Clues emerge that Ed Shin might know what happened to Chris Smith: Part 6

When Chris Smith’s brother Paul Smith happened to run into the Playboy Playmate his brother was supposedly traveling with, Paul Smith said Shin gave him a strange explanation.
7:24 | 01/25/20

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Transcript for Clues emerge that Ed Shin might know what happened to Chris Smith: Part 6
Picture this scene -- there's a business meeting in Las Vegas. Ed is there. Paul Smith is there. And Tiffany Taylor is at this event. It's Tiffany Taylor, miss November 1998. Playboy playmate Tiffany who was supposedly on this sailing trip with Chris. You were sure that you recognized her? Yes. It was the same exact girl as the picture that I got. She just looked at me with a blank stare, like I was nuts. Tiffany said, I don't know your brother. I didn't go on any kind of a trip with him. What are you talking about? This is crazy talk. And Ed just looks up at me and just goes like this and just shakes his head. After the dinner was over, I said, that was the girl that I got a picture of that Chris left with. And he reassured me that that was not the same Tiffany Taylor. It was a different Tiffany Taylor. Well, think about it. Another Tiffany Taylor? It seems impossible. But also think about Las Vegas. There's no shortage of gorgeous women, probably named Tiffany, and on top of that, Ed is so convincing. The other worrisome thing for Paul is things are taking a rather dark turn when it comes to 800xchange. There was so muchoney come in from the clients, and our largest buying partner was not receiving any payments for media. Where was the money going? It was going into Ed's pockets. It was this feeling of something's wrong. We have to get out. With Chris gone, Ed's spending a ton of money. He's isolating himself in his office. Ed kind of seems rudderless. I immediately got an attorney, explained to him what was going on. And he said, put in your resignation via letter. So I did. And just depart quietly. And so within, I think, three days, we packed up the house and we left. I didn't want to be a part of Ed's world anymore. I knew it was going to get worse. Hey, dad. Just got to johannesburg and tried calling Paul internationally. I found a conflict diamond for going to give it to him for his birthday I missed. Lol. I was like, what are you thinking? Like, you don't need to risk your life to get me a diamond for my birthday. So remember, Chris has been on this five-month, whirlwind dream trip. In Oregon, his family had been on an emotional roller coaster. Now, it's during the holidays that the family gets together, and now they're getting really worried. And it's at this point that Paul tells them about this weird incident at the 800xchange at just about the time that Chris disappeared. June 4 was a Friday, and that's the day that Ed and Chris reached this settlement. The following Monday, employees of 800xchange get a message from Ed saying, hey, don't come in for the whole week. We got to get the office I went into the office when I wasn't supposed to that week. I needed to grab some stuff. And it smelled really bad. Like a rotten stench. There's fans on. It was very damp. Like, all our carpets were wet. The walls had been painted. And I looked down and I saw a big stain outside of Chris' office on the floor. Ed tells everybody, Chris was super drunk. He vomited and urinated in his office. And that's the source of the He didn't drink at the office. I mean, to puke and pee? Urinate at the office? I mean, it's totally not normal, you know? It's -- he would never do something like that. I was like, okay, something's really foul here. That sounded really suspicious to me. Because it's just not Chris. You're gonna go make a million dollar deal, then you're gonna get drunk going to it? It made no sense at all. So I thought, what the hell? Chris's father Steve was once a cop. But really, once a cop, always a cop. So he has those instincts that tell him something does not smell right. And he realizes it's very possible that Ed shin may have something to do with the disappearance of his son. Steve sends an email to Chris, but he's thinking in the back of his mind that Ed is really seeing this email. And his hope is to bring him out of the shadow, possibly respond to him so he can get information about his son. I said, "If this is Ed shin, if you hurt any one of my sons, I'm going to You up and this is the start of your nightmare. But then I got a reaction to it. To Steve Smith. Friday, December 17, 2010. Dad, I'm fine. Stop tripping. I just needed to get some I Out of my had. Did that sound like Chris, "Dad, are you tripping?" That's Chris. So I thought, "Oh, okay." But I still had feelings that something was wrong. December 26th, 2010, to Paul Smith. Just realized it's Christmas. Is it snowing in bend? It's summer down here with it being so warm. I'm headed back up through the I'll be offline for a couple of weeks. I found a dealer in Rwanda that will pay 30% mark-up on krugs because the mint ones are impossible to find. And so it's just after Christmas that Chris's emails abruptly stop. It's radio silence. His mom starts to think he fell in with some criminals when they found out he had this gold and he's been murdered somewhere I was searching through all the deaths that were happening in Africa and Rwanda and everywhere. And, you know, if there was a caucasian male, 30 years or so. Just searching everywhere. During the month of December, the family did get a sliver of hope when Chris promises Paul that he'll meet him in Costa Rica in February. Here's an email I received from Chris. I'll make my way north to Egypt, cross over to Spain and then head to Costa Rica. Meet me there in February so we can surf and talk about everything. Chris. In February, Paul and Chris are supposed to go to Costa Rica together. And eventually Paul calls the hotel that they're actually supposed to go to, and he learns from the hotel that there's no reservation in the name of his brother. That his brother has made no plans to meet up with him. And that really was probably the nail in the coffin, and the family needed to get some help. Steve Smith went to the state department. And he very soon hears -- this is early in 2011 -- passport control has no record of your son even leaving this country. As far as we're concerned, he never left. For the family, this is a stunning revelation. Given all the emails that they've received, how could this possibly be true? Steve thinks this doesn't make sense because he would need the passport. So now he's gotta ask people, how would he leave? And one of the things he did was to go to Ed and ask him what he knew. I was worried for his safety though, because it felt like this guy could probably be really dangerous. When you see that kind of passion and that love for a family member, it's very real. And you can only imagine that long drive from Oregon. I had actually brought a gun with me. The main thing I wasn't whatting to know was to find my son. Either he knows what happened to Chris, or he knows he's responsible for it.

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{"duration":"7:24","description":"When Chris Smith’s brother Paul Smith happened to run into the Playboy Playmate his brother was supposedly traveling with, Paul Smith said Shin gave him a strange explanation. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"68519842","title":"Clues emerge that Ed Shin might know what happened to Chris Smith: Part 6","url":"/2020/video/clues-emerge-ed-shin-happened-chris-smith-part-68519842"}