Whoopi Goldberg joins NYC Women's March

"We're gonna keep marching ... we got to!" Goldberg said. "If you want stuff to happen, you gotta participate!"
4:33 | 01/22/18

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Transcript for Whoopi Goldberg joins NYC Women's March
Welcome back. Over 250 cities across the globe marked the one-year anniversary of you know who's inauguration turning out in record numbers for women's March. It was a power to the polls campaign encouraging women to get out and vote and to become people to be voted for. Here in New York it was kind of amazing to see. Check it out. You'll see. We are women of beautiful color and we are here to let the world know that we count. I am woman, hear my roar! I will carry this torch and not let the flame go out. Let's turn our passion into action today. We rise up. This is the women's March. We all want to be dealt with as human beings. I think women are saying, you know what, it's enough. Anyone watching can go on stage and say yeah that can be me next year. A record number of women became first time politicians like Ashley Bennett. A 32-year-old emt and crisis counselor who turned age fwer into activism. My own elected official said on social media will you be home in time to cook dinner. So I ran against him. I won. Did you win? You ran against him and you won? I won. She ran against him. I can't say it enough. I'm hearing all these stories about people rising up, overcoming their own pain so they can heal people or themselves. ??? I'm a young fan base and they inspire me every day. Ashley and Simone and gabby, Michaela and Allie remind me this is the beginning, it is not the finale and that's why we're here. Please give it up to the one and only whoopi Goldberg! The only way that we are going to make a change is if we commit to change. We have to decide that the people who represent us have to represent all of us. They cannot represent some of us. They must represent all of us. We are all human beings and have the right to say this is how I want to be spoken to. I don't want to be spoken to like you own me, like you think you can touch me when I say you cannot. We are here to say as women, we're not taking it anymore. ??? Whoopi 2020! No. No. But you know, the guy in the white house, he tweeted to the women marching saying it's a great day to get out there and celebrate the historic economic success of the past year and he added lowest female unemployment in 18 years. And then a lot of people reminded him that he was actually missing the point of the March, and that he also didn't realize that according to the bureau of labor statistics the unemployment rate for women age 20 and older has been falling steadily since 2012. So that's great information. And we have had seven straight years of steady job growth. He takes the credit for things that Obama did. Well, you know what, the thing that I loved was hearing him actually say the man pissed me off so badly that I ran against him. I made her repeat it like five times. I said did you win. She said I won. I said did you win. She said I won. You know, look, this is -- it is imperative that if you want stuff to happen, you got to participate. We don't have to agree. We don't have to agree on stuff but we can all agree on one thing. We -- thatbehavior, this behavior that we have seen be it sexual or people talking in your face or talking down to you, it's not acceptable for anybody. It's not acceptable for men or women or anybody. We all have to start as equal and until that happens we're going to keep marching. We got to, I think.

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{"duration":"4:33","description":"\"We're gonna keep marching ... we got to!\" Goldberg said. \"If you want stuff to happen, you gotta participate!\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"52527329","title":"Whoopi Goldberg joins NYC Women's March","url":"/theview/video/whoopi-goldberg-joins-nyc-womens-march-52527329"}