It's the year of Idris Elba!

The "Hobbs & Shaw" actor discusses his unstoppable career, wedding, and family.
5:07 | 07/30/19

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Transcript for It's the year of Idris Elba!
It's. Okay. I yeah. Up next. So this this is the year how. Yeah I know that we knew that you you've got this amazing summer blockbuster happening you. Vanity Fair gorgeous picture by the way I think you are people magazine's. It. Yeah I hot no yeah. People Magazine is sexiest man alive. Adds a lot to live up for him you DJ that can't talent aside there's a main. It is you're you have Matt. There are no I think you have eat I've been busy he's been really busy I mean I'm so blessed that the motives. This is what you will help inform right this is what we want to more valuable rubber worker and injured for a long time enough. These moments to do this big moments pinnacle moment you know. I'm excited scrape and got married this year a dead your conference Sabrina. Top fifty seats Twitter so many people were in morning. Period. I felt like or maybe I'll show how you did. Yes her brain is back stays nice and we're losing isn't. It's been an interest in yet you have law happen here's what they do decide to do it again because you've been married before I had remembered for. Job had died famously said it would get married again but I just embezzling that just opened me up the man known. I'm nice you have it's a big boom times I have to you said it was. Okay. If there was there was love at first sight it. Weighted to exactly me. We met I was making a movie called mountains between us and Vancouver what now my only dale true story it was a Sunday night. What's his fiery and that draws lessons it was Vancouver thankless Narnia as. And it was a particle slow jets are today look at him as a good. And an issue as soon. The race is his suit. Wow you know and you got married in Morocco I read we did yeah. Yeah. The ghetto tech center is something often makes a full of itself mobile I'm just out. Well good society and we'll bring drugs and they are will be drugs today just ridiculous but what its video. He called me baby when he. And I think well. I don't I didn't and his wife yes he's right. I didn't reason that we hung out when we were in England where I was last in England yeah I knew I see how there already are still out are we at a holy night at a we believe they. We had a great time that happened exits. Well your daughter. Was honored in the tween eighteen miss Golden Globe ambassador yeah any at about a block out. You have front seats because that's a historical thing. I'm not a I was in real motive for me you know like and I resists the other is that everybody was as if she's lovely and everyone was there any orders but I was just watching my daughter snacks. This is your heart it was actually great she didn't really gives who's very nervous. She's notion you know she's not shy she's just to see it never done anything like that you know in order you have favors thaws are in the building and she was good I was very proud of it as an actor as a prophet who was reactions. Were under guess what. You happy about that. I. Yeah. So you know do what she whatever she wants she I think Libya for Jews. She's all about them money yeah. A box up as an act of proxies about it the other group actors act. Well you're starring in a new movie Hobson shot which I saw last night and I love it's. You are the villain you are amazing and it the rockets and it is well Jason upstate them is an is the first spin off from the popular up fast and furious. Franchise we actually you play bricks didn't yeah I'm assuming that's from London Ericsson Louie that's not look but we have a clip let's let's take a look at. There is just. Thank you know I got them like I come and. Room this flow.

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{"duration":"5:07","description":"The \"Hobbs & Shaw\" actor discusses his unstoppable career, wedding, and family.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"64660977","title":"It's the year of Idris Elba!","url":"/theview/video/year-idris-elba-64660977"}