Senate Republicans reject Mexico tariffs

After opposition to President Trump's proposed tariffs on all goods coming into the U.S. from Mexico, "The View" co-hosts discuss if the Senate will block the tariffs altogether.
4:01 | 06/05/19

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Transcript for Senate Republicans reject Mexico tariffs
When does you know he's not getting a whole lot of level on this out of time from his own people need. You know because he bit his that would dump the terror suspects stopped. Also does that. Whitman again this hold up a sex not isn't it interesting that this is the thing that I got them crazy and I cannot Ted Cruz's wife being talked with military coups did not. You know he won that upset when he talked about his wife was accused is debt wrecked our rafts in right got them out of their myself I Connell apparently found his testicles could snare his wallet fat. Okay. Yeah yeah. I think though if that I was actually out party at a few months ago and we were talking it was I was a bunch conserve as we're talking about trot. And I said doesn't his demeanor bother you does it doesn't you know whatever the huge amount of things you can talk about this in his personality his personal like that things he does you know and a front of my jungle law have a defining the little irony I battles that now. But that are so right that RS because that's conservatives were supposed to be anti tax and by the way this could cost the average American 900 dollars plus I'm getting all day he say I'm glad I got to crack house told her house call it could impact I mean it's away all idea and out of hot sticky weather build list is that. Extreme alarm but it is that thing he parliament said it hits ideology more than personality thanks so that they minute Dylan I don't believe and I think that they too chicken. They're scared of now that's what does not dealing honestly say when it hits you in the pocket huge amount well. These got is a first time anybody has said. Wait a minute via the present time that anybody has said it on camera we see what plus yeah here's earring fell off I just lost. Yeah. Austin market in China right everybody now knows that put tariffs and plot an imposed on China affected Americans Americans are the ones that pay for the parents not China well Mexico is not painstaking for the Tara had this act. Back test flight and I don't understand what his thinking if he thinks Mexico's now he is stop thinking pay migrants come this year. And at a loss more money yeah any of our American presence on the planet. This guy has. There's lots more money than any proof there's what they can tell art let you all but he isn't I think there was never art the DL but not ever but I think. Follow up on what you said joy yeah. If you're if your real conservative and you have been for a long time there's always an alarm goes off when your answer to every problem is write a check or tax and want I have very basic level as conservatives and his answer is write a check or tax and one which is an extremely. Liberal I don't go out when he buddies while he doesn't know in cages shouldn't get outgoing I would hope I'm now trying to explain so but it's still on that note. How do you. Expect someone who has lost. That much money I'm not gonna give him my money it not I'm not I don't want him in my economic. Penny is because he's. He's lost more money than any debt aren't any American that neither Dolly announced huge amount of money for an average and you listen if you had a mind but I you don't know economics. And you lost. I does that brilliantly. That's enough I just made up that's a billion. You know. Some may best says you don't have much knowledge about how the numbers work one out analysts work how people are affected or how tax cut why are people Palin has and that but he knows they. I did he know that he cannot move back to New York. The quits his tax code has screwed New Yorkers. And he's not good at let us. Who got every mom yeah I brought LA and I come back any comment Maggie things visit you know he brought down this winner. Pool that is his son that's not a good idea dry. I'm not glad strapped bank. Oh yeah may not even that is what I do an alarm.

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{"duration":"4:01","description":"After opposition to President Trump's proposed tariffs on all goods coming into the U.S. from Mexico, \"The View\" co-hosts discuss if the Senate will block the tariffs altogether.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"63511718","title":"Senate Republicans reject Mexico tariffs ","url":"/theview/video/senate-republicans-reject-mexico-tariffs-63511718"}