Seth MacFarlane talks 2020 candidates and what shocked him when meeting Trump

The satirist and star of the new mini-series "The Loudest Voice" shares his thoughts on Roger Ailes and what presidential candidates should focus on.
4:30 | 06/25/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Seth MacFarlane talks 2020 candidates and what shocked him when meeting Trump
So you're very political yourself, right? I try to be. And you were a Bernie bro back in the day. Yeah, if you want to call it that early on. I was for a minute too. I even named my dog after him. Did you really? Yeah. Name is Sanders? No. Bernie. So what are you up for now? At the moment I think intelligently I try to keep a pretty open mind. I have a handful of candidates that I am fond of, but you know, as we all know, it can change overnight. Yeah, we were just saying that, yeah. But there are a few rising stars in there. Yeah, yeah. Buttigieg is a rising star. Obviously Elizabeth Warren is a big rising star. People are saying I want to vote for the person who's going to win, not the person I like. I think right now that's probably a good frame of mind. Yeah. Okay. Well, Mr. Macfarlane, you and I are pretty much polar opposite politically. But you tweeted something the day before yesterday that I retweeted and you were saying that Democrats need to stop eating each other if they want to beat trump in 2020. And I said, I say this on "The view" almost every day. Can you explain what you meant by that. I think it's -- you look, there's a certain amount of obviously altercation that comes with any primary. I'm not really talking about that. I'm talking about more, you know, on the ground. I think that there's -- what does Bill Maher call it, a purity test, like if you're not absolutely in line with everything that a certain part of the party wants you to be, then you're somehow -- you're there to be attacked. And I think that at this point in time let's focus on the existential threat. Donald Trump. I think maybe let's worry about the little stuff. Let's pick our battles, and that's one thing that we're not always good at. They need to differ shat themselves from each other. That's what's going on right now. Yeah. You have met Donald Trump a couple times because you actually emceed the comedy central roast of him in 2011. Yeah. What do you remember about him? You know, I remember -- there's two things I remember. I remember he was a little dull. Okay. It doesn't really add up with the person who we see on television. He was -- When the camera wasn't on? It was shockingly kind of quiet. Huh? If you can believe that, he was kind of quiet. And I just remember the one thing you weren't allowed to joke about was the bankruptcies. Really? Like you can call him a harasser, you can call him a jerk but for god's sake, don't make fun of the money. Money is what he didn't have a thick skin about? That's what I remember. That's what got him. That's what Anthony jezleneck That's right, he was there. Let's talk about the show again. It's called "The loudest voice," which refers to Fox News I presume. Yes. I remember him saying we'll be the loudest voice. Yes. And you play a guy named Brian Lewis who was a right-hand man to Roger Ailes, correct? You're not a good guy either in this. Not -- Brian Lewis is a character that has a little bit of an arc where he kind of develops a conscience about what's going on midway through the -- I haven't watched the whole series yet. Yeah, I don't want to spoil but there's an interesting arc that he's a little kind of outside the melee at times. But you say that Roger Ailes may be responsible for the -- they say it in the play anyway, in the show, that he may be responsible for the modern Republican party. Yeah. And I was interviewed by Roger Ailes one time. He was so nice to me. I guess I wasn't going to be sexually harassed by him. I'm not his type. Look, it's interesting -- Stop looking at me, man. You find even the people that you disagree with most, it's very hard to hate from up close. I find that even the most conservative, even the most diehard conservative that I've spoken with, when you're sitting in a room together and you're face-to-face, the internet is the enemy of this party. It is. We all know this. But Ailes is an interesting guy because he began as a marketer, brilliant marketer, who had this idea that a news network that essentially functioned as entertainment, that portrayed good and evil, heros and villains and the simplicity of that was what was missing in the landscape. And he was unfortunately right.

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{"duration":"4:30","description":"The satirist and star of the new mini-series \"The Loudest Voice\" shares his thoughts on Roger Ailes and what presidential candidates should focus on.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"63935287","title":"Seth MacFarlane talks 2020 candidates and what shocked him when meeting Trump","url":"/theview/video/seth-macfarlane-talks-2020-candidates-shocked-meeting-trump-63935287"}