Did sexism cost Serena Williams the US Open championship?

"The View" co-hosts discuss the confrontation during the U.S. Open final.
5:32 | 09/10/18

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Transcript for Did sexism cost Serena Williams the US Open championship?
know you don't know that and I nd why you may have Double fau there and took it outracket. You owe me an apology. I have neverlife. I have a dghter andnd for what's right for her and neve cheated. You owe me an apology! You stole a point from. You're ahieftoo. So she had a poi away breaking H racketnd then a whole game taken for verbally abing the umand was fined $17,000. I wa trying to think bto remember when this happened to a male player and I couldn't member. I a wve seen a lot of -- if you watch tennis Y'v seen a lot of drent players. John McEnroe Yes, John mnroe. McEnroe was disqualiyd fromthe austraan open in 1990 for bad behaviond also received three codes in the u.s.pen 1987. He still won but he was fine $7500. So he has been reprimandedal He had Thi prolific er, right? O lauded it. Was there atatch and I didn't -- and I love tennis.I watch nnis. I've playednn I didn't see it as ive of this chairum I real didn't. I think she took issue ll and I think she did what a lot O men D across the board not only isut a athletes all sports. I mean, Thi elite athlete playing, you elite match. So I was rally surpred atit. I was mothein-law who was -- Why W I was sured at thismp taking a game from her.s signift. And Billie Jean king actually wroteashington post," the effect was an abuse of power. Ramos, which was the cros line. He made himself part of the match. Anthink WHA was terrible about it was that it took the story away from Nao Osaka -- T didn'te the victory. But the joy of THA VI hook away theatch from both ers. At's how it felt in the stm. It sort of- It's a known Thi in sports that the referee orhe U in this case, they should N behe headline. They are there to sort O calm things down and it seemedike he onl made it worse and worse. Poi that me the St from when she spoke the crowd off Serena to her credit calmedhemn to this is her moment, they said I know that everyone was cheering for her and I'm sorry had tonds way. What struck me was she felt tt D to ologize.because as wen, would U see a who won titlee that apologize for wayhat that ended? Never, I apologize for S things and I connected wh in in that moment. She was clearly the better er. She was clearly the better er on T court. She She But she's 20 years old also, come on. But it Waser N. It was her win.he thing THA bothers me is that bile said, you know, it W sex. McEnroe said itas sexist he said you don't see that happening to Nadal. Hasone I withis -- broken their things and haven't had this same K issue. Why is it acceptable to act the racket like th Sometimeshen you're playing at this level and you make mistake that makes yrazy that you M you break- you do stuff and that ppens. People undd it. The difference is normally Y ul get a warning be jump to, know, the point and the game.just -- so but that nottoays little Y She did. Serena is not saying she didn't hat's why Serena was really mad maybe, because she felt like S los. I don't know. Or was ling bause the -- not the coach, the referee, whatever he's Ed. I T know, ion't follow allthis. But maybe S was losing because he threw heroff. Well, I think the - we'llever know. I think the ideahat someone ses Y ooing somhing that you're notng caneally kind of throw you, and cheating youow, that's a big How D you D that cching from the side? I mee, it' like Brian trying to tell U how T do this job. It's impole we does a the time. Right, br Serena really passionate pe I thoht T bigger Theo osa. Th the big takeaway here. And Osaka won.due, congratulations, Ms. Osaka, you kickt yesterday, child. Yourulydid. We'll be right back withore "Hot topics."lead, crime pays?

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{"duration":"5:32","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss the confrontation during the U.S. Open final.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"57731147","title":"Did sexism cost Serena Williams the US Open championship?","url":"/theview/video/sexism-cost-serena-williams-us-open-championship-57731147"}