Susan Rice discusses Biden’s work in Ukraine and GOP

The author of “Tough Love” weighs in on Joe Biden’s business in the Ukraine and why she raised her children to form their own opinions on politics.
4:19 | 10/09/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Susan Rice discusses Biden’s work in Ukraine and GOP
We are back with ambassador Susan rice. Joy? Okay. So there's the politics of this situation which is interesting also because we have seen Republicans come out in force. Even Lindsey graham and Moscow Mitch are behind or against trump in doing what he's doing I shouldn't say it that way, but I'm furious. So -- and as far as the Ukrainian thing is concerned, it's, like, they don't want to be anything to do with it. So how do you explain this? I was shocked that they were so against trump here. Weren't they worried about their jobs and everything else they were worried about? I'm glad they stood up to defend our ally and partner, the kurds. I wish they would stand up to defend our constitution. It would be nice. But they don't. We need them to do both. You know, Lindsey graham had a quotation when he was prosecuting Clinton for impeachment. He said, you know, the purpose of impeachment is to cleanse the office and bring back dignity and integrity and honor. He's the opposite now. Right. Well, I understand -- I'm not validating him back then or now, but what I'm saying is, if that's the standard, we're way past honor and dignity if had that office. Okay. Here's another question. A lot of people -- this is about Joe Biden. A lot of people acknowledge that Biden did nothing wrong in his dealings with Ukraine, but they think his son -- his son taking a high power job and a high-paying job was kind of what they call swampy behavior. How harmful has this been to Joe Biden? Look. Should we worry about it? You know, what Donald Trump is doing so effectively is taking his own greatest vulnerability which is the perception that he is corrupt and his children are corrupt and trying to turn it into his opponent's greatest weakness. Yes. And Joe Biden was the poorest senator in the United States senate, and nobody ever accused him of being corrupt because he's not, and -- but trump has, you know, come up with this assault and leveled that as a way to tar Joe Biden. Will it hold? I don't know. I don't think the polls are suggesting yet that it's taking hold. Right. I think Joe Biden is a man of integrity. Whether you agree with him or not, I happen to agree with him on most everything. He was doing the business of the United States government. Right. Based on bipartisan policy in concert with our European allies to try to work -- to root out corruption in Ukraine. What president trump did is try to extort the Ukrainians for his own personal political benefit. Right. There's a huge difference there, and I think the American people are intelligent enough to see that. Ambassador, I want to get to apart of the book that I loved. You have a great family. Your husband used to be my boss when I used to serve coffee and scripts at ABC news and he's a wonderful guy, but you write about your son who not everyone knows, but your dinner table is probably a bit like "The view" table. Exactly. He was described as a trump-loving Republican. Meghan and I would argue Republican is not trump-loving. He was pro-bet Kavanaugh. He's a traditional conservative. I don't accept the post character six of him. Where did that come from? That's a great question. We have got a son on one hand who is way to the right, and our daughter who is almost 17 who is way to the left, and my husband and I tried to raise our kids to be independent thinkers. Good for you. Fortunately it worked. It worked. And, you know, we love them both with all our hearts. They're good people. They are caring people, but the dinner table can get a little funky sometimes. That's what -- that's what civil discourse is. That's what America is. Absolutely. Good for you for raising free-thinking people. Both sides now, y'all. Thanks to ambassador Susan rice. Members of the audience, you know y'all were good today. Everybody's getting a copy of

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{"duration":"4:19","description":"The author of “Tough Love” weighs in on Joe Biden’s business in the Ukraine and why she raised her children to form their own opinions on politics.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"66164729","title":"Susan Rice discusses Biden’s work in Ukraine and GOP","url":"/theview/video/susan-rice-discusses-bidens-work-ukraine-gop-66164729"}