Adults abandoned at birth turn to genetic genealogy to find biological family: Part 1

Andrea Klug-Napier and Ben Tveidt learned they were "foundlings," or abandoned at birth by their respective mothers.
7:00 | 07/14/18

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Transcript for Adults abandoned at birth turn to genetic genealogy to find biological family: Part 1
Wher I from? I was left at a hospital. I was left in a donatn bin. I just wanted T know why. TRE's this ling of not being wanted. Reporter: Coeur d'alene, Idaho, a small scenic town just outside spokann a lake, stled in T mountains its name, originating from a native American E themes "The discovered people." But WHE some are dvered here, others are lost. Our first mystery begins in 1987 at this hospital. A prntcks hersel in Alo in labor and oddly, carrying no luggage or personal item S said she was from California, and that she was visitiome friends in.she was 5'5",rown brown eyes. Th she W attractive, but quite uptht. Reporter: She signs in as Amy Dee beach claiming ss single andnemployed. At 6:30 A.M., S to the birthing room. She gave bito a healthy baby girl, good size, full-term. Reporter: After a short time th baby, them does something inexplle. She ppeared2 hours later.just left the hosl gown on the and twa Reporter: She just Ed out. She Wust gone. Reporter: Mystifithe rses give the now-abandoned baby girl a name. They named the baby, um, baby girl beach which is pretty cute, actually. One of the better names for a found that I've hear Reporter: Foundlings? Foundli she catch-all term for a C that's abaed. Reporter: This foundling is R adopted by a couplom Aho. Twas, you kw,uch a dream that we had had for so long. They brought her out, here came this beautiful, beautiful little girl. This little baby. Anta brought this for me? Reporter: The klugs a long family,ing their new gymnastics. Flash forward 31 years, baby girl beach is now Andrea klug-napier, who lives incolorado and works as an office Mager in a medical office. She had no idea of the strange circumstances around her birth until age 16 when her adoptive parents fiy told her. They told me thatas abandoned at the hospital. And I could not believe it. Bury is -- this is crazy. Rter: A crazy mys sels compelled to solve. You have a tattoo. I do. Reportehat does it say? It says, "Baby girl beach." Reporter: "Baby girl beach." Because that -- that was sort of your idey eginning. Right. Repor you're living a pretty happy life. You've G lovely parent why doou need to go looking if you're prey happy with where you are? Tlways going E a void that you T know about. I Ju have always wanted to meet whoever she was. Reporter:t "She," the mother who walked out on her hourafter her rth was no the center of Andrea's quest. She rns to social media to find her My me is Andrea. I was born on April 30, 1987. Reporter: Posting a photo of herself on Facebook holding a sign outlining her story. I was abandoned at a hospital clone, Idaho, um, by a woman named Amy bea please likd share. Reporter: Tt VIRA It headlines. Si social media to try to be reconnected with her birth mother. Reporter:y adopted ds sathey have this sense of yearning. How drent is it for the undlings? It's even more intense. Because foundlings havro formation their background. It's like their life began the moment they were found. Rorter: 2,400 mil ain anchorag aa, another G mystery one year before Andrea. Another runaway mother as her baby it's a cool summer evening in 1986. At sundown, a newborn baby boy found not in a ital, but in a cardboard box next to a Salvation Army bin. It September 4, 1986, two teenage boys were out riding R bikes. Heard crying from a box and were astonished to fli baby in the box. These two teenage boys, scoo the baby up and I guess literally cycled home to their house with it in their arms. Reporter: Hours before, bystanders recall seeing a pregnant woman nearby. They'd seen a very pregnant young lady standing by the salvation bin. Hadn't givt much thought, but when they'd gotten home, they S watching the ne and heard that a baby had been aband there. Reporter: Like Andrea, this epr: A police sketch is ishedthe local newspaper. Looking for the woman W abandoned the baby. D like and this baby boy doe is also adopted into a loving home. He grows up in Idaho, sre Andrea was born, playing in the hills, "Doing country stuff," being raislotwo sisterflash forward 31rs that baby is now Benjamin tveidt. A soldier the Idaho army guard and deployed twice to Iraq. How did you learn that you were adopted? T was my 11th birthday, my dad, he told me I was te How it hit you? I didn't believe him at first.I was devastated they brought the newspaper clippings out that they had prd. I was spinning. I mean I was like, "What, this is is all a jokeght?" This was the biggeuestion in my life, um, who, who am I, where am I from? I would look up at the stars some night and wonder if MM or dad or if my brothers or sisters or my grarere king at the stars that night. Repr: Ben is now on H best and Mo personal missioto date, tg to solve the mystof his birth. Like Anda, he's puhis faith in onean, cece Moore, world-renowned DNA detect whose DNA crime-solving wor recently grabbed nationwide attention Usina ars in a number of languishing cold cases. I've worked with do, E hundredsf foundlings by now. Anso I know this is a, a really intense process for them. This is a major game changer for these cases. Reporter: Still ahead -- Andrea's about to find out some secrets get buried F reason.

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{"id":56581063,"title":"Adults abandoned at birth turn to genetic genealogy to find biological family: Part 1","duration":"7:00","description":"Andrea Klug-Napier and Ben Tveidt learned they were \"foundlings,\" or abandoned at birth by their respective mothers.","url":"/2020/video/adults-abandoned-birth-turn-genetic-genealogy-find-biological-56581063","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}