US withdraws from United Nations Human Rights Council

"The View" discusses the administration's decision following criticism by the council's high commissioner.
6:48 | 06/20/18

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Transcript for US withdraws from United Nations Human Rights Council
So yes today UN ambassador Nikki Haley announced that the US was pulling out of the UN Human Rights Council. Calling it a protective of human rights abuses and a cesspool of political bias. This withdrawal has apparently been in the works for awhile but many are surprised by the time it. Well considering what's going on at the Warner seems a little bit tense tone deaf shall we say but I don't count novel bounded. I want I actually think people are completing this with what's going on at the border are the reason why America has decided to pull out is because of the disproportionate focus on Israel. In human rights abuses as compared to other countries Israel has 68 condemnations North Korea has nine Venezuela and Russia have zero. And so there Steen has a bias against Israel only slightly chosen to pull out its it's the title of it that sort of lit there's a lot of hypocrisy when a human rights organizations like for an example I said North Korea Venezuela and Russia are included and nest and by the way Saudi Arabia has one of the worst LG BT records in the world you can actually being murdered and imprisoned. For being gay it is. Pride minus Chris found love them how he was there hanging out with the output does not the lives what he was Saudi little entertainment and gay people don't know about Saudia Arabia. Now that he loved the saudis slip loves that he loves him gently onto yet but I am tackle. Nikki Haley at our place and they UN council and I believe that we shouldn't be. Putting our country in the same place as countries were you can be murdered for being gay. And the idea that somehow Israel has the same condemnation 68 compared to North Korea and Russia having zero this is a bias organization. We should 100% happy about your separate us from from Nikki Haley I'm not they worked together well do you think we should the Saudi Arabia's as saying mass America or it's the same as his. No but but trump had in his office a picture of him with Matt Cronin alleys replaced it with Kim Jon look but the put and I and I want to sit on eggs I want to point something that we joins. The Human Rights Council made 2009. 2000 I have here yeah but we are Israel's biggest defender on account so when we joined the council the council resolutions critical of Israel dropped by 80%. We've also been big critics of China's rights abuses. And I'm not sure that looked as you said you know about we will talk about something else he'd felt the people should be in the meeting. I don't know also it's a good idea for us not to have down years not because it's not just that we're not there are you know that you could have been there without voting but we're not. There at all but if you're a little if you believe or like sort of in an and a cursory way in the same weight 68 human rights Karen condemnations for Israel vs Venezuela and Russia and North Korea at it's predict the idea that it's in any way comparable is ridiculous and I do believe. This council has a political bias against Israel and I don't think that America should be well I thought I think there's I am sorry it's 2000 sex. I think there's something to be said as Whoopi just mentioned to have to see the table every one was a very supportive of Donald Trump meeting with someone who was a dictator in North Korea who certainly has been responsible for many human rights violations. But I don't think that and I don't think that. You know withdrawing is the right thing but the bottom line is until we can get our borders. My until we can get our own house in order. And make human rights at home a priority. It doesn't make sense for us to be at the table because we don't seem to know what we're doing right here expand our own restaurant you are lawyers saying about the tone. That is what jumped out idea I could separate it better with the reason juror explaining right here better if it weren't on the heels of a focus more rights than humans and and rate now that's what's happening. With this immigration stuff and I'm the first person to say that I do think we have a broken system that needs to be fixed. I just think how we fix it is a reflection of our own humanity and right now sitting here it's one of the times I felt privileged. More than ever in this form of privilege is where I was born and because I'm lucky I'm not a place that's war torn apart births after not handles disasters in drugs cartels corruption. You mean anything that drive someone out of a country and I can say you're being lucky that it's not my kid. But now the reason I wanna say that if there was a quote on into the granite really hit me and I think this is the part where people are focusing so much on the law and how we can't have. People coming illegally which we can all agree on. But the way we're handling it right now we so scary because it's this quote is no one puts their children in a boat. In less the water is safer than a land and I don't think people are there only being on enough rate now. On when you take that into consideration that this is someone's best option it's not a necessarily a bad parent. It's their best option yeah I don't disagree with not. Continues to lose me is this moral relativism between places like Saudi Arabia and North Korea to the United States was going on in the words terrific asset for the past two days I continue to say it I think we need to come together it was a real legislation to exec but the idea that being imprisoned and tortured and murdered for being gay or having forced abortions are in prison camps it's like going on North Korea is somehow the same as the American exceptionally. You see it you could do sing and I am I don't know sustain you just add a maybe just described point blank a very conservative ideal of America exceptional is what I might form are believed what it. An idea that it's the same that we have to get our own house in order guess of course it is not the same who saw this really act you're saying Eric lane you just said I parent I have to get our house in order some of what we tell anyone else what to do it doesn't yeah I'm saying that there the same. Seat can't really use that argument OK if we needed her house or which I agree you out is their appeasing you can at least concede. That was going North Korea and Saudi Arabia is different and worse than what's going on in this country I think it's different. I thought I certainly big score difference being those are being get a imprisoned forced abortions loving going on North Korea you think it's caught. Horrible what's going on and Laura how about slow starvation. At is that we shall we and put all the things that are really Beck doesn't know content Acronis outside an old country of Ghana I finally had no country comes out clean. But I think one of the things that our country. Does have court did have. Was the belief from other people that we had a better way. And so I don't know and also in terms of timing. This also comes on the heels of suppose there's a big report criticizing the effect of the economic policies. That you know who has that are having an effect on the pour so there's a lot this year. President alarming to you about legislation because I looks as though Paul Ryan and wants to have this legislation on the floor about immigration that didn't vote on but he knows. So that they don't have the votes to do it bullet to Obey me to do is tell trump to pick up the phone and this entire debacle will be over.

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{"id":56032783,"title":"US withdraws from United Nations Human Rights Council","duration":"6:48","description":"\"The View\" discusses the administration's decision following criticism by the council's high commissioner.","url":"/theview/video/us-withdraws-united-nations-human-rights-council-56032783","section":"theview","mediaType":"default"}