TwinsthenewTrend’s Tim and Fred Williams share message to viewers about music

The YouTubers that quickly found fame by listening to music they didn't know about share what made them start discovering new music and react to the songs for viewers.
6:20 | 03/03/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for TwinsthenewTrend’s Tim and Fred Williams share message to viewers about music
Batman and armored. I mean yeah. Paying. And he's. From there for his video web cloud summit. These two Brothers have put a smile on my face. Just any Tom I I look for that. Because they are my favorite distraction. Please welcome twins. The new trend and tip Tim and Fred Williams. Guys welcome to the view first of all. The first time acai you all walrus reacting to Luciano Pavarotti. And just looking at Joseph faces. Made news a half now. I want to know. It's amazing how. But what made you start to do this Wu what what what made you start. Listening to music he didn't know about what was what started jail. But. We grew up in their religious home but we might do so we was it was a lists at all different time popular news is that was coming out being. As we saw grown up investment resist are discovering new music in oh we never heard it before and we went through Swiss. You know from the moment in react to music never heard before. Right. Is amazing well and it. It really is amazing and I loved watching you re act actually to the Phil Collins song in the air tonight about the song that I loved and that video has. I think it over eight million times. Eight million times what wasn't about bass on that made you have such a big reaction. We. Just the fact that it was really our first time hacking through in the end it. He would reaction we did note that only is gonna drop to be three men's teams that is all well. I am not doing this yeah up. Oh if the drugs. The drug. Now Fred if you already have millions of fans now including President Obama he surprise you last November in a video chat. He's a fan how shocked were you and what we think that moment like when you get a call from President Obama. And it could do it it was calm it was. It was no surprise the moment it just affected. Oh former president in his. When our address is crazy just we grew put Obama so. We on dozens of less than Mandela who blessed. That is so cool he Tim on top of meeting president Bob three weeks ago you weren't parity on ascent now. We have a clip let's take a look at the bit about. I truly blunt blades installed in here your reaction for the first time not now and then entire. Clearly plays up. She's. As well you know maybe not blue I don't yeah. Am I don't know yet another. It is not calm back. Oh. I know yet this was happening and what was your reaction when you did see it. On the gray is being learned they'd posted an RA and you know. We also go to sleep everybody was blunt about it won't work and we did have no clue like they have socialism not there like they. Just posted on oh. Brandon mr. protagonist there was so validity. It. Yes Sam threat may have ample and watch your videos. Every day and what is the message that you want people. Who are watching your videos what is the message to that what what do you want them to head. To know about what you do. And why. I can say that music happy though colored bit you don't matter what rings you are you don't lives can't you rock. Jams inside a museum you don't just explored in don't be. Stuck anyone's knowledge and is exploring moods PNC's ends that's everybody coming W. Go to Suzanne and you own rock they've got a book lies and double platinum news we just moral. Six there's video. The blackout was not in real worry you can his behalf must not radios or. About six minutes that's what would you start ringing aren't CB in my embrace you days without reacts. Or do you know what an ear worm is. Have you heard the term so an ear worm is a song that gets stuck in your head. And it's not like a feel good moment it's anoint. So although you've given me a new appreciation of music is there any song that you've heard they get stuck in your head that. They edited it. U good lead home but copies weird look that's always in the stock market is a good mistresses who does yeah Atlanta's. What about you wouldn't you have an. But not. Oh I. I do radio here boulevard creek Arizona yes all of the with the requisite bed and that immigrants are planned attack did you that I don't mind here is Tony Romo for. Camera. Now I'm baby our guys are just. That I have to say think thank you 'cause job I just. I love what you're doing and and it made it does make you feel that makes me van and it makes me smile when I I didn't watch shop so. Come see us again OK maybe it's avenue.

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{"duration":"6:20","description":"The YouTubers that quickly found fame by listening to music they didn't know about share what made them start discovering new music and react to the songs for viewers.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"76230597","title":"TwinsthenewTrend’s Tim and Fred Williams share message to viewers about music","url":"/theview/video/twinsthenewtrends-tim-fred-williams-share-message-viewers-music-76230597"}