Trump calls possible investigation on his businesses 'presidential harassment'

"The View" co-hosts weigh in on the president's dismissal of House lawmakers' plans to launch a broad new intel probe.
6:08 | 02/07/19

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Transcript for Trump calls possible investigation on his businesses 'presidential harassment'
As they another investigation winds down the Democrats are just getting warmed up. House Intelligence Committee chairman at a ship says they are investigating quote credible reports out of money laundering and financial compromise. Related to Trump's businesses guess who's not happy about this watch. He's just the political hack. Who's trying to build a name for himself and I think that's fine because this what they do but there would be no reason to do that no other politician has to go through that. It's called presidential harassment and it's unfortunate and it really does hurt our country. Is the world coming to yeah yeah I am saying comment. What is the world coming to when you can't you can conspire against your own country with a foreign. Person applying country like potent. When you can't obstruct. The investigation. And when you can hop that was our cities I mean what it when you could have businesses with foreign content countries and nobody says any saying we you can do that nobody investigates profit from the press I NEC a candidate William children is really delusion don't know. I had a great dad had no weird about the urban just like I'm being harassed and most powerful man on the planet yeah like it you and your to Sony to ask you let your in bully I ideologically every single day her resting tell that woman on the access Hollywood tea ta Dow about being harassed yeah I mean I think he's. Pre gaming the results and I think he is not afraid of what's going to happen and what the results are going to BS so he's trying to make himself out to be. A bit didn't make without should be apolitical vendetta instead of a true investigation but how all that safe and I don't see how that saves X the lawyer is the life they find evidence he committed these crimes. That's triple the only only the difference of you know another semi and wrap it requires political action. But that bars well boat. Well yeah SA an apparent that the you can tell me if they find him guilty of crimes they have not gone to indict or whatever it is until after you can't test you pleasant sunny is it normal for Adams just doing has publicly Ellis pilot Questar shouldn't these handing over documents private I don't know that the hearings will be public but I think you can announce that you are going to investigate which seems to me that that's what he announced he just announced that his comedian would examine connections between the trump campaign. And Russia to determine whether any presidential decision making. His influenced by financial gain. And I think that's sort of a public service announcement almost has the sentiment of what I when something that we always have known when Hillary amen to do so if you're going to get for that I don't know enough about an outlet that what people what they shouldn't do is if there's any issue with classified information. But saying I am going to submit all of this testimony and remember him there was testimony to a congressional committee sure lying to a congressional committee that got Michael Collins. Capital's old England mother has a track record of really going after. Lying to a federal cut they come and congressional committee is eight. Cry but I think what was interesting to me was when you heard this president during this state of the union. He said there will be no investigations. With out while they're there will bring his thing. Let me I'm up there yet hey Brian if there's going to be peace in legislation there cannot be wore an investigation I thought that was like congressional harassment. It was like a veiled threat threat to address to the congress seems as he said it was a threat of their could be equal branches of so ever been asked at 197 really not well January 30 1974. Nixon says this. I believe the time has come to bring that investigation and other investigations of this matter two and one year of what he gave is an off. And lessons for years later he doesn't out he heard the accents that even if you. I acted consult you on the stop in the morning because economically I don't know but I do you know follow the money is something that helped Sergey magnate DL Mike Randall brouder find out that can't Russia was using the wafted to money laundering is basically using western. Up property and debts as a slush fun. So for me the question mark always is. Why are you so cozy with who I am here free to attack why is it is but why don't you attack Canada that it is Russia and again I think there's there's a time where clues include inclusion sounds like an alarm going off but there are legitimate questions that even I think conservatives and Republicans have about this very bizarre cozy relationship what went wrong. And urban you have at camp what will it take to Lindsey Graham to say he colluded with Russia. He's he's a threat to the united I don't know Erica that I couldn't go any place without being asked about the rape and I also can legally without being asked about Lindsey Graham and my goes to is that he is him and I am a Republican I'll say to you thank who aren't charged but we'll have and I didn't pay much too much he comes out you're out when the when everything comes out and I gotta tell you I have filed for the last. The reunion that we were to replace wit too much was too much right. The listen. Would you have ever king and the life imagined that Republicans would stick by eight precedent who cheated on his wife who had just given birth. Wave a Playboy bunny and they cheated on the Playboy bunny with a stripper. And you got. Yeah. Battle cry. I arcane is that now that I think not yeah. I cannot just adding that that I understand that they collect. He is following their policies taxes and what have you I think that's not real issue is how come they tolerate the secretive is between him and pollute because how come they tolerate if what he generally had touted at a sure our state Democrats have to presents an alternative that is rational not crazy if you're talking about at a party up. Third term abortion you're the party and ultimate socialism you're giving people I salute decision between one or the other and a lot of conservatives think our economy is okay and and they're gonna let other things I watch it turned out he wasn't really Clinton has under the guiding them all yeah. We'll Clinton wasn't Clinton did in goal after his own people. Donald Trump goal anti Republican I stand up against them any we get that I can't speak out against he's intimidated I lost a primary and lost the general election we tighter. Put your alleged plot so basically no other Republican House parties therefore country.

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{"duration":"6:08","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts weigh in on the president's dismissal of House lawmakers' plans to launch a broad new intel probe.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"60915112","title":"Trump calls possible investigation on his businesses 'presidential harassment'","url":"/theview/video/trump-calls-investigation-businesses-presidential-harassment-60915112"}