Sister raises five siblings alone after parents’ death

“The View” meets the siblings who lost their parents to cancer and open up about their 20-year-old sister’s mission to raise the family. Plus, they receive a heartwarming surprise.
12:28 | 12/09/19

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Transcript for Sister raises five siblings alone after parents’ death
Or about members of the Rodriguez family who are devastated by tragedy that's hard to imagine. But they would not let it break their bond as a family or their spear. Here's a story. My mom and that hadn't changed our relationship. No matter what challenges life brought to then they knew how to handle an India and it. Growing up we very. They cared for. My mom is my real motto the most amazing moment everything came across. Unfortunately we found out that she was diagnosed with cancer NET thousands lounge. I nearly had a chance. Soon tell her how lifestyle. You. Couldn't talk and act it's you know and the kid sewn. I just kept our bottom of that. In and his. In Vietnam and on passed away I came back to the house and kids are crying. Yeah. On the issue. Angel. I didn't wish self. Which is set mega banks and in the streets up from an act. My mother. Acts my father to promise and that he would keep us all together. And happy and healthy and I think my father then an incredible job. A couple of years after my mom passed away in my father got sick and you know we just I was something. Nicholson who hands found out that he was diagnosed they lymphoma cancer. Even when. On the bad movies and on me and my mom went. And if so are there enough time obviously it's a hot mentoring simple. Things. I'm and on and canceled school one. I was limited closed mind and kindness. Now meeting the match to pound million burning house on my mind and I know I'm I'm back from school. Me losing him. And made that custody doesn't this year was getting me. Really can't even. We think not that we weren't anything Chung again like second on an anti government institutions got him off to them. My reality is I'm seventeen. These are my Brothers and sisters and when I get that then I knew that the excellent. They're vulnerable and they eat an adult so I became here adult. This school. And for wreck. Sam actually soreness and a the I. Melissa and I have Intel won't and that shows and he give us no matter what. Just about going to school and check in get a form 101000 so I've seen you looking for. We expect both of I had let me sometimes it can be tying. With the death benefits we get from our. Parents and my part time job working as a way chance we make ends meet most of the time team gambled mostly been nice to take it was and then. Huntsman cinemanow will listen and act screwing things I can. Tell them. To be successful in school if I was it so that's when I decided to go back. When I finish tickets they have a product mean they came to my graduation and it was amazing. No one ever. The whole enough heights as Hank thank Sam chats I tried to give them the that they need and the support they need. And I tried to do it. Fritz who. Basically it's and is. A mom and the next us mid eighties schedule and be free handing rolled. Yeah. In the business law I have gotten is running and doctor recommends pick up lot of kids comes along we gain here. It's home wearing kids is good skiing we all need a shower is aimed at noon there's days where I don't happen I admit to myself. Yeah. Intense yeah. Yeah yeah exalt my last night and we get everything. A night in she cannot right next season. Very meets tonight this is what makes me need lake in makes me so happy to be within minutes who needed quit and it. And it is it is a very enjoyable for me. So we were really in tune being. My thought Brenda we lab in us and their grandmother Laura dance welcome sitting here. So. We went to story we wanted really to meet you. And I think the first question that Manhattan is. Where did you find the strength to make that decision that you that you could do this not that you wanted to cause of course you want to keep the family together. But where did that all you act and I'm gonna do this comp for a. I get out of that strength from my mother she has been an at a time with hair and I admired her so much. The way of her strength and the way she dubbed the so much the way she cared for us. Only Yost hair day I knew that I wanted to be just lakers in every way and that's what I wanted to do for the kids. Welds on girl twelve time. The other. And I want people to know is that. You could have got an easier route with all of this she could've gotten help from the welfare system you could've gotten help from all of the various systems that are out there. But you chose not to do that. You just do it on your own the wave that you're doing it tell everybody why. Mostly because when are those things get involved it takes out you know the famine he as a haunt them when we do it ourselves. We can say and we came we know that we're in this together and act and we did everything from the start to the finish. And that's that you I just wanted to keep everyone together and and focus on each other instead of other people out there could not a lot of people can understand what we went through you know them. Now what life lessons did. Your parents instilling new that you wanted to pass on to your siblings. My parents they showed me strange they've given us so much but the most import it they showed us not to take anything for granted. You know that's something I try to teaching kids like at the end of the day the material things don't matter. You know what what's given can be taken away so fast and in Oconee Natalie matters as family and love and support. Now from Florida is your son Alexander was their father. And your 76 years old and you rely on Samantha to keep the house running. Where do you think Samantha has gotten all of this straight from now for accordions lord as doesn't speak English I'm gonna. Speaks aren't Spanish so that she can understand my question. Knowing yeah. Lord as as legal Alexander at a at a Bob you know the Samantha Guinness said and ice face on your posts sick bay that fact. Eileen that. He'd have been missing ink sum up about a month an it'll pass. Don't they none that. None of incest did. Open me though. The list that if wins. This Obama and open and precision data from a mom. I. Think it's okay your parents while they work out its. And you ended up having to drop out of high school but didn't. UN back a couple of times pamphlets to high school eventually graduated won't you can now wake away. Against that union is even bat who didn't. You wages and part time and your part time student now if you a role model. To all scientists. And sue us I think to thank you you're welcome. And you say it's important for them to see. What you're doing including getting an education. Say it again just so we can hear it yet what time. I never really realize how important education was until I grew a little of their. At that time I was dropped out of high school and when I realize I wanted to make it a priority. It's when I wanted to be a good role model for the kids. I wanted to show then. You know a good example showed in the direction that maybe I didn't have I didn't know people who graduated high score when the cottage. And I didn't have directions so it was hard for me but when I realized that I want the kids to finish and that I want them to be successful that I need to give them that example. And show them. So. Yeah. Admire everything that you sacrifice and and then given. To your family and for your family to stay together and we are not only want it's. Joining us is have that up to grabs. The general manager of vehicle marketing and communications at what you own. Have never taken away. Q a bit. Samantha. When Toyota heard the story about you and your brother and sisters we felt compelled to help. You've taken on so much responsibility in your. Very young life. And we commend you for your Kerr inched. Deposit activity and your tenacity you truly are an admirable person. So at Toyota we believe in giving back to our local communities and helping people move forward in their lives despite the challenges that they face. So to that end. We understand that you have decided to continue. Your education at the University of Central Florida after finishing at Valencia Colin ship them. So a Toyota would like to support your academic goals by giving you a scholarship. A 151000. Dollars. We'll. That's not all that's not look that's not off. That's. So we understand that when the family has largely jurors they can be challenging to get around from place to place what everybody together. Right now so I think we have a solution for that. Toyota is eight mobility company after all yes. I am honored on behalf of Toyota to give you and your family a brand new to when he took when he Toyota Sienna. Okay. OK. Yeah. Okay okay. Are there isn't war's end up happening. It's not there. But I think Whoopi has its eye do you have a surprise like. Okay just let the Rodriguez family we wanted to help so we filled their new Toyota band with a ton at Disney toys from Disney store. Okay. Only. We love golf we want everybody. To count your blessings and have a great day and take a little time to enjoy about view yeah.

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{"duration":"12:28","description":"“The View” meets the siblings who lost their parents to cancer and open up about their 20-year-old sister’s mission to raise the family. Plus, they receive a heartwarming surprise.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"67603428","title":"Sister raises five siblings alone after parents’ death","url":"/theview/video/sister-raises-siblings-parents-death-67603428"}