Special Counsel Robert Mueller's objection to AG William Barr's letter

As the U.S. Attorney General testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee about the Mueller report, "The View" co-hosts weighed in on if they believe he lied to congress.
8:03 | 05/01/19

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Transcript for Special Counsel Robert Mueller's objection to AG William Barr's letter
Attorney general. William Myers testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee about the mollen report. As we speak this comes on the hit Osama leaked letter. Robert Mueller sent far back in March criticizing bars for page summation of Muller's report. But here's what Bart sing it when they asked him about it an eight well. Reports have emerged recently. General that members of the special counsel's team. Are frustrated at some level with the limited information included in your march when he fourth letter. That it does not adequately or accurately necessarily portray the report's findings do you know what their reference and was sent. No I don't I think he's I think. I suspect that they probably wanted to know more. Put out did with Bob Moehler support you're conclusion I don't know whether Bob Moehler supported my conclusion. That that's that's alive so. And that thing that always gets me. I don't deny it when you know what is written testimony and evidence proving that Mueller told you it was wrong. Now some boxes say hey you've got to resign all but this. I mean. If there's at an. I guess they're China brain Lyon into an art far this because if you if you I mean. There's bit I'll. It under some rock I'm not undo it in front of video camera and tell us about assembled they accused of video have you sang the. Not just a question why does he feel and other Republicans in the party at this point feel that they have to be like gay as they say human shields. Four man who lied 101000 times so far. Who has op obstructed justice obviously has told people to lie. Has attempted to acquire draft but why did they stick with him is the question his entire ripples I didn't go all why is this guy doing. It went and sat yeah information as the best that's why I didn't. I understand because he had a very good reputation William Barr going into this position and now I had I've said it often. He seemed to be part of that these trumpet ministries that your reputation gets a leave immediately and so you have this the special counsel. Bob Mueller who did something that is really out of character for anyone at the Department of Justice he generally don't memorialize your displeasure. With the office as a letter and it seems like he'd sit back and it's everything against your training but it seems like he did that because he was really concerned about. Bars sorry and Al I think what's crazy is that on March 5 Muller says to bar. The introductions an executive summaries that I have already. Written and provided to you. That's what should be released to the public and that's what should we be leased to congress map I'll march 24 though just. He disregards that far and then he sends out that four page memo and you know we all sort of jumped on Al lot of people were saying well. No collusion which by the way is not a federal crime behind identical nobody but no collusion no obstruction I've been and that should president and I've been fully exonerated. And then march 25 mullis sends him. Another letter saying please do what I asked you to do. Bart does everything Adam Muller doesn't again I'm not yet. This Saturday you have to be so frustrated if you are Robert Moeller a higher how much time he spent on this and ammunition theaters nearly 26 million dollars if I'm frustrated as an American were still sitting here after all this time and we have question marks as to why we're here still. Unsure of things he's got to be the most upset and he's the one I wanna hear from more than anybody we can listen to bar but I think people are at their feelings he had about whatever he says. But Mohler I still believe is a non partisan player in this I think he genuinely wants the public to understand how he found. And I still believe that there are people in this that want the answers and want the truth but not Lindsay Graham do you see him today. Lindsey Graham very bad boy. I don't feel worried about if and got. I am I I'm good I really. I don't look I wanted to get it must begin about him anymore need I. I would have trumpeted in the nude photo on April you know I've just you know that caller is willing to test yeah yet but after a day but the DOJ now I mean what is avalanche Scotland's direct this to you again what is happening is a link and isn't this V. Isn't this the bastion of law. It shows this not be Obama's. We're approach is supposed to get and I think that's what Bob Mueller was so concerned about if you read his letter and I encourage people to read it its online. He says. It's not that long is about a patient and a little bit more he basically says listen you are undermining the public's confidence in our investigation I'm. And he's very concerned about that I don't has expanded obstruction. Well you know Nixon's attorney general message out went to jail for that or behavior that is similar and I and I will say this I am not saying bit William Barr lied. In front of congress lying in front of congress is a felony and that's you know five year. Penalty but if he didn't cross that line he really danced on it. He really dance on and we're supposed to be upholding the law and I'm kind of disgusted. By the behavior that I'm seeing from the parts don't justices thought so so it waiting bought and I got a question Bart is smaller his boss. At this point yes it in a willing US request friends you can still Barack and some smaller Imus in front desk to because Muller and remember is still employed by the Department of Justice now. So I haven't. The attention span of a cancer on pat. I'm the classic millennial just so we're clear like I have the attendant spent a great air and and I was confuse last night I was confused in the meeting I'm looking forward to three people say. Cobble Amy Couri that three people running for president what are you gonna deliver in front of me what questions today and their campaigns and their team to come up wet they could maybe find if there has ban obstruction of justice if there is something strange. But away heat the investigation quote did not fully capture the context nature and substance of Muller's work. That means. Mongers I. No it's it's been doing and that's aren't get out of the united let me just ask you put a surrogate out and put your job and hold jobs to captured the substance context in nature about what we're know what. Mueller is saying to bar in this letter and again I encourage everyone to critics he's saying the ripped the four page summary that you put out. Does not capture what our invent a busy day out. So we don't anyone in a sense he's saying you are miss leading the public I think that is assisting the guys out. So the idea that when someone fans did you know. Yeah and you say. You'll want the debt but that now it is not just. A lot of really doesn't want all that why aren't wife. I'm I'm going out of our kids you're new and unions say you do. Now I'm wearing my kids might yet come up by then that's my mother she would kick my behind Kodak cut its o'clock. But they. Gets up close at. You can't you you know listen you may not like how the conversation gulls what you have to answer the questions this is not a game that's not a T beach outmanned yeah this is not a lot of this is America you answer these questions so we don't single out. No. If we can't trust you all to tell us then I'm sort of feel like there may be there's a cool happening big gas lighting and I don't I don't have. Look at meant way. This is dense and new lines and part of why I'm reticent to giving opinions that I really do one ST hearing. I do wanna see the question is not centers on our prison time right now I think I need.

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{"duration":"8:03","description":"As the U.S. Attorney General testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee about the Mueller report, \"The View\" co-hosts weighed in on if they believe he lied to congress.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"62757544","title":"Special Counsel Robert Mueller's objection to AG William Barr's letter","url":"/theview/video/special-counsel-robert-muellers-objection-ag-william-barrs-62757544"}