Stormy Daniels adds twist to Trump story on Jimmy Kimmel

"The View" co-hosts discuss Daniel's coy comments on whether she really signed a denial of her reported affair with Trump.
3:31 | 01/31/18

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Transcript for Stormy Daniels adds twist to Trump story on Jimmy Kimmel
But I messed up. Right before stormy Daniels appeared on Jimmy Kimmel last night her lawyer released a statement claiming she did not have an affair with the guy in the white house in 2006. But Kimmel noticed some strange things about her statement. Take a look. The signature on the original statement does not match the signature on this statement, right? That looks like my signature doesn't it? It doesn't. So you're saying perhaps this letter was written and released without your approval? Do you have a nondisclosure agreement? Do I? You can't say whether you have a nondisclosure agreement but if you didn't you could say I don't have a non disclosudisclosure agreement? Yes? You're so smart Jimmy. Thank you very much. So I consider myself a semi-intelligent person. I have no idea what she's saying in that clip. I don't have an idea if she had an affair or not. I believe she did indeed have an affair with him. I believe they paid her off. I believe she has a N nondisclosure agreement so she can't talk about it and I don't believe she wrote the letter that has the signature that's not hers on it. And I don't believe she got enough money. Thanks. We do have a statement. I need to read. After the Kimmel interview an attorney for stormy Daniels confirmed that she had signed the most recent statement saying she denied the affair and was essentially just messing with Kimmel. Really? Her attorney came out saying this didn't happen and when you're throwing the implication of accusations like that because I think that's how it's been widely interpreted. You have to be responsible. If he had this liaison with this actress, I do think it would be something the American public would be interesting in knowing but I think of Melania trump last night and everything she's going there and the compassion I have for her as first lady. Maybe it's because I'm from a political family but there are real life ramifications for these kind of accusations. But if he did this it's his fault. It's his fault but she should come out and say I had an affair and this is what you need to know about the president of the United States or don't say anything but this song and dance of like maybe I did, maybe I didn't. I don't understand it. Here's the point. Thank you sunny. And you're the lawyer my friend. What do you make of that? Go ahead. I think, you know, women that accept these settlements or people, men also, do sign these N nondisclosure agreements and precluded from say anything and if they say something they get fined for I. They have to give the money back and sometimes the fines are significant and perhaps that's not why she's saying anything. That's a great point. Why not -- the country is interested. Pay the fine and tell us what happened. Well, I don't know. I just -- you know, I don't like when people do that, you know. If you didn't, say you didn't. But don't do this -- I just -- I don't like it. Yeah. I don't like it. Now, why is my question? Okay. Because we're going to come back and talk more about this. We got some news for you too. En used to his whole room smelling like sweaty

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{"duration":"3:31","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss Daniel's coy comments on whether she really signed a denial of her reported affair with Trump.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"52745097","title":"Stormy Daniels adds twist to Trump story on Jimmy Kimmel","url":"/theview/video/stormy-daniels-adds-twist-trump-story-jimmy-kimmel-52745097"}