Sting, Shaggy on performing for the queen, why they collaborated on new album

Sting and Shaggy joined "The View" to discuss their latest project, "44/876."
9:27 | 04/25/18

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Transcript for Sting, Shaggy on performing for the queen, why they collaborated on new album
So sting -- sting and shaggy joined forces for a surprising magical musical mashup that works so well, everyone from grammy audiences to the queen of England are cheering 'em on. Please welcome sting and shaggy. ??? Don't make me wait don't make he wait true love true love true love ??? ??? Don't make me wait don't make me wait true love true love true love ??? That was a welcome. That is a welcome. A great welcome. Well, people know y'all. They are happy to see the collaboration, man. Yeah. It's magical. You had a human weekend. You performed at queen Elizabeth's 92nd birthday. And now, I understand, shaggy, this was your first time meeting the queen, seeing the queen in person? Ah, yes. My first time of all of it. Royal Albert hall is a prestigious venue. It was exciting for me. And I was there. We had to raise the bar a little bit because -- Certainly raised the bar, my friend. Created a little ruckus. I was a little worried. He went out there headed toward the royal box. Don't do it. I was trying to high-five the queen. What would you have done if she said, it wasn't me. He would have dropped the Mike for her. You met the queen before. The last time was a big deal. She pinned something on me. You're going to want to explain that. I was made a commander of the British impeer. Wow. And she said to me, are are you still in the music business? I said, barely, ma'am. Hanging on by my fingernails. She said, the rain forest? Still burning, ma'am. I was out of there. Short and sweet. The new record is called "44/876" in reference to the country codes of England and Jamaica. There is some finger in the pulse of what's going on in the world today. It's a sunny record. Great record to dance to. Light and hope in it. But we're dealing with some issue that T are quite dark and frightening and threatening. Like immigration. And the dreamers. And -- he's an immigrant. I'm an immigrant. He's a veteran. And, we feel we have a right to say something. We want to use the album as a platform for our voices to be heard. I think, being a veteran, and, um, it's earned me that right, you know. And if you stand for nothing, you'll fall for anything. Well, I'm not -- you're a marine. So semper fi. You fought in decemberer storm. Ooh-rah. That was amazing. Whubt that? You looked adorable. That's when I was cute. Why did you decide to join the Marines? I was in Brooklyn doing everything I shouldn't be doing. Mm-hmm. We don't do that here. It ain't like Brooklyn now. Now it's changed. I'm smart enough to know that if someone wants to walk and step in a hole and breaks his leg, step over it. So you ended up in desert storm? I didn't know that. I learned a lot in the military. I did my growing up there. The the military prepared me for what I was going to do, which I had no idea, which was music. This is where I get up early in the morning for top morning radio shows and go to -- radio stations and TV stragss, straight through the night, come back, start over in the morning. I do it in different time Zones. We've been working our butts off the whole time. The military prepared for me that. Amazing. Thank you. Thank you for serving. Can you to service members. You shot the vid Kuo in gentleman Jamaica. It's an important place on both of you. It has a huge influence on my music. I wrote some of my biggest songs living in the house of Ian Fleming who wrote the James bond books. I sat at his desk and wrote "Every breath you take." There's something this the air. Something magicalen the island. I can't quite pin it down. I was happy to go back to raise money for the hospital. The only children's hospital in the english-speaking caribbean. That was my way of saying thank you to the island and its people. So, thank you. Yeah. You are no stranger, by the way, to Jamaica. I don't know what you mean. I know what you mean. You did a movie called how Stella got her groove back. She was in hi video. On my video. I forgot that. That's right. Taye Diggs and all of that. Your resume is so long, you forget. I have to tell you, sting and I go kind of way back, sting spent a little time in Berkeley. With the band. When what was the album -- the -- oh. Gosh. I can't remember. I can't help you. I know. No. Too long ago. I know. I know. He met my mom and we fed him. This is a -- to me, to see the two of you together is kind of wonderful, because I know you're always trying to make the world better. And it's wonderful to see you saying, yeah, we're all trying to do this. And bringing folks up. So, thank you. For everything. Shaggy, we know you from your hits "Bombastic" "It wasn't me." I understand your speaking voice is different than your singing voice. Oh, yeah. I used to run and sing cadence. Because I did -- I had a knack for making up funny cadences. They would call me out. We would run four miles whatever. Like left, left. I don't know but I've been told. I hear sting wears panty hose. But we make -- I didn't know that was voice training. You're running for four, four miles, three miles. Whatever it is. You're sing at the top of your lungs ??? left right left ??? I started making records. The voice came out. The fact that you got your leg up like that. He's a yoga guy. He's a yoga guy. The bromance is in view. We want to know what you learned about each other in a little game called isn't it bromantic? I'm going to give you a series of questions. You tell us what you know about each other. What are your favorite lyrics of his to sing along to? Um, something about the bathroom floor. Can't quite remember the rest of the line. It's one of my favorites. Oh. Every breath you take. That's just -- it's great. Who is more of a morning person? It's definitely me. Definitely. Who has the most annoying habits? We don't have any annoying habits. We don't have any annoying habits. Clearly not married yet. Somewhat the other one's favorite snack? I would say dessert-wise is vanilla ice cream. He's -- it's kind of freakish. Everything he's got to have, could you go get some vanilla ice cream. Of all things, it's so simple. You know what, look. It's wonderful to see this collaboration. The album is wonderful. Thank you. It's wonderful. I'm going to say thanks to sting and shaggy. "44/876" is available now. And you know what, y'all. You've been so good. You're going home with the

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{"duration":"9:27","description":"Sting and Shaggy joined \"The View\" to discuss their latest project, \"44/876.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"54730689","title":"Sting, Shaggy on performing for the queen, why they collaborated on new album","url":"/theview/video/sting-shaggy-performing-queen-collaborated-album-54730689"}