Carrie Fisher's Rise to Fame, Life-Changing Role in 'Star Wars': Part 3

Fisher's role in the film made her an instant pop icon at the age of 19, catapulting her into international stardom.
7:59 | 12/31/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Carrie Fisher's Rise to Fame, Life-Changing Role in 'Star Wars': Part 3
Your friends are here to listen Carrie fisher's life began similar to how it would end. With intense popular interest, and cameras fixed on her. Here she is hula dancing. She was raised by her singer mother, Debbie Reynolds, whose show business lifestyle forced her to drop out of high school. I wanted to be like my mother. I worshipped her. I was in her night club act when I was 13 years old in Vegas. Reporter: And she wowed them in Hollywood. Appearing in 1975's "Shampoo" at the tender age of 17. Are you? Am I what? Making it with my mother. Reporter: Then, two years later, fisher auditioned for the role that changed her life. And changed the world. Princess Leia in "Star wars," who wittily dodged danger again and again. I was with Carrie when we first went to the "Star wars" screening, she thought it was a "B" movie. That ship flew over, I looked over and said, this is no "B" movie. And her life was never the same. Reporter: Though she played a super heroine, she told David Muir that she was super nervous she didn't look the part. Princess Leia really inspired young girls. But not to be pretty. But she was really pretty. Yes, and I didn't know that. She proved to be a princess Leia who was feisty, indomita indomitable, gave as good as she got. Reporter: "Star wars" became an international sensation, and made fisher an instant pop icon just like her mother years earlier. And she followed up the first film with this, channeling her mother's musical talents. Though the "Star wars" holiday special was universally panned. Then she was in "Blues brothers." It was a box office success, but there was a secret between the co-stars. We did drugs together. I remember him saying, we're alike. And then he was dead a year later. Reporter: Fisher began to do drugs. I went through people's cabinets. Reporter: The people had no idea. She reprised her role as princess Leia in two "Star wars" sequels. Princess Leia was more famous than I was. So, I felt like a has-been at 25. Reporter: Feeling rejected by Hollywood, she told Diane sawyer she went on a five-year drug binge. She seemed perfectly fine by day. But -- Stayed up late, snorted heroin. That's nice. My mother would be so proud. "Under the rainbow" is the one where I went completely crazy. Reporter: Fisher said drugs brought a kind of rest to her fevered brain. I felt Normal on acid. Lsu brought you down? It just gave me visuals. Each day you would wake up and take what you needed to feel, what? Less. Just feel less. Reporter: In 1983, she once again follows her mother's blueprint, and marries a singer. Paul Simon, whose talent helped ground her for a while, at least. One of the things I really liked about Paul, any words that have a certain rhythm are very soothing to me. What song most took you? "Kathy I'm lost." I'm aching and empty and I don't know why. ??? Reporter: The marriage was short-lived. Fisher was linked to several other "a"-listers. Men were drawn to her. She was engaged to Dan aykroyd. She had a relationship with CAA agent Brian lord, and had an affair with Harrison Ford at the beginning of the making of "Star wars." It was aykroyd who she credits to getting off of cocaine. But didn't stay off for long. At one point, she was taking 30 pills per day to mellow out. You were married to Paul Simon at one point. You're kidding. Oh, my god. That's incredible. Reporter: No one knew the real issue wasn't so much the drugs, but rather an average day inside Carrie fisher's mind. I'm manic-depressive. Are you afraid to say that? No, I own it. Reporter: She appeared in these home movies that capture her condition. Her monologues, an attempt to contain the roar. I wish I felt that way all the time. You can't stop. It's painful, it's raw, it's rough. Feit spills out your eyes, your municipal court. Reporter: And the barbs that spilled out at this roast for George Lucas. Hi, I'm Mrs. Han solo and I'm an alcoholic. I'm an alcoholic because George Lucas ruined my life. Reporter: She let it all fly about her love/hate relationship with the role of a royal rebel that came to define her career. George is a sadist, but I keep coming back for more. So, happily ever after? No such animal. What is it then? What's the adjective? Everything ever after.

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{"duration":"7:59","description":"Fisher's role in the film made her an instant pop icon at the age of 19, catapulting her into international stardom.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"44479390","title":"Carrie Fisher's Rise to Fame, Life-Changing Role in 'Star Wars': Part 3","url":"/2020/video/carrie-fishers-rise-fame-life-changing-role-star-44479390"}