Trump slams UK Prime Minister Theresa May

"The View" co-hosts discuss the president's subsequent denial that he was critical of May, calling it "fake news."
6:05 | 07/13/18

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Transcript for Trump slams UK Prime Minister Theresa May
So, Donald Trump's trip to the uk is going as smoothly as we all thout. Not! Dropped some bomb shells in an inieh "The sun" whichs a British newspaper run by Rupert Murdoch. Re are som clips. I used to love London as city. I haven't been there in a long time I think your mayor has D terrible job. Buthen theyak you feel unwelc whyould stay there? I would have don Ith differently. I actually told thee res I may how to do it. But she didn't agree, didn't listenome. Well, if they bale like that, it would most likely because we'll be deal with European union I O dealing with uk, so it will Abe deal -- if they do that, tir trade deal with the U.S.L pbly not be made. On't these women listen to me? Morning, he did damage contain a joint press nference wh prime minister ther may. Watch this. I have lot respect for the prime nister. Unfortunately, there was a story that was done, which was generally fine. But it didn't put in I said about the prime minister. And aid tremendous things. Ely, we tend to Rd stories now. So we visit for enjoyment if you would like it. But we record when we DL wh's Calle fake news. So now he's calling his own words fake news. And also, as I said -- [ cheersnd applause ] It's true. Like St said,"then" is run by Rupert Murdoch. He only there'sens to fox. Who is lt for supporter toeve? Him, him! It's likethat way. Pe stop saying that. Won't stop saying that. I want people -- the L ti -- I stand B it. It's not everyone. But T's a large gro of people who blindly follow this man says. E can get away with saying gs on tape and talk about the ts as if they're fake nenow. That is a cult. That is acu! Listen. Are you a trump supporter? I never heard that. I his support. Like I said yesterday with the Bo I ask everyone to read. When you're putting a giant in a lt. I didn't that. Jo you said it lastimeou were on the show. As a conservative, you'red a what is happening on the supreme our I don't think it's worth I undermining gent instions and ideals. I do I don't. S -- LN -- I so enjoy it's Republican onub crim I think if you're igning at is happening in the party D what is happening traditionalservatism and you're cantly -- aomne who Waser pro life I thought it was important to have somebody sup court. The idea that you saying everyone who supports trump is in a cult. I N said everyone. Aarge swath. He's going around mak enemies everywhere. He has of Republican support. So 89% of the repubn party aren a cult? The oneho is are -- the once who are willing tpeak out and criti him when he deservesit, okay, fine. There's group, including a lot of memf congress who have sold T principles down therir. They're po hypocrites! Because they want T sy in power. Yes, it's tr Sit worta per sninchts don't think spit tears me apart, as a life long conservative who has worked on the front lf conservatism to see the party a coervatism -- Do you be Would you leave tpublican party over this? The son ien't left. Why haven't you lt the party yet. E're allful. Ie serbtism is true. The believability of the have to people willing to fight for You have peoplike S Schmidt who say, I C do it anybody. Joe scar O. Yes. There's a divide W hav seen over and over with republic lotf people have conservativedeals th say, at point am I giving up my huma for ? For po There is -- Sorry. Let me say somethin Sara. No, let me say something. Whatas jus saying about -- I'm just tryinto say. Ecause we're sing here. If you're all talkingt once, I'm going the break. I'mng to G you the last word. That's why wed the bell. Shut up with the ll. We don't need the bell. I don't understand why we're not trying uerstand -- Go. Forget it. I't trying T -- I have thescio choice. I have son THA anyone in here to dislikeresident trump. I'm Y. I have made the conscious choice understand his voters. Derstand what is happening in the party. And by theway, have compassion people welt like they didn't have any otherchoice. When we sit here in sdios in man adden judging tiddle of country, we make no . B wait, no one was listening E because my parents happen be conservative. They probably voted for tr my pointwas, there is a divi not all conseives agree with trump. They have toiv up on thing they did C about, slik supreme court justices and other thingsause he's undermind the party. Are they complicit? Y holding him to do it. Jeb Bush had$100 million and till -- because the message was off. A bad candidate. I T. I have to wrap. Thank you'll for speaking your S.L be rightack.

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{"duration":"6:05","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss the president's subsequent denial that he was critical of May, calling it \"fake news.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"56570631","title":"Trump slams UK Prime Minister Theresa May","url":"/theview/video/trump-slams-uk-prime-minister-theresa-56570631"}