Yvette Nicole Brown shares what she realized while hosting ‘The Big Fib’

Yvette Nicole Brown discusses her adventures in quarantine dating, the "Community" group chat where she mistakenly omitted Donald Glover, and what she realized while hosting the newest Disney+ show.
7:43 | 05/22/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Yvette Nicole Brown shares what she realized while hosting ‘The Big Fib’
Our friend Yvette Nicole brown is going out of her comfort zone to host a new Disney plus show for kids, "The big fib," and she joins us now from home in L.A. Hey, Yvette. Hi, lovely ladies. I love you guys. Hello. What was that thing? You know what? I think it was a hissing -- I stepped away so I don't know for sure, but I think it was a hissing cockroach. Wait, wait. There is such a thing as a hissing cockroach? You know what, whoopi? I want to unlearn. Of course, we give you this close-up picture of it. They were disgusting and massive. When you were tweeting to the guy in the white house, what is it you're hoping for? You're hoping that he reads it? Has he blocked you? How do you feel about it? You know what? I don't know whether he's blocked me or not because I don't really go to his page to check his tweets. I just like to troll him. So I just throw -- if something crosses my mind and I want to tell him that he's trash, I do it. I'm sorry. I know it's not right to troll, but I figured he can handle it because he trolls everybody so I figured I would give him a little bit every now and again. That's true. Let's talk about your dating life, Yvette because you say quarantine has really impacted it in both good and bad ways and my girlfriends that are single are saying the same thing. Tell us what you mean when you say that? What is a dating life? Let's start there. I was hoping that the quarantine would bring this great resurgence of we used to do. You know how you would lay on the phone until 3:00 in the you hang up, no you hang up? I had this vision I found a boo, and apparently they don't do that anymore. That's not something that they do. It's a hookup culture, and people like to just grab each other and run away. I want to get to know you first. So I'm still waiting for a zoom call that will change my life. It hasn't happened yet, but I'm waiting on it. Yvette, we have missed you so much. I wish you were here with us. You're such a bright light to all of us. I love your Twitter just so we're clear. It gives me life every day. Thank you. Your show "Community" is enjoying a resurgence lately, and I saw this, the cast joined for a table read. You started a group with your costars like Ken Jeong and Joel Mchale, but you left Donald glover off of it. First of all, thanks to all the fans who have just donated and done wonderful things for covid in honor of "Community." You know what? I didn't know Donald wasn't if there. Like, I'm such a dweeb, I was so happy to see everybody and next thing I know, I'm, like, put it in the group chat. Donald's, like, put it into the what? It may have been rectified and Donald wishes he wasn't in that group chat because we text each other all day. He's not getting anything done now. With all the renewed interest in "Community," does a movie look more likely now? That's something I would like love to see. You know what? We always wanted to do this, and we were too busy. This would have been the optimal time to did it if we could have done it via zoom. We need Dan Hartman to write it, and then leave our houses to film it. You would need to leave your houses to film it. Yvette, you not only host your new game show, "The big fib," but you produce it as well. You say that kids are the best at spotting liars. How so? You know, I think because they're newer to the planet than we are, they're still in tuned with the little things that people do when they're not true. We ask in every round, how do you think you're going to do it and how are you going to tell him? He looks a little fidgety, or I don't like how he looks down at the floor, and sure enough, they the person who was fidgety said um 5,000 times, that's usually the fibber. They have this innate knowledge, and what I love about this show starting on Disney plus today is that the kid's in control. I don't even have a chair. I'm leaning on a said table next to the babies who are in a throne. We love that. It's their show. It's their questions. It's their ride and I'm, like, the cruise director as they steer the ship. Reese darvey, he plays Clive the robot side kick on the show, and we're so happy to have him as Let me ask you, did you learn anything about lying from the kids on the show? What was the last lie that you told, and was it a convincing lie? Well, I didn't learn anything about lying. I'm a grown-up so I know all those tricks. I pay attention to what happens in the white house, so I know a lie, but I did learn a lot about different topics by watching what the kids asked, and the lie I tell myself, I'm not going to eat the whole loaf of bread today. Me too. Lying to ourselves. Me too. Yvette, you also tweeted your support of this year's senior classes by posting a throwback photo of yourself graduating high school. Look at you. What do you remember about this? You're so beautiful with your little rose. What do you remember about that? You know what? I really loved high school, and that's the thing that broke my heart about the class of 2020 not getting to experience all the things that you experience in your senior year, and I wanted to take part because I wanted to red mind them that though this is a special year, it's not the only special year they'll have, and they'll have other opportunities to be with friends and celebrate, but I was standing in solidarity, so I brought out the feathered hair. Y'all remember that hair. It looks good. That is funny. Yvette, we were talking earlier about Biden's vp pick, and you had some opinions on that. I do. On the one hand, I'm a black woman so I do agree it is time for a black woman to be president or vice president. I believe that. Also though, I feel like if he is going to not do that and he chooses a white woman, it needs to be Elizabeth Warren. Everybody knows I love Elizabeth Warren, but it's not just because I think she's awesome. She's awesome, and she's who she appears to be. A lot of people in politics are not. She's a decent, caring woman who cares about people, and she has a plan for everything, and she cared about people before she even ran for office, and that's important to realize that the greatest good she did so far was the consumer protection bureau, and she did that when she was a private citizen. So I think we need someone with that heart if we don't choose a black woman. So I'm saying, you know, we got kamala -- Or a woman of color. Yes. I'm black. I'm standing with the black people right now, but yes, a woman of color needs to be in those decisions. Tammy Duckworth. It's quite amazing when you start talking about it. You know, it's crazy. It's embarrassing the riches that have not been mined. There's so many amazing women of color that have not had a clans to lead, and we really do lead very well. So I would love that opportunity. Yes. Well, you know, women, we take all of this seriously. We don't play. We don't have time. We know how to get stuff done and move the conversation. You need to come back when we're all able to go outside. "The big fib" is now streaming on Disney plus, and you can also check out "Be prepared to stop," Yvette's documentary on this country's infrastructure problem

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{"duration":"7:43","description":"Yvette Nicole Brown discusses her adventures in quarantine dating, the \"Community\" group chat where she mistakenly omitted Donald Glover, and what she realized while hosting the newest Disney+ show. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"70838165","title":"Yvette Nicole Brown shares what she realized while hosting ‘The Big Fib’","url":"/theview/video/yvette-nicole-brown-shares-realized-hosting-big-fib-70838165"}