Trump says he meant 'wouldn't,' not 'would' at Helsinki summit

"The View" co-hosts discuss whether the president's clarification will help calm the fallout from the summit with Vladimir Putin.
7:08 | 07/18/18

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Transcript for Trump says he meant 'wouldn't,' not 'would' at Helsinki summit
Welcome toe view." Welcom "The views the guy in thehite house where seemed to be siding with rusan preside Putin over U.S. Intelligence. Take a look. My people camo , Dan coat came to me and some rs they said they think it's Russia. Have presidentputin, just said it's not Russia I will say this. I don't see any reason why it woulbe. So, yesterday, T to clarify I thought it would be obvious. But I would like to ify, just in case it wasn't in a key sentence in my remas, I said the word W instead ofwo the sentence should have been, I don't see any reason why ir why I wouldn' be Russia. Sort O double negative. So,his came -- 28 hours after his origin statement. - One question is, this was th best he came up with?is is the best excuse T could come up with? Mm-hmm. It would, but wouldn't pi wod if ildn't but if I had hole. What? He's trying to pass ts off. And, youow, the Republican off as the truth. They always say on the ri the trump supportersreal, say liberalsnk Ty're stupid. I've heard this many times. They think that think they're upid, for Exe. Well, the personhohinks you're stupid is Donald because thinks you're going S lie. You'll note believe your O end ears when you watch this. He's the one ho thinks you're St, not me. Rs and appuse ] This explanation was right upthere withhere explann on Joh Kelly. I noticed W gets truth in airs whenever he goes O script. I find itrection H to be read and he jumps up and interrupts his meaning. In that he said it cou be russia.t it also ce other people. They're backstage saying, St Tor spin they're putting out. And igreeit this reminds of Bill Clinton. The define of is's . I D't want to do mental gymnastics to figure outha you said. He tweeted. I was watching foxews a night. Spin is that you're somehow pro war if you have problem with what happened What? I'm not kidding the. That's at T native. That I'm a leftist fake tonow where we're at. Because you're talkingbout Ng problems with our Na allies that we have the values. The purpose of nato a shared valuesystem. 'Re talking about pulling out, I nee the white house to be explicit. If you're terrorism. Wiascist dictatorships. You're okay wgenocide. It's con feudior me where we're at. You're saying I misspoke wit Putin. But on the other siou're attacking nato. I'm confused with where were . That's what he's trying to do. My question today the same as will there be consequences to his behavior? Ll people believe this clarific "The New York Times" had a headline, after pun- meeting, rlicans dig in, most but lacks are showing. They'revir lying eyes. That's Y. My problem, too, is - Duncan hunter was on saying there was ahyia. I'm so hysteric the Republican I am, I came out very viscerallyinst this yesterday. If you have pemitht is going mor relativism with ia and put does. Ith traitorou behavior. Yes, have a problem with this. Somehow not conservative gh. That, is really impressive spin. I thought we were Thero freedo pro democracy Y. I take such umbrage the idea that I'm not for freedom bec I have problems withladimir Putin. I have to tell U. That -- a lot of times is how I fe and a lot of folks who, say, this D't seem right. It'sot that you don't love your count you're saying, wait, yousaid. You said youengo -- it was all about America. Ien't heard you say mig pro-america. Soy think you are not behaving in they you want E me to behave. You're not behaving in the way that you say you Bel cotry should be. And I also wanthem T stop and -- you kn, I forget who said it. But -- to stopalking about how you know, they' all about America, C they' that was not an all-about-ama commentary. They corrected one Ence. The things that were not corrected, if you read the wle transcript.his lines about foolishness. He F I intelligence but henks Putin is supersg. He had ought bulletsre he put us under Putin. It just felt likpropaganda machine. The only time a fames mene transcript was when pde Putin called him tonld one time. Wow. And then he replied every time with Mr. Tin. Wow. So even J that Alo -- The puppet. The puppet is spo be nice to the stringmaster. There was a conversion yesterday -- there was a conversation yesterday on fox when they we talk about Montenegro. We were talkinbohe meeting. It's a small Balkan state in . Th have troon afghan. We need to understand article 5. When a hoountry in nato attacked thether countries will support you. The only time it was invoked 9/11. The idea to pull out of nato and starting countries like Montenegro. Russia is ally infriing on them. The only have 500,000 people. Yeah 600,000. It's strange THA maybe there's a paradigm shift happeningre we're going to be more loyal Russia. So now THA he' admitted in this weird kind elievers that he does believe that mean that he didn't the election fair andsq? Is hng to repeat at? Wait. That's what he's

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{"duration":"7:08","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss whether the president's clarification will help calm the fallout from the summit with Vladimir Putin.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"56666663","title":"Trump says he meant 'wouldn't,' not 'would' at Helsinki summit","url":"/theview/video/trump-meant-wouldnt-helsinki-summit-56666663"}