Tamar Braxton clears up rumors about her marriage, talks exit from 'The Real'

Braxton and Vince Herbert set the record straight on "The View," and she explains why she filed for divorce: "Vince and I have been through a lot."
6:11 | 02/23/18

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Transcript for Tamar Braxton clears up rumors about her marriage, talks exit from 'The Real'
The show's title to Kmart and since could be changing to taint our along pretty sound because of you believe the tabloids. Anyway because there are rumors about you splitting up with events school is a lovely man I know him very well from mild to show and he's you know he manages. May god got hey he's he's something in his own right to pick up and does some say it's just a plot line on the reality show that you're not really breaking up that everything's fine. So you know how they think reality shows are not real yeah well. I wish I wasn't real you know I was second say a lot of times it's made up. Just arkan had behind the truth sometimes. But that and the situation I absolutely have no reason. To lie about my marriage and the things that's happening in my marriage. For ratings I think that's disgusting and I would never sell my soul to the double like that is not that serious. But you know how. Ever I have a regular marriage in and regular marriages like everybody else things happen you know and it's in my marriage you know at its it was just to a point where. I felt like divorce was the only action that I had left. Of all of the wind extensive. And as bad as much Ani it and it's still always be. But I think the bigger picture. Of everything is that we have responsibilities when my amazing Florio signed right and it is yes ends just to raise him and the most comfortable. Amazing loving secure household that yeah and that's why we don't live together. Okay I'll hot Mamas don't let annually the output of course that's not a lot of time and you have doesn't melt him on social media Scott and then what are the you actually claim that Vincent got another what do women pregnant. Now he's in the audience. Who hatched. Okay. My. And it's much of comments that would've been we've got some room at the table for a captain Lou. Right feelings. Vince is there a bun in the oven. I'm some of the mob and absolutely there's not there that in all the other allegations that children is not the kind of person. I love this way they were both my heart I love my family are now or never stop fighting for my family and trying to make it be great team Italy. I guess the thing about people being a business keeping buy outs of business. Because they always felt like an and and I'm just address the meltdown that I had on mr. Gramm cannot. And that was my fault that I've put myself in a position where out open up the floor for people to get their opinions on my marriage. You know what I mean and I had to take responsibility for that and also you have to take responsibility for telling too much of your business. Because you've always felt like they can tell you it is that they have a hand in is what old Gordon gee about what happened but. That's everybody always on the don't wanna see you happy I don't let me finish that's the basis of a reality show was to air your dirty laundry what I do MI darted down injury but how out of our I have never been that specific and I should've been specific enough to say well this is wet my soul caught friends -- -- do not mean the end divorce is still going trio but what is the state of your marriage and again the do you believe patents. Which he says it. I mean our marriage. Gore yes I believe him because I don't believe that this one has anything so lie about the economy already got on aren't well do more to come from. Not so copper isn't telling people you'll business and that's classic pregnancy rumor that pregnancy around McCain's came from my friends. Why would it do something like that ability because people are miserable and they see you happy don't they don't want that. Can weird how could. The reason laughed out from the north was not because of those rumors I but the port because we work together that he's not babies all books we began about the its each and every single day each we're we're taxed at the hip and it just got to be too much. You know and we just couldn't figure out how to figure it out. But you know the him up for re conciliation he I don't. Some. Latin you know what yeah. And act argued and it still work together. We still are together now you know we have a couple of cameras that are very successful and we do worked together well. And so that's one thing that I feel like. What we can definitely some Spain and we've always been able to sustain as well as our connection and our responsibility is being parents to Logan. What I have to ask this please going. I'm and you're one of the original palace. Real. Then you basically in my mind started that show was your idea. The real the and learned what they've learned from the deal it. And you know what. All of a son and in 2016. UF five from the show you created. Me. And I. Even give you an explanation but that was never given an explanation as owners of about do you mean you were argument explanation. Bang and I explanation they just say you're. Just said you're out there is no reason why not act never. And the reason why and that's on god they it was the thing about god okay. He puts you on positions we were supposed to be and you know and I have to I have to take this lesson as a lesson and move upn upn upn upn. Upward and forward and that yeah. I got got a long have you are you still friends with the ladies on the real art today contact you differently using that we got along. So. What we ought to. Automatically didn't get along that was very hurtful to me and now I haven't seen them sense Logan's birthday party after noting it contacted him now maybe they will add to this.

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{"id":53311124,"title":"Tamar Braxton clears up rumors about her marriage, talks exit from 'The Real'","duration":"6:11","description":"Braxton and Vince Herbert set the record straight on \"The View,\" and she explains why she filed for divorce: \"Vince and I have been through a lot.\"","url":"/theview/video/tamar-braxton-clears-rumors-marriage-talks-exit-real-53311124","section":"theview","mediaType":"default"}