Trump removes mask after White House return

"The View" co-hosts react after President Trump underwent treatment for coronavirus at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.
7:48 | 10/06/20

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Transcript for Trump removes mask after White House return
You know who made a whole production after his release from the hospital, tearing off his mask before telling people not to be afraid of a virus that's killed 210,000 Americans so far and to not let the virus that tanked the economy, put millions of folks out of work, don't let that dominate people's lives. He also wondered if he's immune. This morning he tweeted false comparisons between covid and the flu. Anyone who does any due diligence on this would know that the meds he's on are meds that they give to the very sick. So what is all -- what is all this about in your opinion? You know, I've been so horrified by the president's actions both endangering the lives of the secret service agents, by knowing he's infected with the virus, by ripping off his mask in the white house and we clearly see there are people inside. I came to the conclusion, whoopi, that the presidentntntntntntntntntntntntntntntntntntntntntntntntntntntntntntntntntntntntntnt obviououy Y Y Y hasssssssssssssssssss N N changed and ornell R rearche scoverer and detminedhaha he is ly the lgest driver of theovid-19 misinformation. So, aside from the policy mistakes that this administration has made, I believe that this misinformation is directly responsible for the fact that, as a country, we have more deaths than we needed to have. I do think that falls squarely on his shoulders. I do. Sara, what's your thought on all this, this theater? It's all theatrics. Taking off the mask was a slap in the face to the country and also to people around the globe who suffered from the pandemic directly, people who have passed away. I think in the time when everyone was giving compassion and humanity -- Joe Biden even said we hope for his health. Everyone set their politics aside to say we've got to be concerned for his personal health and the health of the nation. During that, it felt like putting salt in the wound because he finished by politicizing this narrative he's been pushing this whole time. I get that transparency may be too much to ask from the president and this administration. That's too high of a bar. Then get out of the way. The planting of miss information and turning the facts on their head has been confusing, misleading and dangerous. I wonder how many people today will take off their masks because the president of the United States did last night. Right. What's your take on this, joy? Well, you know, I have to say when I saw him running up those stairs, I thought this guy thinks he's Sylvester Stallone in rocky. The only thing is rocky was not loaded up with remdesivir and dexamethasone. This one just got out of the hospital with a million drugs in his system. By the way, he was shaking a little bit and he couldn't breathe. I don't think he looked very good. You know, here's the thing, this guy has not learned anything. He said he learned a lot. He's learnednothing. Not only is he a bad businessman, he's also a bad politician. What he should have said is I learned my lesson. I know how bad it is. I said it to Bob Woodward. I'll say it again. It's a very dangerous disease. I got it. You can get it. People can die from it. I want you all to wear a mask and be socially distant. He didn't say that. He keeps talking to the same 39% that's already in the cult. He said senior citizens and women -- go ahead. Here's the thing I really want to point out to people, you are not him. None of you out there are him. You're going to get sick and you can't get all the stuff he can get, all the steroids going into his body. Let's not forget what steroids do to your brain. They make you act erratically as well. When you say someone who is saying don't worry about it, he doesn't have to worry about it because he's being pampered and dealt with 24/7. They're up his behind, making sure his temperature is doing what it's supposed to do. No one is doing that to you. He's not giving these drugs to these people in the white house. I don't know if he's giving them to anybody. He's getting them. Don't make that false equivalency that you're going to be treated like he's treated. You're not. You'll go to the hospital and deal with all what the other 200,000 people had to deal with. Please don't -- you know, you're not on equal footing here. If you think you can take off your mask and you're going to be fine, you're not. There's nothing saying you're going to be fine. He's not out of the woods, my dears. No. He's still ill. Let's remember that. He's not well. He didn't take the thing and poof he's up and about. He's not immune. He is not immune. He's not immune. Neither is anybody else. There's no evidence to suggest that. Two words -- Herman cane. Sunny, what were you saying? There's no evidence to suggest he's immune to it. Yeah. Imagine all the white house house keepers, imagine the butlers, imagine all the staff that work to keep the white house running that he has now put in harm's way. Imagine the every day people that want to serve the country and serve the first family. He's putting them in harm's way. Two white house house keepers have tested positive. I think it was Chelsea Clinton that tweeted yesterday that she's so close to many of those people and she fears for their lives. I mean what kind of man -- not just president. What kind of man would act in this way, to endanger the lives of people that taking care of him and his family? It's despicable. Despicable! It is exactly what we -- you know, look, he knows. He knows better. But this is part of his behavior. He came to New Jersey. He came to New Jersey. He found out he was -- he had been exposed. He needs to be in quarantine, not walking around the white house. Why isn't Mike pence in quarantine? You're supposed to be in what the hell? I guess Mike pence is not going to be in quarantine because he's going to be talking to kamala Harris tomorrow at the debate. Still, he shouldn't be on that stage.

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{"duration":"7:48","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts react after President Trump underwent treatment for coronavirus at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"73454690","title":"Trump removes mask after White House return","url":"/theview/video/trump-removes-mask-white-house-return-73454690"}