Stephen King's new horror book 'The Institute' mirrors US border crisis

The legendary author explains how his book inadvertently paralleled real life events and "The View" co-host Sunny Hostin gets a surprise from "It" character Pennywise.
5:05 | 09/11/19

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Transcript for Stephen King's new horror book 'The Institute' mirrors US border crisis
I'd love you like everyone else in the world does or one of the great geniuses of all time. I have read the shining more times than I can possibly tell you at now that I have you in front of me know this probably been asked this like a million times. How does someone come up with a ninety like the shining because it's. Truly incredible terrified combined yeah news. That was the first time. That my wife and I ever had. Like a weekend off from the kids to kids who were really young we were living in Boulder, Colorado I was working on the stand at that time off. And we had tabs younger sister with us and she said go on tape that we can just go west stop somewhere. And we ended up stopping at a place called the Stanley Hotel. It was their last lead the season. Everybody was leaving and nobody was coming in Crete and we said can we check cannon and the guy said. You can check in if you can pay cash we sent all our credit receipts back to Denver. And I happen to have the cash in my wallet things are a lot cheaper than we were the only people in that hotel wind was whistling outside the rules were wrongly empty at the Erie. His take didn't you know that while odd that theories what I do. A. Oh I got the idea for that thing I got lost in some of the coroner's send me a song to little's freaky girls like. Yeah. Are you looking for it to this gold actor sleep yeah and now I see is actually used a terrific terrific movie. Was done by Mike Flanagan who did Netflix picture based on my book deals came. Hand yeah he did a good job with this. He did their job and is he he's taken a lot of the elements from the Kubrick film which I wasn't crazy about it sort of warmed him up rationalize good idea and got us. I'm sad I'm excited for this you you're scaring us all again. And you and brutal book the institute I only read your books when it's light out it's a private group hope Childress people are not with supernatural abilities were abducted by a mysterious organization. But as you were finishing it over the summer it started to parallel. Real life events I'm I'm afraid to even ask but how how so. When I started this book I just wanted to write a story about defenseless children. Who were locked up and had to kind of band together. In order to. Fight these cruel adults that are performing tests on them. I hosting a little bit about the CIA experience in the early fifties and I was also thinking about. The horrible experiments that were performed on people in need in the camps during World War II. And you know this thing is like yeah right and I'd try to keep my politics. Separate. From. This stuff that I write. The stories because I think people like story people want story in you know if they want the news they want to you know the stuff they can go on it and get on. MSNBC. A day long talks whatever it. But sometimes. Life comes along. And imitates art and steady the other way around and as I was rewrite in this book once. I find out what rock little kids out in cages on the border. And I'm thinking to myself. This type. A book and want to know. Well 1984 joint tool yes it all your everyday yeah well executives I'm I'm the resident scared cat. I had stabilized that I heard that yeah. And to Halloween ago the producers thought it would be really funny it's not by the way of life. To get penny wise the terrifying clown think you Stephen King from your novel it. No no. A look at. Yeah. All over the studio take a look at what they did some. Me. Yeah. Video that you just saw was taken my. Birth yeah and okay. It and that's a people this sound bridge all right over water yeah. And as well as land that I loved to stand up section one of my favorite books well thank you well Lacey and what I would do today I can't get it. You know what I I it's never long enough to hang out with the really looking slot I'm looking for this Gary Clough home and and it pops up. Did you know me now when I'm just saying. This Stephen king and we want everybody to have it.

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{"duration":"5:05","description":"The legendary author explains how his book inadvertently paralleled real life events and \"The View\" co-host Sunny Hostin gets a surprise from \"It\" character Pennywise.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"65544312","title":"Stephen King's new horror book 'The Institute' mirrors US border crisis","url":"/theview/video/stephen-kings-horror-book-institute-mirrors-us-border-65544312"}