Trump won't apologize to Central Park 5

"The View" co-hosts weigh in on the president's refusal to apologize to the five men wrongly convicted of rape in the 1989 Central Park Five case.
4:30 | 06/19/19

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Transcript for Trump won't apologize to Central Park 5
Before you know cool headed to Florida he was asked about what it is. Publicity sense 1980 not. When he called for the death penalty have the five young men arrested in the Central Park jogging rape case. They were incarcerated between six and fourteen years before DNA evidence exonerated bet. And the courts awarded them 41 million dollars for this miscarriage of justice. Does he think it's time to maybe offer up an apology. Like below. You have people on both sides of that they admitted they yelled. If you look at Linda Ferris CNN if you look at some of the prosecutors. They think that the city should never have settled that day. So we'll leave it at that. Well here's the thing is the thing. DNA evidence does not lie it's one of the things that we now DNA does a lot so. Regardless. Of what you thought it wise once you find out that DNA has exonerated them. You don't think you hold them an apology for asking for the death penalty had they which have they got it. They would not live long enough for DNA to exonerate him yeah. I feel just you know there's a lot of things lying in the world DNA one about the actual purpose. Confess less than and then he and race another girl that same yes lock in jail cracked hit the defense has asked serial rapists and DNA but I don't hit Donald Trump calling for the death penalty to him because he's white doesn't. Spanish. It's true that you guys out that if this got kids were white would he be calling for the death penalty plot. I thank you. Never never and just like he carried on over the birth third that this guy Obama was as the same thing it's like this repetitious. Publicity against non whites that's when he's back he's a total racist and then you wonder why I have get. Climate has seen when they CF and I hope people will see it because it is riveting television and tackle pattern that bad that stocky series by David they're burning who directed it. I hope you will see it because it is in this and an incredible story. And I know Raymond Santana and Yusef salaam who. And their lives have been so severely impacted. By what happened all of all of their lives and to have the president of the United States. Double down triple Dow quadruple down. What he has said. What I don't why they don't well not in here is always on both sides like he's unity Collins as somebody now. She's looked good night from both silent oh Danner is always about this. Weighing both sides when as you say DNA a confession there undone two sides OK Donald. What is no weird. I'm subject for had he never apologizes for anything but when your segment DNA at a DNA skis and evident. And things like that I think there's a lot at. It's horning that's going on for how screwed up our legal system why is and police were back in the day I only for this happen Negroponte Phoenix so I only learned about as an adult. Much like the West Memphis three there were a lot of people put in jail all because of raised because of poverty under circumstances that they have now because they got for DNA evidence. We have come to know the truth. It would be refreshing if he actually be one of those things that he would surprise is he would apologize if you think you know what I screwed up and what is right do you DNA DNA evidence. And we should expert explore this a talent. But he can catch and these are one of the reasons why it makes people like to light selloff sat and what I understanding here problem that continues in the criminal justice asked them yet as a problem that we. Virginia's system that's he sat. Down once the reform. This set at one I was gonna wait that out as asked them so here is and maybe this is you're crazy here. I mean she's not a criminal justice reform one of the White House making arguments about that maybe she should have a conversation with him about about that's what somebody -- say hey this is part of that reform. C because if you gave folks the money. In every state in the union so that they could clear out the people what not guilty and put the people who are guilty away. That would be something that would be helpful and might even my god. Get more black people or Latin people aren't even more white people allows you let your blood and that's well let me wake up Nash hot hot hot.

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{"duration":"4:30","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts weigh in on the president's refusal to apologize to the five men wrongly convicted of rape in the 1989 Central Park Five case.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"63814705","title":"Trump won't apologize to Central Park 5","url":"/theview/video/trump-apologize-central-park-63814705"}