Sondland acknowledges quid pro quo

“The View” co-hosts discuss their takeaways from Gordon Sondland’s testimony from the impeachment hearings.
6:46 | 11/21/19

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Transcript for Sondland acknowledges quid pro quo
Trump appointed ambassador and avoidance Tomlin didn't waste any time singing like a canary head it's testimony yesterday. And it sent Republicans into attack mode box. I followed the directions of the president. We worked with mr. Giuliani because the president directed us to do so everyone. Was in the loop. It was no C great I know that members of this committee. Frequently framed these complicated issues in the form of a simple question. Was there a quid pro quo. As I testified previously. With regard to the requested White House call and the White House meeting the answer is he. Yes the answer is yes. So how damaging is this lady. What is that I could take my soft opening statement yesterday. I was I was an op what we were hearing it was a total bombshell in my opinion it reminded me of what corrupt governments do and get away with. That's not that's not who we are that's not we do I will say not yet. But we did what I found close to me the most alarming yesterday. For trucks and and public support him it's on land was in the inner circle right. A game Italian rally around to really like diplomats and people that any get a million dollars to China's campaign let's not be dead but I'll go with someone that this has spoken to the president says he doesn't know and at this point but they did speak a lot and he worked with Giuliani. And he also. Implicated everyone that was involved. OK. I've. Giuliani of. OK Rick Perry and I would hear even our president the vice eight president I ten asked. This was the strangest part everybody know he's going to pass I could figure this out both bulk. Get the connection between but we smock. And the by Vince. That's where you lost me because if you Google it or you followed Giuliani on the cable news channels over the past year you realize that the recent only recent present was Anderson the recent it's because and by the by Indiana my art if they're lined about that then. Can they be believed while the other stuff so I I tell myself confused yesterday I was alarmed by most a bit but I I thought it for the most part it was a bombshell. Yeah bad news for for campus what do you think. I doubt I've. I felt the transplant means he you know do everyone under the bus drove the bus put it in reverse went bad I think I I couldn't believe it especially when he said. If this was no secret. Everyone was in the loop and I just started thinking back. So when president Pelosi was trending on twin air when he made. Pens outlet will may be used not to to feed the dream after all I was like all hail to cheat because if your ticket out. The president and you're taken out the vice president who's next in line I mean I thought it was battle area yes actually somebody in the audience is lagging blue. Yeah I have ever covered an area that the republicans' objection to all of this is that he didn't directly say hey. Make sure united. Don't get out that this is not great felt quite outspoken Republicans are zeroing in on is that someone was saying this was based on his own presumption that's right from the phone call that it was it act and again depending on. Which media you concealed which Twitter accounts you follow. You think the chance to be hauled out handcuffs where you think that he is 100%. Completely innocent and this is a witch hunt what's interesting to me is the polling data about impeachment Democrats nearly unanimously think he should be impeached. Four or five Republicans believe he hasn't 65%. Of Americans they. Nothing we learned during the inquiry able to change their minds and for the and PR PBS Paul when I watch yesterday I didn't have the same reaction quite frankly I don't believe anything you deal I don't believe anything that I came on the show for a long time being told that Mueller was the smoking gun. Everybody had it locked and loaded and it was dot I think did what president Tran do was completely unethical I think anyone with even though like. Hate to say stop a conscience can understand that yes it was an apple was it illegal. That is the question we are trying to answer and that by the way is the question Amy Klobuchar brought up in the debate last night that I think is more than what. It is the press Saturday limited appeal level impeach impeachment process around politics out doesn't it email he's going to be hauled out of apple doesn't know about it and it is it an impeachable offense not if it. In a legal occur at any question I want to donate at any altitude forget you teach and story here's what our guys but he will be impeached the question is will this Bennett. Find it will harness sue to remove say hot. Docket it reasonable kind I think should be very intellectually honest because I for 1 am sick of these false flags that the media continues to fly that we are going to have trump again and I and I go to Muller again that he's going to be hauled out immediately let's take it day by day person by person nobody did you like because each jobs. He's going to be impeached but the when we go to the senate to admit I'm glad you're talking Mitch McConnell is a brilliant politician and what he's going to do is she's going to strengthen this out. And take this as long as possible because it's gonna make all democratic candidates who are in the senate running for president right now have to force all their time an impeachment right now impeachment is not popular in the United States that Republicans. Are not going to remove him from off another not they're not gonna remove him from office will he be impeached. 100%. Should he be removed from all clear longer 101. This this this is at stake wait wait when you look at this type of conduct. And you look at the fact that I think we can all agree that the Republicans are not going to remove him from office. Why not redo Lee why not like I wanna I didn't like it's in a court really right out of athletics illegal narc on is broken today white house Press Secretary Stephanie Gresham said in a statement. That ambassador silence testimony made clear. That and one of the few brief phone calls he had with president trump the president clearly stated that he wanted nothing from Ukraine and repeated no. Quid pro quo over and over again in fact no quid pro quo. Ever occurred the US aid to Ukraine float. No investigation was launched and president trop has met and spoken with president the Lansky. Democrats keep chasing ghosts I would expect them to say I think we should also mention that the president set back on September 9 after the whistle blower complaint was lodged in after the hills started inventing if you okay. What I think you have to assume Republicans are skeptical when on day one of him being elected people sent start impeachment so again for me nobody hits presidential more than I am I've been given every night you'll get hot and lightest. Forty out. They got its. You'll have to see trucks you know reaction to someone's testimony an impromptu press conference yesterday got to watch anything you know crazy.

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{"duration":"6:46","description":"“The View” co-hosts discuss their takeaways from Gordon Sondland’s testimony from the impeachment hearings.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"67205007","title":"Sondland acknowledges quid pro quo","url":"/theview/video/sondland-acknowledges-quid-pro-quo-67205007"}