Cari Farver's mother reports her missing but the hate-filled texts continue: Part 3

When Farver missed one family event after another, including her father's funeral, her mother Nancy Raney became convinced something was wrong. Dave Kroupa becomes more and more afraid of his stalker.
6:43 | 12/05/20

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Transcript for Cari Farver's mother reports her missing but the hate-filled texts continue: Part 3
What had he done to make her hate him so much? In the space of a couple of hours, she had gone from what seemed like the perfect woman to a spiteful fouled-mouthed nut. Cari Farver is nowhere to be found. Her family is bewildered. And the police are suspecting she must be having some sort of breakdown. As for Dave Kroupa, after the days where he received her first text messages he receives a barrage of angry messages. She started texting him a bunch of profanities, calling him names, telling him she hated him. They were bad, and they were just all about how bad of a person I am. Cari was acting like a woman her messages were filled with jealousy and rage. Cari's rage seems to be focused on his on-again/off-again ex-girlfriend, Liz, who he had dated before Cari. Which is confusing to Dave, because Cari seemed to be so unaffected by her first interaction with Liz. And Cari is contacting Liz directly too. Liz gets into contact with me and says that now Cari is harassing her via text and email. She was very upset. She wanted to know how this woman that she just had this chance encounter with at Dave's apartment, got her phone number, got her email. One day, Liz arrived home from work to find that her garage had been vandalized. Upon pulling into the garage, she found that someone had written "Whore from Dave" on the inside of her garage in spray paint. Liz calls the police and files a report. When Liz tells police that the common link between herself and Cari is Dave Kroupa, they decide to pay him a visit. The police show up at my work looking for me, and they didn't look very friendly. I was the last known person, or at least the assumed last person, to see her. As soon as they're looking at me with those policeman eyes, that got me pretty rattled. I pulled out my phone and said, no, she's lost her mind. She's going crazy. She's harassing me. Their tone certainly changed from an accusatory one to, oh, okay, we've seen this before. Meanwhile, back in Iowa, Cari's mom doesn't know about any of this. All she knows is that her daughter's missing. Cari's mother had filed the missing person report with the police, and she was becoming increasingly concerned with each passing day. In the weeks after she left, Cari was still communicating with her family. She would send text messages to her mother, Nancy. When I'd get text messages, I would just say, please call me. I just need to hear your voice. And she would say, well, this has got to be good enough for you. And Maxwell started getting texts saying, we're going to be moving you down to Kansas. You're going to go to school down there. And he was really scared. It was just shocking to me. Nancy is so concerned that she takes over guardianship of max in Cari's absence. In addition to her brother's wedding, Cari was missing more family events. She was absent for her own birth she missed Thanksgiving. She wasn't around when her son, max, turned 15. She even missed her own father's funeral. And when she didn't come home for that, her mother knew that something was very, very wrong. Cari texted, I'm sorry I missed the funeral. Nancy responded, the only way I will know that this is you is if you call me and I hear your voice. The weather had changed. It was starting to get colder, we went into her house, and I noticed her winter coat was sitting on the chair. And I thought, she doesn't have any warm clothes on her. What is she going to do? How is she getting along? Where is she eating? What is she doing? It was terrifying. It was scary not knowing where she is. Okay, maybe she had gone off her meds. There had been times in the past when she had thought, maybe I don't need these. The texts got mean at one point, too, saying that I wasn't a good mother and that I was controlling. In the middle of that bleak winter, only one thing was certain -- people were afraid. While Cari's family was afraid for her, David Kroupa was growing afraid of her. I would regularly receive 60-plus texts a day, 100 emails a day was not uncommon. And as far as phone calls, hundreds of hundreds. And I had changed phone numbers so many times. It was ridiculous. Cari would refer to Liz in her messages. She is nothing. She's a fat cow. She looks like she lost her puppy. Maybe she'll do us all a favor and kill herself, lol. She wrote to Liz, if you don't keep your hands and lips off my man, I will hurt you. And she seems to be everywhere. On one specific occasion, I was sitting in my la-z-boy with my feet up, watching TV, trying to relax, and it's nighttime and I get a text saying, I see you. You're sitting in your chair with your feet propped up, wearing blue shirt. And those things were true. She was no longer just ranting at a boyfriend that things didn't go well with. She was flat out stalking him. Cari writes, my favorite thing to do is stand outside your window and stare at you. Then, finally, there's a clue. One night in January, about two months after all of this started, Dave came home from work, and there was a vehicle in the parking lot. He got closer to the vehicle, and he recognized it to be Cari's Ford explorer because he knew it very well. That was how they met. He had worked on the vehicle. So I took a picture of the license plate, sent it to the police. He had no idea at the time how big of a piece of evidence this would turn out to be. It had one perfect fingerprint on it.

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{"duration":"6:43","description":"When Farver missed one family event after another, including her father's funeral, her mother Nancy Raney became convinced something was wrong. Dave Kroupa becomes more and more afraid of his stalker.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"74548960","title":"Cari Farver's mother reports her missing but the hate-filled texts continue: Part 3","url":"/2020/video/cari-farvers-mother-reports-missing-hate-filled-texts-74548960"}