'The View' graces 'The New York Times Magazine' cover

The co-hosts react to being called "the most important political TV show in America" on the cover of "The New York Times Magazine."
5:09 | 05/22/19

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Transcript for 'The View' graces 'The New York Times Magazine' cover
We're starting with breaking news of our own. Some of crow may think it's great. Some others might think it's the decline of western civilization. According to the cover of the "New York Times" magazine "The view" is the most important political show on TV in America. Check it out. Sean hannity is like no! I know. Don't Sean you'll be on the cover of the inquirer soon. He'll get me later. He will. He's gettingting you right now. You'll be the subject of a segment tonight. Poor thing. So far we've had -- anything you want to say about it? Thank you "New York Times." I'm very superstitious about press. You live by press, you die by press. It's nice, but let's keep it steady and keep the ball moving forward and continue doing amazing interviews with guests. The responsibility should be on the crew and people that make it happened. We're on the cover. It's a whole facility that makes people happen. I have the best producers, Stephanie and Vicky who get me ready. The bookings are incredible too. Everybody wants to come here especially when they want to sell a book. Or when they want to apologize. To me the great Chris Christie he says if you're confident in your personality you can go on there and have good banter with them. They don't pull punches. If you're not good on your feet and able to respond quickly and appropriately, it's a dangerous place to be. You can be made a fool of pretty quickly there too. I thought it was funny that Chris Christie said that. When I was on with him at "Gma" we got into a tiff and he said sunny save it for "The view" and I did save it for his appearance on "The view." Can I say one final thing? One time I roasted Chris Christie. He didn't realize I was going after him. The roast was about the governor of New Jersey. He was roast master. When you do a roast, everybody on that dais is open season. Right. I did some really horrible jokes on him. At one point he jumped up to grab my papers from me. I said don't bully me. He backed off. I thought from now on this man hates me. Then he comes on here and it's a love fest. That's "The view." For whatever it's worth I think women hosting what's considered by "The New York Times" as the most relevant show -- Say that again. Five women are hosting according to "The New York Times" the most political powerful show on TV. It shows that women are politically engaged in a way they've never been before. And powerful. Whoopi, you have to say something. I've nothing to say. I don't have to justify this show. Never have. Never will. That's a good point. It's also been interesting conversation. It's everyone else who has had to catch up. Ding that bell. You're telling me to ring the bell? I know. This is the house that Barbara Walters built. It was her vision that women, five women would be sitting around a table, talking the way we often do at home. We do talk about politics. We do talk about our family. Women talk about everything. We talk about everything. Listen, this show didn't used to get any respect from anybody. Barbara pulled this show on her back. She called people. You remember. She went door to door to the local stations to keep us on the air. She -- this is -- that "New York Times" cover is a testament to Barbara Walters. One more thing that's interesting about the show I think is that the other day I went to a place to sit and write stuff outside and have breakfast by myself. Suddenly women are surrounding me and talking like "The view." They were talking about trump and politics. Then another one came and another one came. This big group of women gathered around me to do "The view." That's one of the things we provided to give talking points and stuff for women to do that. It was an interesting day. It's a great thing. Yeah, we're very happy to be on the cover and happy that the country will know what we knew all along. Women like politics, guys.

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{"duration":"5:09","description":"The co-hosts react to being called \"the most important political TV show in America\" on the cover of \"The New York Times Magazine.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"63208944","title":"'The View' graces 'The New York Times Magazine' cover","url":"/theview/video/view-graces-york-times-magazine-cover-63208944"}