Tim Gunn shares about filming the new season of ‘Making the Cut’ amid the pandemic

The fashion guru weighs in on pandemic fashion and gives a sneak peek of his show's second season on "The View."
5:47 | 07/16/21

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Transcript for Tim Gunn shares about filming the new season of ‘Making the Cut’ amid the pandemic
So, you know, I want to say that you're looking very dapper today, you know, your usual fabulous netty self-but I'm wondering. Did you spend the pandemic dressed like that, or were you in baggy jeans like everyone else? I had a fashion epiphany which in some ways has been the silver line to the pandemic and that epiphany is is I now understand and have empathy for the comfort trap. I say, if you wanted to feel as though you never got out of the bed, don't get out of bed, but I understand it now. I spent the first week when we were quarantined wearing my regular clothes, and I thought, this is ridiculous. No one's coming into this apartment. I live here alone, and quite frankly, I'm feeling constricted and constrained, but I had a bad segue. I went from this to pajamas, and then I felt like I was in a sick room. So I reached into my closet and got out my fencing sweats. I started fencing six years ago and that's the first time I've owned sweatpants and a sweatshirt, and I get it. I understand the comfort trap. Casual Tim Gunn, I like it. I Luke it a lot. Absolutely. This pandemic has changed the way we think about fashion. To joy's point, people have changed the way we think about sweats for two years. Are we going to see the reverse now where people will want to look over the top all the time? Oh, Sara, I hope so. I hope people want to dress up again. This is a time to celebrate quite frankly. Celebrate our freedom, and if people continue just to wear sweats, I think it's a crime against humanity. Tim, we all know it's time to dress up. No one would do that. She's back. That's my girl. Tim, recently sunny showed off her decorative clogs to the group which by the way are bedazzled and she says they are chic, but some of the ladies did not enjoy them, mainly joy. Do you think beauty is in the eye of the beholder and what do you make of this ugly shoe Well, there are clogs and there are clogs, Yvette. The name is a metaphor in many ways. It is a croc. I'm truly not a fan. I will say someone made me wear crocs once, and once again the comfort trap. They're extremely comfortable, but I looked down at my feet and I felt as though I had hooves. Desperately unattractive. Now the classic clog with a wooden sole, it's a different matter. It's ubiquitous and it's been here for a century and a half, and it'll be here for a century and a half more. Every time I say something negative about crocs, they open up more stores and their stock goes up. So I'm the anti-spokesperson. So don't do it. Right. Joy and I join you in the anti-croc movement, anti-clog movement. You and Heidi Klum have paired up again for the second season of "Making the cut," and the show had to change like so many shows, and instead of traveling the world like you had before due to covid, now what was it like to film in a bubble? Did you have any issues? Did you have any hesitations? Well, to be perfectly honest, Ana, the hesitation was how can we all ensure that we stay healthy? That we don't get covid? And we were extremely diligent, and I may even say paranoid. We had 100 people on set. We were all tested every day, and we did remain healthy, and while we missed traveling, we knew that we couldn't. So instead of traveling around the world, we brought designers from around the world. We have incredibly diverse backgrounds and cultures and points of view which is wonderful and they had to bring their inspiration with them. I will say though we were isolated on a ranch in malibu. The nearest grocery store was 25 miles away. We were lucky to have very different venues for our fashion shows so when you see each individual fashion show, you really believe that we have traveled. So we were very fortunate to find a fantastic place to hunker down. Well, Tim, we have a sneak peek of "Making the cut," and as you are about to see, you are the same old Tim that we all know and love. Take a look. All right. We haven't gotten to the accessible look. Talk to me. The accessible look is more like the combination of these both. We're going to do an oversized How? How? I picture bea Arthur in "The golden girls." The only jacket you've woven is anti-sex. It says buy me a contraceptive right away. I love "The golden girls." Me too. I do too. I know you do. Well, you know it's great to have you back on the scene, Tim, and we want to congratulate you on your new thing, and whatever. Just wonderful to see you again. I just think you're terrific, and "Making the cut" season two premieres tonight, and we'll be

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{"duration":"5:47","description":"The fashion guru weighs in on pandemic fashion and gives a sneak peek of his show's second season on \"The View.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"78887191","title":"Tim Gunn shares about filming the new season of ‘Making the Cut’ amid the pandemic","url":"/theview/video/tim-gunn-shares-filming-season-making-cut-amid-78887191"}