'The View' co-hosts share their favorite books as part of 'The Magic of Storytelling'

"The View" takes part in Disney's "The Magic of Storytelling" initiative.
4:19 | 03/08/19

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Transcript for 'The View' co-hosts share their favorite books as part of 'The Magic of Storytelling'
I want to tell you about this great campaign called "The magic of storytelling." Now through March 31st, for every shelfie taken, which is a selfie taken with a book, and then posted to Twitter or Instagram with hastag #magicofstorytelling, Disney and ABC will donate one book, up to a million books to the organization, first book, that gets new books to educators and kids in need. This is a phenomenal campaign that really helps kids fall in love with the magic of reading. We aren't just asking you at home to take shelfies, we asked some of our "View" friends as well, so take a look. ??? ??? This is my favorite book "The sun also rises." I liked it because it's actually true, and it's a good book. My favorite book is "Quacken stein hatches a family". My faorite is "Under the banner the heaven". This is my favorite book and I will love it for the rest of my life. It's a great adventure story. I'm here with one of my favorite authors. I heard this book is amazing so it's next up on my list. Support her, support books, support black women. These are our favorite books. Get out and read. Joy? I'm not in this. Are you kidding me? There's no room for my head. Look how big I look. That's crazy. All right, get out. I'm having a panic attack. Get out. Well, we wanted to make sure you knew about some of our favorite books, so I'll start with mine. It's "The wedding" by Dorothy west. It's one of the gems of Harlem. It was published in 1995. Jackie O. Was her editor. She begged her to write it. It takes place on Martha's vineyard in the 1950s and explores the themes of history, race and class, and all of those themes and the characters all crash together at a wedding. Who doesn't love a wedding? Joy, what was one of your favorites? "Nine stories" by J.D. Salinger. When I was in high school I discovered J.D. Salinger, catcher in the rye, but I don't know if people realize he wrote many books. He was basically a reclues. One of the famous stories in here is very tragic but funny and that's what I love. Also the other thing is there's a case waiting of more salinger stuff coming out so wait for that. Ana, what's your book of choice? "100 years of solitude" by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. This is one of my favorite authors who I didn't agree with politically but, man, the guy could write. The genre is Latin American surrealism and it's just the story of a family. Everything is crazy. So really, it always makes me think about just how surreal what we're living through is right now. Go read this because it's better in fiction than reality. Abby, you're up. "I've been thinking" by Maria shriver. I read all of her books. She's a mom now. She's been through a divorce, an affair. She's lost parents. She talks about finding -- be at ease with yourself, accepting yourself, love other people. I have it on the bedside table. Whenever I've had a rough day, I just open it up and I just pick a chapter and it just inspires me. Looks very well read through right now. I love this book. And Meghan? "The old man and the sea" by Ernest Hemingway. The old man -- yes, it's a classic. It's about the story of Santiago who hasn't brought in a catch for months and on the 85th day he gets a giant marlin. It's the story of human existence, overcoming adveradversity, mortality. It reminds me of my father and I really love it. And it's the shortest book of everyone's. It's a wonderful book. For more information on the magic of storytelling, check out our website, and if you want to get in on the action, take a selfie right now with your favorite book and post it with #magicofstorytelling and be sure to tag "The view." Who knows, maybe you'll end up on the show or on one of our social media platforms.

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{"duration":"4:19","description":"\"The View\" takes part in Disney's \"The Magic of Storytelling\" initiative.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"61560198","title":"'The View' co-hosts share their favorite books as part of 'The Magic of Storytelling'","url":"/theview/video/view-hosts-share-favorite-books-part-magic-storytelling-61560198"}