Senate reviews FBI report on Brett Kavanaugh

"The View" co-hosts discuss how the FBI report will affect the Supreme Court nominee's confirmation.
5:19 | 10/04/18

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Transcript for Senate reviews FBI report on Brett Kavanaugh
will be confirmed after receiving the FBI report. Several people say the FBI ignored their claims he lied during his testimony like his ex roommate James Roche. Take a look. There were a number of people who drank a lot back then. Even in this environment, his drinking was notable. Did you see him fall-down drunk? Yes. That's what came back to me as I was watching and ultimately reading the testimony. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I would be in the room. He would come down and he was slurring, yelling and making loud noises, very drunk. They don't care. People are asking why didn't the FBI take this account into consideration? If it's true, it also means he lied under oath. That's important. You're talking about a person who would be on the supreme court who is willing to lie under oath. Think about that. Somebody ruling on cases of perjury. Mitch Mcconnell changes all the rules to suit himself and suit his party. This is another changing of the rules. He likes beer. Let's vote. That's where he's at. This should be different. They went ahead with the FBI investigation, yet it doesn't appear to have been a thorough investigation because someone like this it wasn't interviewed. It was about her word wasn't enough which I've always taken issue with. I've put on cases with one person's word versus another person's word and the jury assesses credibility. If her word wasn't enough, shouldn't they also want to test his story as well. You know what bothers me more than anything? Do you know not one male senators said they were worried about their daughters? They all said they were worried about their sons. You should want an FBI investigation to get to the bottom. I don't believe that. They're lying. My point is that if you are worried about your son, you want there to be investigative stuff happening so you can show whether your son is innocent or guilty. The due process. You want due process to last in this country. Everybody says it's a hard time for men. But not for your daughters? That means if your daughters get assaulted you're saying you're my kid but I don't take your word for it. We're never going to know what ultimately happened here. We might. The FBI has had a tough task. They've had a rough year. Now they're being put in this position no matter what they do or what results they come up with, they'll be hated by half the country. They were given the whole week. They didn't use the whole week. That's not the FBI's fault. It was senator coons who wasn't happy. Flake said let's do it for a week. It doesn't matter. The message to women is we're not listening. The message to boys is if you become a powerful man you're allowed to grope a woman. Look at the president. Remember he said if you're famous they let you do it. I don't believe these senators think this about their daughters. They're saying this to push Kavanaugh through. Why would you push through this vibe in the street so that if your daughter -- if something would happen to her, could she come to you as her dad because she's seen you brush it off. We've seen it at this table every day. Sexual assault isn't political. It doesn't care about your politics. A Democrat can be sexually assaulted, a Republican can be. I don't want to cast aye per shuns on the entire Republican party. A lot of Republicans only vote in that direction when it happens to them. Think about Nancy Reagan who all of a sudden -- Couldn't you say it about both? How many Democrats rallied around Bill Clinton? I'm not talking about that. Once Ronnie Reagan got alts -- Alzheimer's she was all pro stem cell research.

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{"duration":"5:19","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss how the FBI report will affect the Supreme Court nominee's confirmation.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"58286587","title":"Senate reviews FBI report on Brett Kavanaugh","url":"/theview/video/senate-reviews-fbi-report-brett-kavanaugh-58286587"}