Senate delays hearings for VA pick Dr. Ronny Jackson

"The View" co-hosts discuss the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee's decision to delay Jackson's hearing after reviewing what it calls "serious allegations" against him.
4:53 | 04/25/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Senate delays hearings for VA pick Dr. Ronny Jackson
So the senate is delaying hearings -- the senate is delaying hearings on veteran affairs nominee Ronny Jackson after multiple allegations emerged of him being drunk on the job when he was the white house physician and he handed out so many drugs to employees owe the years he was nicknamed the candyman. Up with would have thought this would have come out in the initial background check. Why is it coming out now? It's kind of crazy? Wasn't he drunk the day he said trump was a perfect specimensome he must have been. I don't know. It seems very -- It's disconcerting for a lot of reasons. He was the president's doctor for three term. I don't think any president's doctor should be handing out pills the way he's accused of doing, if that is in fact, true. The V.A., the up with true bipartisan issue. The second largest department. It employs 377,000 people. It's taking care of our veterans. I texted with my friend Paul rye cough this morning. He runs Afghan stand and Iraq veterans for America. They did a poll that said only 29% of veterans support this man in his nomination. His quote is, it's a complete mess. Paul nose what he talks about. Our veterans and V.A. Deserve so much better than this on so many different levels. This administration specifically has been adamant about extreme vetten on immigrants but someone in the administration, they'll let them right on in. How did he get this job to begin with? Trump fired the previous V.A. Secretary with a tweet and nominated this guy. He probably didn't do any background check. He was with Obama and bush. So he probably assumed he was okay. Yesterday, he said H. I know there's an experience problem because of lack of experience. But there's an experience problem. The veterans administration is very important to me. What does that mean? Dr. Jackson doesn't have the appropriate experience to run that. Trump said that? Yes. Yesterday. He's thrown him under the bus. Isn't it surprising our country has become accustomed to someone with no experience becoming president, like trump? Rick Perry who want to dismantle the department of energy is now running it. Scott Pruitt, a climate change kept sick head of the EPA. Ben Carson, made call doctor, maybe someone who could have done some good in the V.A. Where is he? In charge of housing and you are been development. Because one time he passed a project. And Jim risen stooin, who has no background in science whatsoever is the new head of nasa. So this is not -- this is Normal. This is what he does. To Sara's point, trump missed a debate to hold a fund-raiser for veterans. He's attacked veterans and claimed to be the soothe sar of all thing, regardless of the fact he never served. For him to put this man up to run the V.A. After 200 veterans died in Phoenix at the V.A. That I went to school down the streets from. This is one of the worst abominations of the administration so far. I need to say this. Senator Jerry more ran met with Ronny Jackson yesterday. Reportedly said Jackson had denied the allegation against him including drinking on the job. Asked whether he categorically denied the allegations against him, Jackson reportedly saiding I'm looking forward to the hearings so we can sit down and I can explain everything to everyone and answer all the senators' questions. He's not turning down his nomination. He wants to explain. Can I say a final thing. We all agreed this man wasn't up to it to begin with. The V.A. Needs the best of the best of the best. The whole rest of them are not up to snuff. Sadly, the whole country needs the best of the best. It doesn't matter who you voted for. We all can admit that America should be treated better than we're being treated. I feel. I mean -- It doesn't matter who you vote for. We want America to be treated well. And the American citizens. And it just seems like we're -- everybody. We're all -- the veterans go out and bust their behinds. They fight. Folks go out and fix the country. You know, immigrants come in. They want to be here. Try to make. I feel like we could be doing a much better job just for ourselves stop we have to keep an eye on stuff because, we have the ability to really sort of stand up and say, okay, enough. This is what we need. I can't -- he can't get confirmed. He can't. No, he can't. We'll be right back.

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{"duration":"4:53","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee's decision to delay Jackson's hearing after reviewing what it calls \"serious allegations\" against him.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"54730938","title":"Senate delays hearings for VA pick Dr. Ronny Jackson","url":"/theview/video/senate-delays-hearings-va-pick-dr-ronny-jackson-54730938"}