Trump’s silence on violent rhetoric

“The View” co-hosts react to Georgia’s voting system implementation manager Gabriel Sterling slamming President Donald Trump for not condemning such language or actions.
8:13 | 12/02/20

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Transcript for Trump’s silence on violent rhetoric
You know, yesterday attorney general William Barr told "The associated press," there is no evidence of widespread voter fraud, and in an election that former cybersecurity chief Chris Krebs calls the most secure election in U.S. History, but you-know-whose own lawyer said Krebs should be drawn and quartered an shot, and after election officials have been getting death threats, Georgia voting sys M manager Gabriel sterling said enough is enough. Watch. Chris Krebs was asked, a patriot, to be shot. A 20-something tech in Gwynn et county has death threats with a noose, because of reports on batches. Mr. President, you have not condemned these actions or this language. Senators, you have not condemned this language or these actions. This has to stop. We need you to step up, and if you are going to take a position of leadership, show some. I mean, does you -- I mean, you know, having your spokespeople come out to say this is bad isn't going to cut it. You need to speak up, man. You started this. I mean, am I crazy? Does he need to step up and condemn these -- this kind of behavior, sunny? Of course, he does, but, you know, I think just as president Obama observed, trump has failed to grow into this office, into the rigor of the office and into the dignity of this office. He is not a person that is willing to unite the country and tamp down the rhetoric and the violence. In fact, whoopi, what he did was instead of, you know, he doubled down on his allegations of election fraud, and he retweeted that speech that we just showed, and he wrote, rigged election. Show signatures and envelopes. Eck pose the massive voter fraud in Georgia. That is the very opposite of being presidential and uniting the country. He's just being as divisive as he has ever been, and, you know, he should take note and everyone should take note that criminal threats are actionable. It is criminal. Yes. When you have the former cybersecurity adviser in chief being threatened by another lawyer, by a trump representative, that is something that I believe the authorities should be taking very ously, and I think the FBI should be investigating. And it's coming straight from the top because if that's his lawyer, he's giving him permission to speak for him. I mean, joy, do you think he's going to speak up any time soon? Trump. You're talking about trump. No. Yeah. Of course, not. Of course, not. Let's not forget that he's the one who said maybe these second amendment people will do something about Hillary Clinton. Remember that? Mm-hmm. Yeah, I do. So this is, you know, he believes in violence, apparently for his people who are against him, but, you know, the other thing is -- not to sound like a broken record, but this has been very lucrative for him to keep saying that he won. He keeps shaking down his supporters to the tune of $170 million that he is now collecting. It's fascinating. To lose is to gain all of this money for him. I don't think he would have made as much money if he stayed in office. It's true. He has convinced these people that he has won, and they keep sending him these small donations. I feel bad for these people, and just let my say something. These contributions are to his pac, his leadership pac which means the money can be used for anything, for membership at golf clubs, travel, rallies, even payments to himself. Mm-hmm. Cheeseburgers, a new wife, anything he wants to buy. Right. He can buy it with this $170 million. You guys out there, stop sending him money. Stop it. It's ridiculous, and that is the reason -- in addition to the fact that the man is lacking in empathy. I mean, there's that always there, which is what Pascal -- Brad Pascal said. The reason he lost the whole thing, the election is because he's lacking empathy. He couldn't care less about the people who are out there getting coronavirus, and he never said a word about that, like, put your masks on, socially distance and give some leadership to these people. So yeah. The opposite. Lacking empathy and making money. That's the name of Donald Trump. Okay, cool. Sara, your thought process over seeing his lawyer threaten pretty much and keeping in mind that he's threatening people who worked for him, you know, does this make any sense to you? We just saw a couple of weeks ago Steve Bannon calling for a beheading of a few people. So this language and rhetoric is so dangerous and scary in the highest levels of office, and I think that the politics are driving these attacks. The rhetoric is driving these attacks and there's no longer politicians reinning it in. There was a time when senator McCain, Meghan's dad called out a woman who attacked president Obama and said, he's anarab. He's something, and he said, okay. Hold on. You know, he is a good man. We just disagree, and I remember president Obama doing the same thing about McCain during that same election time, and I thought, there was a time where there were grown-ups in the room that said, some of these just fall outside the bounds of the game, and we're not seeing any of that from governor Whitmer to Dr. Fauci who has to have security guards. He's just doing science and his job, you know, it's a disgusting reality, and the fact that there's not a loud messaging coming out to condemn that immediately and succinctly is -- Yes. -- Just disturbing. From him. Yeah. And it should be from him in front of a camera saying, we don't do that, but, you know, what's crazy -- Yes. It appears that every time someone says something he doesn't like, they're fake, they're this. He's doing this to people in his own party who have no reason to help Democrats win. They're doing their job, and yet he's calling for this. Right. Now this is a whole new place Y mind that he's taken us because if any of us had said anything like that about him, you know, people would have been all over us. It would have been all over us. Remember, whoopi -- remember. Do you remember -- do you remember what happened to Kathy griffin? Remember what happened to kat THIT Griffith. She lost her career. Remember what whoopi said -- These people blindly say whatever they want. Trump is not for a party. He's for people who are for him. It doesn't matter where you fall on the spectrum. If you support trump, he's for you. If you don't, whether you're in the GOP or not -- Right. -- He'll cut you off. Yeah, and literally tell other people to do the same. Now sunny, you have a legal please feel free. Okay. Sure. Representatives for Georgia senators Kelly Loeffler and David perdue said they condemned violence of any kind, but also saidhey would not apologize for seeking accountability and accuracy in the state's elections. I don't think anybody asked for that. I think people are saying to you, you need to step up. Not through so, but in front of a camera and say, this behavior is not okay because if this is what you all stand for in Georgia, if this is what you want people to vote you in for, I think you're making a mistake. I don't think people like this kind of talk or this kind of behavior. Maybe I'm crazy. It's quite possible.

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{"duration":"8:13","description":"“The View” co-hosts react to Georgia’s voting system implementation manager Gabriel Sterling slamming President Donald Trump for not condemning such language or actions.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"74506631","title":"Trump’s silence on violent rhetoric","url":"/theview/video/trumps-silence-violent-rhetoric-74506631"}