Senators confronted by protests amid Kavanaugh controversy

"The View" co-hosts discuss Bob Corker, Lindsey Graham dodging protesters amid Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation battle.
5:25 | 10/04/18

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Transcript for Senators confronted by protests amid Kavanaugh controversy
Senators are getting tired of all the protests. Bob corker tried to run away from one. Senator Lindsey graham lashed out after getting booed by Kavanaugh. What is happening? He got booed and then went boo yourself. The other ran into the bathroom to hide from victims of sexual assault. If you're a representative of the people, you have to listen to the people. If women are saying I've been sexually assaulted, I don't think you run into a bathroom. There was a woman that spoke to flake that changed the course of history. Calling them out is good. Voting them out is better. My personal opinion is there are few places in our country that can be a place where we can trust not to be political. One is the supreme court. There's still too many question marks. The country is so divided. It's not a healthy place to be. I wonder what this will do for the midterms. People are so fired up and so angry on either side. Are they going to go out and vote? Is that going to help Republicans and Democrats? There's polls that suggest Republicans are so upset, but if they vote Kavanaugh in will Democrats be upset? They need to worry about the women. That's who's pissed off. The bottom line is this, if you're a woman or you have women in your family this potentially could be effective for you. If you have people who are in the voting block basically saying, we're putting him in no matter what, we know it's possible he might have lied, but we're putting him in. We know it's possible this could have happened, but we're putting him in. We're putting him in because we need to have this vote to get rid of roe V. Wade. This is about the women. This is on us. This one is on us. Obama had -- Again, sexual assault does not care about your party affiliation. It can happen to anybody. The Republicans are getting energized. A lot of them are women. This happened before. In 1991 with Anita hill, right after that we got senator Feinstein. Barbara boxer too. I don't believe that this -- if he is appointed to the supreme court, I don't believe that women aren't going to show up. I think there's going to be a big female wave and a big blue wave. It could go both ways. It's not just women. It's Democrats have to vote more. To stop trump -- White women have to vote. There's no checks and balances right now. White women have to get out and vote. What we were told is that white women -- 53% of white women voted for trump. Unbelievable. That's fine because nobody is telling you you shouldn't vote, but my goodness -- all I can think of is daughters. And sons too. You should be worried about your sons too. If you're worried about your sons, you want to make sure there's a system in place to double check. Yeah. You also have to teach your sons to respect women. You have to teach your sons about consent. Women have to teach their sons. I also think like you do, whoopi, women should be believed. Our daughters should be believed, our sisters, our mothers. Since when is someone not saying this is my truth enough Put it in front of the court. No woman should be made fun of. No. No woman should have this made light of. What's interesting is -- you said something yesterday and it made me think about stuff. I can't remember the last time that I saw anything like this where so many men got on board to make fun of this woman. I was counting it out. It's not even that, you know, making jokes about Kavanaugh, but this is like belligerent stuff. In Mississippi? No when the president was mocking Dr. Ford. And everyone behind him was laughing. You remember what she said was so traumatic to her was when the boys were laughing at her expense. Now the world is laughing at her expense. The saddest part to me -- The cruelty of trump. What an opportunity the president has to bring this country together. He can't do it. He's still the president of the United States. It's still an opportunity to say -- He can't do it. He's a socio path. He would rather have an alert.

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{"duration":"5:25","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss Bob Corker, Lindsey Graham dodging protesters amid Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation battle.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"58286589","title":"Senators confronted by protests amid Kavanaugh controversy","url":"/theview/video/senators-confronted-protests-amid-kavanaugh-controversy-58286589"}