghan. Hi, Meghan. Nice to see you again even via satellite even though Democrats and Republicans aren't supposed to be friends, but, you know, we go back a little. We do. Yes, we do. You have criticized the majority leader Mitch Mcconnell after he described himself as not an impartial juror, but during the impeachment trial of Clinton, you made statements on CNN. You said, quote, this is not a criminal trial. It's not like a jury box. It's susceptible to the whims of politics, and not like a jury. Do you mind that hypocritical? No. Okay. There are two differences, Meghan. The first personally to me, I'm a historical footnote because I was in the house in 1998, and so I was on the prosecution, on the voting for impeachment, and then I went over to the senate. So I'm in sort of a unique position as I was then, but more important the witnesses that were being called on in trial in '98 as you may remember had already testified. They had given grand jury testimony. Everyone had looked at it. The American people knew what they said, so people wanted to bring them back again. The witnesses we are seeking have not been heard from, and they are the people with the greatest knowledge as to whether the president did what is alleged to, what he is alleged to have done which is influence a foreign power, cut off their aid to get them to affect our election. Nothing, you know, it's funny. When I was in high school, and maybe this happened to you, we read that the founding fathers were most afraid of a foreign country interfering in our elections. I shrugged my shoulders and said, what's that all about? Well, once again the founding fathers were a lot smarter than all of us. They sure were. Or they had already experienced it once too many times. Correct. Interference, and knowing what that meant. When you come back to New York, please come back to the table. We are happy to have you here. Our thanks to senator chuck we'll be right back.

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