White House blocks Don McGahn testimony

"The View" co-hosts question if Democrats will pursue contempt against former White House counsel McGahn.
4:59 | 05/21/19

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Transcript for White House blocks Don McGahn testimony
There wasn't another empty chair at the House Judiciary Committee hearings as life. It does the White House directed former counsel Donald Lee Hanson to hide the committee's subpoena. To testify. About instances of possible obstruction. Now I'm not lawyer but of course. Isn't this another instance of obstruction when you think you're being told don't know all of when there isn't that standing in the way of justice. Well I don't know if it's obstruction but I just don't understand how you don't know if this is obstruction really in the the legal sense but. What I don't understand is you know began is now a private citizen he does that work for the president why does an annual any longer. Why is he's been bound by the by any legal opinion by the Justice Department I mean I worked for the Justice Department. Fifteen years ago does that mean now that I'm somehow bound by what the attorney general says I have to be back I guess you still want to aid is not attracts boys stale that's that's the that's eight snake is giving you bad impression and and why doesn't trump want him to say anything I thought you got it. Donna ray at a pretty would it all I don't let us isn't obstruction do you think it's obstructs tuned to defy his subpoena the fact that he is saying this July this he's now. Man do not go. Isn't that obstruction I think he's in contempt of the subpoena and I think that they'll they'll certainly be. Repercussions I think he can be find and I think that he can be hauled into jail for woman Nugent I rejected subpoena over Trump's tax returns. Lindsey Graham told Donald junior a little Fritz in song. To not ten not honor the subpoena. The White House counsel blocking McGann from testifying which we just talking about it Morrison has thinking. Nixon would be cell he's said I was in the wrong period of history. Last I he would have gotten away with everything just like this and corrupt president is getting away with. This is an unbelievable corruption and corrupt president corrupt administration I. And the Republican Party is right behind him and they all should be got thrown into jail as far as I'm concerned I. It feels very nixonian I mean if you look at Nixon's articles of impeachment the third article. Really refers to Nixon stonewalling to refer to the fact that he refused. Subpoenas that he refused to comply with subpoenas for documents. For testimony and it's the exact same behavior that were seen from this administration. And I want to know. YAR. The Democrats not even. Seeking any longer I don't out of impeachment but let me make sense sunny like I was there I remember some of them he remembers I remember replied that. Yeah yeah I think it's not a how to present but they had. But cup people on the other side who play ball with the Democrats eventually yeah you know in this case you have this one guy mosque which I think we're gonna talk about Desantis. But that sick. They don't have anybody and they attorney general is defying law also when he is the lock. Well now when you don't you're gonna have. Hold communities. Can't let I think it cannot say that our Republican should be in jail all of them. That doesn't want Buffalo's season as well because she's not forcing impeachment either which is not guarantee what but. It's all Republicans go to jail for not to impeachment then Democrats be held the same standard as well let me let me go to jail late not impeaching I don't and it is not we want you now. We'll let out especially quick 65% of voters say Democrats should not initiate impeachment proceedings against trump 58% say it's time to turn the page on the Russian investigation. I feel like I have bad. Miss like so many times before I became convinced that watching the news that the smaller parts going to be to smoking gun that everyone was looking for having to do something wait it out. The adoption meeting at trump tower which Donald Trump junior are on that there was going to be some sort of connection that that we have then it's presented in front of us that trump would be hauled out handcuffs I'm one of those people watch snapped cable news that I actually started believing it was happening. Right now I'm a lot more skeptical I take this with a grain of salt I don't know what's going on I don't know why he's not testifying but I do know that if we if you want to impeach the president he got to do better than they can't not showing up to testify for called Liz. I think failed on that road down there on that right to do here but you're clearly frustrated to yeah morning and it you're saying to the American public that all Republicans holding off the should be in jail. Still I wanna know and you're out 200 call hyperbole I know yeah I know but I think it doesn't pentagon denied any type purple well it doesn't have that we got our public advocate for whatever it's worth it sounds a little aggressive and I think part of the problem is. There were 101000 people it comes rally and honors though Pennsylvania last night which by the way that. Population only has 4000. 770 people also he had learned people for the rallies and it was yeah Heidi it's 101000 with a population of four and now people drove there. Maybe Boston and imports. If a well here's the deal you know I think everybody's kind of frustrated.

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{"duration":"4:59","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts question if Democrats will pursue contempt against former White House counsel McGahn.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"63178302","title":"White House blocks Don McGahn testimony","url":"/theview/video/white-house-blocks-don-mcgahn-testimony-63178302"}