Way Out Weddings

A New Orleans voodoo rite was one stop on a UK couple's 22-month wedding tour.
7:25 | 04/09/13

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Transcript for Way Out Weddings
Once upon a time getting married it was pretty black and one. Holy matrimony. Not even the sky's the limit anymore. We're loving let me count the bizarre ways. Top of mountains and can. Of America. In the bottom of the ocean couples are tying the knot in light of the -- its sales in the dark of the Titanic has been -- all. -- -- -- And -- the naked truth is that he's been in a spot and somebody's probably gotten -- -- -- -- -- And remains smitten not -- these lovers chose to wed in a -- sharks. Yeah -- That's insane meet this crazy in love couple. The Romeo and Juliette -- -- returns. I have got to beat Alex -- police again. Then pushing them and. We can -- as they prepare to take their vows of the voodoo wedding in the war. -- -- and you know -- yeah. Their movie can't -- With the management. -- and snakes. Bruins who announced. In the past 22 months and -- and how. Alex has pledged their love forty times in 2200. Full home from the wind -- shores of British Columbia. To the market places South America. What the world are you doing. -- is now mine and they met in their hometown of Yorkshire England. Shortly after they found love some might say they lost their minds somewhere written wine was and who isn't it is always gotten all the best ideas come from line. Alex put his car dealership on the market -- -- quit her job in retail and they sold their belongings and purchased 25 year old camper van nicknamed -- So this is taking yes they gave the original idea was to travel the world and we'll talk about the best place to get married but -- they thought. -- how we write about it's about experience and -- -- an atom bombs and small Levinson. Country. On the day of the boots on the their little -- that hood was apparently burst -- -- them it's. Each time anyway. It's an easy thing. It's going to be ceremonies NCA. You -- the ceremonies themselves very seriously. You want to try to what is it that you want to try to gain out of this. Since the cultures and traditions we just wanted to kind of reflect. The country -- the state that weren't them as much as it possibly count. So -- tangled in Argentina. -- -- -- -- -- And zip line -- Colorado. I have yet. Ceremony that the party arrived by hasn't -- Whenever possible animals are on the guest list -- and Canada dolphins didn't want what's the picture up there. This. Sweating in Colombia however found in his pocket -- police eroded them. Yeah. Yeah. Not surprisingly Alex Paterson to tire of this part of the retreat you must get -- Friday. That's releases as well worn wedding dress how to dress doing amazingly no -- yesterday it's incredible. Displays is -- but as the -- It's been underwater. -- town hall didn't inspire and how -- It -- him so much and it -- -- dry cleaned up anything we just kind of hose it down. -- -- At each stop the couple has found people happy to help with the adventure. Volunteer photographers that yacht -- and the rest get a shout out on their blog. All donations go directly to -- No one ever complains that you're going around the world just sort of moved -- off of Iran. Yeah no we don't make anything we we we just borrow so it's not about money system -- Princeton these people -- -- -- of course the weddings the easy part marriage is called. We'll tell -- the Janet LeBron is the same -- -- -- and I'm. -- this difficult time including great fun time. You know I yeah. You think that -- specifically camera. My pick compound personal reasons. Of course you could -- a long. -- never experienced -- list. Weddings and a remote village to. The women is still topless with as that in the men -- very little Erica -- -- Regalia. And -- -- and we'll look of it from head to -- in hand -- afternoon. Was there -- ceremony that. Just struck he was being the most -- Yeah -- and here true. Basis. -- -- -- -- through holes on his -- -- It's. The so you've got kind of his -- thing the music scented -- feeling of -- smoke -- and parents and Taft is that every sentence in our sins -- agree. Straight back to their big day in the big. -- get but. Priestess bloody Mary conjures lesbians don't -- you share his streams. Where you can share her dreams. Does the meaning and the power. -- diminished by doing it again and it is almost and a low moderate national I think than -- get easier this because we're always doing the same thing publicly declaring Allah preaching. And this -- serious thing. Ironically police and Alex have yet to become legally married back at home in England and but by then they will have not a few dozen more exotic not tools and should have their final wedding -- -- As witnessed by those in the last thousand cats and I'm looking -- looking. -- -- -- -- Farmington get. I now pronounce you. -- -- -- -- -- -- We want more drama over the kept -- -- I --

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{"duration":"7:25","description":"A New Orleans voodoo rite was one stop on a UK couple's 22-month wedding tour.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"18913620","title":"Way Out Weddings","url":"/2020/video/extreme-weddings-couple-20-wedding-cermonies-world-18913620"}