Wendy Williams opens up about divorce and substance abuse

In her first television interview since filing for divorce, the talk show host gets candid about her high-profile divorce and sober living with “The View” co-hosts.
5:04 | 09/05/19

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Transcript for Wendy Williams opens up about divorce and substance abuse
table and say -- Here we go. I think I can speak for the table and say, we are so happy that you are here. You have been through a lot of public drama this year, and we have been rooting for you. Yeah. Thank you. Thank you. I mean, you know, I watch you all every day. So being here is very, very much like home with a bunch of girlfriends and I appreciate your support. Thank you. Thank you. You're welcome. Now in April you filed for divorce from your husband. Correct. Kevin after nearly 22 years of marriage. Correct. And 25 years being together. Yes. Correct. Because of his infidelity. You know, infidelity is one thing, and a full baby is a whole other topic, okay? You said in "The New York Times" magazine, I'm a very forgiving person, but there is one thing I could never be apart of, and that one thing happened. Yeah, well. And that was it. The baby did it. A baby. I'm not changing Pampers. I want to be pampered. Get out of here. Yeah. Why would you have to change the Pampers anyway? It's not your baby. I don't know, joy. It's a joke. You're a comedian. It's just a joke. I like the joke. Then we'll cry. I learned how to, you know, from my mother, how to make lemons into lemonade in life. I, like, what am I supposed to do? Say in the house? No. And cry all the time? No. You have a career. Exactly, and you have a life. I loved about what you said in "The New York Times" magazine though, because I'm a child of divorce. You said, but I will never speak badly about him in public. No. Y parents never spoke badly about each other. I save that for when I get back to my bachelorette pad. It's the truth. It hurts the children. Well, you know what? It's not just about young Kevin. It's about, you know, Kevin's not a bad man. Big kev, he's not a bad man, but you can't just throw away 25 years, and start talking recklessly about the other person. Otherwise, what does that say about you? You know, I chose him and he chose me. That's true. And so that's the way it is. And people change. Yeah. People do change. It's now time for me to move on with my life. I didn't even go back and forth with oh, do we stay? Maybe there's a marriage counseling or something. No. No. You do this? Get out. Let's talk about -- a little bit about something else that you often I guess mentioned. You have been addicted to various substances or whatever. I don't really know the details. No. Just one. Cocaine. That's been so over. It's, like, 25 years ago. At the time I met Kevin was the time for me to make changes in my life. You moved into what you call a sober house. That was the place to go where you can really plot on the next part of your life, you know? Like we have. When you see, you know, but without rehab without wine. Rehab is where they take your phone and lock it in a safe. So people can't call me and inject their opinions on my life because, you know, it's been a very, very difficult time. I couldn't talk to my mom, you know. Who wants to burden her? I couldn't talk to my sister. And most of my girlfriends would have said, you should have left him a long time ago, but here's the deal. I'm not a selfish mom, and I'm a plotative individual. I will plot on you. That's why I'm going on season 11, and he's changing Pampers. You know what I'm saying? Like a lot of times your girlfriends are the ones -- oh, well, come over here. I got a second bedroom and stay here or whatever. Sleep on the couch or move out. Do something. I was, like, no. That would have been selfish to my son. He's an only child. You don't know that. You don't have somebody to talk back and forth with, your siblings. When mom and dad are going through things, so I said, no, no, no. I will stay here. I will make sure his braces get tightened properly. I will cook the best I can at night. I will moisturize. I will drive him to the S.A.T. Prep courses. I will help him do his essays for college. Life goes on. Life goes on. He goes to college in Miami. So now it's time to pull the trigger, and the trigger has been pulled. Right. You know, but, you know, Kevin will always be my family, you know, no matter what. Yeah. And that's that. I mean, you know, life moves on. Can I ask you about your son,

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{"duration":"5:04","description":"In her first television interview since filing for divorce, the talk show host gets candid about her high-profile divorce and sober living with “The View” co-hosts.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"65411516","title":"Wendy Williams opens up about divorce and substance abuse","url":"/theview/video/wendy-williams-opens-divorce-substance-abuse-65411516"}