What's next in Syria?

After a poison gas attack in rebel-held Douma, President Trump has promised there will be a "big price to pay." "The View" co-hosts discuss: is it time for U.S. intervention in Syria?
5:05 | 04/09/18

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Transcript for What's next in Syria?
Weyoknow, the is and has for a while a tragic hot topic thaehole world is Wang right now, and we're back to talking about Syria and chemical attacks that are ry fecting cren and adults and this has been happening for awhile. And evedy hen pointing fingers, and my question I guess is, D anyone think that the is a soln? Whatyou think we can do to sort of modify this because we have had, you know, we have had the presideort of say, well, we're going to pull out, and we found we weren't. Yeah. What can --hat -- instead ofus saying, liey did this, and he did this, what C Wedo? It'sortant to put ex in its place first. It's the wor rugee crisis since W war II. The line president Obama said if it was crossed we would take an and that happen 2012. The red line meaning the use of chemical S. If you have been on social media L this end video coming out are absolutely horrific. I'm for inflicting a no fly zone, an should be ag the syrianarmy. If push comes to shove, we should get involve the geopolitical ramifions, it's easy to sitere as Americans and be, liket's happg over there, and it's ppening or there. When Dea babies a washing up on the beaches of Turkey and we do nothing. I th there are historical comparisons that can be made T whpened in W war I, -II, it will make I way here. The rise ISIS -- sorry. Can I ask aquestion? On is trump to Syrian refugees? He should . Six and eight years ago. He is not open to it. Bringing them into the country. Don't think he is open to it, and agree witou 100%, Meghan. A lot of uit here, I don't think it's reported on enough. I don't think we talk about it enound I think it's because we that's them, and this is us. What we tze is if W don't do something, we're going see the pfetion of groups like ISIS, the prolation and the radical lamic terror groups and that will be in ourkyard very, very quickly a for humanitarian oses, we could just care. And unfortunately, I don't thinkpresident a was ambivalent ab thesituation, but I certainly think that he didn't know what to do. They are reluctan Obama W reluctant to send troops. That was part of infighting opened I his ministration. Syria isth border of Iraq, S ishesis is continuing grow, and again, S easy for us to here as Americans ansay,t's happening over there. Th isn't our LEM. In one form or another, ill mats way here. Coming here. And say I they cross it, something is going to hapcae right now though, trump did say that Obama did that that's part of the problem. Hen't follow through, and this is the first time hs said something neg about N and he said a big price to pay. He has laid Dow a gauntlet because tis the second time a line is being drawn andhe esn't follow through,is tempting people. As been aggressive. You look a paper tiger. That's what happennder idt Obama. If we sit here and let Assad chemically G women and ildren, on oer side, we look ridicuus. Neservatives like me have been calling for this forears and years years and thes a fraction the republic party as ll. He was an isolationist -- yes, trump.if he cont to do nothing, he is just as bad as Obama. We have done nothing for LE, and just clear it up, you know, Obama tried to take people outf differentplaces. Erybody said, don't do it don't do it. Whatever that was, that was, but, you know, this guy has had the opportunity to save some of thosdren, to hel this not evolve into this he has had the oppor since he been in to do something, an decided not to accept any hose Rees because he was concerned they G to do something while they were here. Can just say Oneal thing? I' sorry T interject. He is aidin and abetting Putin who is directly response F whyhis has risen to the levelt has. Yes. Andis refusal -- yes. Hisefusal to point the fine and say, yes, know it's you.yes,have been doing this, and going a with it Inpr of 2017, president trump ordered a rocket attacn a Syrian airfield in taation. It didn't help. Itled no one. I did do anything. Ite us look like a paper tiger and we are gone. We're gone ne. Sorr

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{"duration":"5:05","description":"After a poison gas attack in rebel-held Douma, President Trump has promised there will be a \"big price to pay.\" \"The View\" co-hosts discuss: is it time for U.S. intervention in Syria?","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"54340399","title":"What's next in Syria?","url":"/theview/video/syria--54340399"}