Trump disputes 3,000 deaths in Puerto Rico

"The View" co-hosts discuss the president's comments on Twitter.
7:38 | 09/13/18

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Transcript for Trump disputes 3,000 deaths in Puerto Rico
Welcome to "The view." Welcome to "th."lce view." Sohes another hurricane on the way,s knbut you-kw-who in the white use is sll trying to W handled the that devaste Puerto Rico. This morning, he tweeted that 3,000 people did from hurricane, and there were only between 6 victims when he left the island. Bu later Democrats fsely reportedge numbers make him bad. Soyou lost someone, how would you feel if you los snen Puerto Rico and this person is saying that, well, it's F the ane. It can't make you feel good. No. We, I think eve lost someonenuerto Rico, if you jus an ameri citizen, if you're just a hum and have empathy for anyone else, you should fee tt this ot a teeader would offer his condolenceo the people of Puerto Rico. A teader would offer his coces to TD states cizens and vow to never let th like THA Happe again. I think thesetements make himate as the present of the united es. Applause ]nlle present handling tsuation in this way. Ou are anies zen you should be disgusted by this. Go Jo no,o ahead. I was going not T president trump, what happened in Puerto .it's about all theseeoplehat died and all thee that loved someone that indeed me of his re crowd size. Remember inaugurati. Poll theseeo lives a at stake. He exaggerate. As bigger thantas and a nat disaster has to get polital and you're hhe blame GE where locals on ground are blamin FEMA. Is bming locals on the erto Rico had aum O problems before MARIA even hit. Were fil for nkruptcy. They had a powerrid that was in chaos. Ecause under the nes act Puerto Rico has lost $537 Mon a year. E unite piaged Ando Rico he very beginning. What's the jonesac The Jes act is an act that passe that any- any that go to Puerto Rico have to come from ad St S and vice-versa. And so it makesny splies going Puerto Rico more expensivendny suppls leaving Puerto Rico more expensive. Sonited states hassed erto Rico as a bankccount N turns around and says, well Puerto Rico W screwedp. No thankyou. I'm uerico was ncrewed up. And th oer thing that we need to men is th FEMA has actually taken rnsibility for its failure, and you knothermbs again, wesident THA is sa, you know, it's because of theand Na well, let me rem him Abo thema ministrati's responseohaiti. The Ver nt day -- and hti is not a united stat rritory. The very next day Obama hadrmy recognizance planes take over the airport, the very next day, within two D 8,000 American troops Ute, troops had arrived. More than 0 military bzed overhead delivering food and water. Whyn't there kind response for Puerto Rico? Whyecause the president doesn't care about puertrico. On't think fair andn't think ir like yesterday to compare him to a dictator. I think that is a dangeus ac -- I it's too generous. That's comparing him a hitler, someone that gasesheir own people, starves their own people and O pele to die. U think president trump was in the oval office saying how C we make me peo die. Do you think that's what happened in thete house? First of all, I Wever compar anyone to hitler becausethat is something that's unique untoself. A dictator is a dictate. They're all the same, evil monsrs. This president didot ce enough. At the time that this was heasore concernedthletes protestg andkneeling tn he was concerned about what's going on in the United States. I ink he wase co when you seesomeon the president, letting his own citize and then turning it around andaying THA they acts of a dictator. I stand by that. I'll say it N. But this action, whahappened I Puerto Rico, far mecomplicated. It's not the president sitti the sayini W this to be aster. Let meink H dn't do jack for the virgin nds, the united statesgin islands is about. No one is talking about T virginslands now, those American Zens, and -- Do they vote in presidential elecons? That's the key. Tt may be the key. I don't know. But I do know that amerans, brown and white, wereooking for help for FEMA that did not really come. D because no one has really done a lot of stories about rgin islands, ige take a look and see how much money FEMA. Thecannot vot U.S. El Allhe WER that we saw reported yesterday tt was left and whose fault? The fact T had tusands and thousands boks fat and you truck loads of resources that most on theground, th's heartbreaking. I'm sd you broughat up. Everyone is blaming each O gd bt up, because the Puerto Rico -- that water that was made avaable in th aftermath of the campaign, Puerto ri authorities, local author weren'tven notified of its exiseil April 28. Th land strip T we're should of and T lackluster and reallyrotesque response Where were the lols? WHAs theirrole? That's the problemough. There was no crdation between the two. Dealing a Texas or N Florida where it's easy to get ou haveals to mmunicatewith. I re that's suppose job. Way it' a horrific situation, it'sbreaking and every at this table can Agre - he other thing is S twngn. You'reot ING. Okay?re not help stop. Good luck wit butknow, you can twee wan but quit making yourself out to behis yeah. Because -- It's not about M friend. You not been roic. But we wl be rightack. Announcer:lar, ahero's

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{"duration":"7:38","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss the president's comments on Twitter.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"57804540","title":"Trump disputes 3,000 deaths in Puerto Rico","url":"/theview/video/trump-disputes-3000-deaths-puerto-rico-57804540"}