14-year-old girl reported missing after she doesn't come home from school: Part 1

By 7 p.m., Zenya Hernandez was frantic that she couldn't find her daughter Abby and filed a missing person report at the police station in Conway, New Hampshire.
6:02 | 09/08/18

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Transcript for 14-year-old girl reported missing after she doesn't come home from school: Part 1
North Conway New Hampshire borders the white mountain national forest a popular tourist spot for hikers and skiers. Do stunning vistas from cathedral ledge and we've covered bridges. But for locals the spectacular scenery is just part of the appeal. Conway is the quintessential. Small town America. There's very little crime in New Hampshire one of the safest state in the country. Opinion Hernandez a divorced nurse enjoy a happy life here raising two daughters Sarah and Abigail. Known as Andy and passing plays Harry's parents and very close knit community. This community a picture perfect backdrop to a seemingly idyllic childhood. He always has been very kind always love animals very cheerful happy. Child. Girly girl little tough although the tomboy she's very athletic has fantastic skier Lehigh fought together. More random glitch here and abbey in been best friends since seventh grade how would you describe her very funny but is in a really positive. She has this really nice personality. Being able to talk to anybody so she kind of became friends with anybody she mad. As a new high school freshman at these studies German robotics she loves her boyfriend Jimmy and classic rock. Especially and heavy. It was a good life. Good lines until October 9 2013 and fourteen year old Abby. Doesn't come home from school. At what point did you start to think this strange glow everywhere out section is somewhere in ocean pro is a school of her friendly texting her. I Texan hurry up nothing. Her response now what do you think is worried but I was late. Okay I'll go to school. So I get the school. Villager is as I saw her leave. That's right there story. She ever not shown up home to mama might. I think he was okay sneak had an injury broken leg appendicitis gloves like got hit by car. The cold hospital at that time I said Nell that had not floor. But a foot dragging frantic action are you thinking at this point in May be human when we know it didn't make sense. Especially because and east fifteenth birthday is just three days away. She's very enthusiastic about it's that kind of holding party to have friends over. On to do fun things. By 7 o'clock and nine Xenia is frantic and files a missing persons reported that Conway police station. The next day the community is royalty and rattled when the story hits the local news we are also following new developments in the search for a missing teenager from Connolly tonight's what your personal I was shocked especially business and did occur you didn't maybe she ran a Wayne. Now I gotta tell you if she. Faced problems if she didn't run away from. Miranda remembers the last time she's so happy they were taking self decent school and we want it to. Me selling together. That was the last known picture of her less than a picture her and I take together in science class. FBI agents went door to door Thursday night in an apartment complex just off route sixteen this surge we have done incredibly fast. The college police started the attorney general's office got involved the FBI state police basically created a dragnet in the north Conway area looking for having Hernandez story leads the evening news town residents or out all day searching the fourteen year old was last seen leaving Kennedy high and now this is also the first time we have heard from Abbey's mother essentially disappeared she wished her daughter happy birthday three TDs after her disappearance it's at least birthday. But instead of the celebration. There's a vigil. I can see India has a message for her daughter. I blame. And then I'm think about the only time. And we want to back those clean. Investigators say day four of this search for Abby turned up few clues there are ninety press conferences. Week continued today searched for happy we are now at over 300 tips and leads that we are investigating certain scenes today expand and in some different areas. As we have said over the course of the past five days a missing person investigation it was important to get the story in the media because. We have the belief that someone must have seen something. Investigators. Are desperate for information and all they know is that Abby was last seen walking home from school while her boyfriend Jimmy is on the school bus texting her. She cinema hard at 2:53 PM. Fourteen minutes later and trio sent and her cell signal disappears and I'm miles from Andy's house. Something happened between when she sent that text message and what her cellphone went dark we looked very significantly. Her communications and her boyfriend we picked apart the relationship. Her. Did you begin looking at. The family close friends absolutely we gave them a critical look you learning about adding she was very Stanley oriented to close with her mom. We just didn't see anything that was suggested to us that something she had done had caused her disappearance classic teenage girl that's what it she appeared to be. Blues classic teenage girl doesn't just vanished on her way home from school they could things that really start to cause us concern. Well when we look at the video of her leaving high school. It didn't appears she had belongings for a significant period of time away from home.

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{"duration":"6:02","description":"By 7 p.m., Zenya Hernandez was frantic that she couldn't find her daughter Abby and filed a missing person report at the police station in Conway, New Hampshire.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"57684898","title":"14-year-old girl reported missing after she doesn't come home from school: Part 1","url":"/2020/video/14-year-girl-reported-missing-home-school-part-57684898"}