John Robinson, the conman: Part 2

Heather Robinson learned she was the infant who went missing in 1985 after John Robinson, a man with a long history of petty crime that evolved into murder, came into her life.
7:40 | 10/05/19

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Transcript for John Robinson, the conman: Part 2
Dead bodies found on his linn county, Kansas, farm. 19-year-old Lisa stasi and her daughter Tiffany, they've been missing since 1985. Johnson county prosecutor Paul Morrison says the midwest family who thought they legally adopted this little girl, Tiffany stasi, 15 years ago was duped, allegedly by John E. Robinson. What do you want to find out about your biological mom? I want to find out where she is. I want to know who she was. I know nothing of my mother. That's haunted me my entire life. Do you believe you will find out? Yeah. I know I will. I'll find her. Today's itinerary is, right now, I'm awake and conscious and getting some caffeine into me. We are then proceeding to o'hare, where we're going to land in Kansas City. The first step on Heather's journey was going back to where the story began, Kansas City. Where her mother was born, where her mother was killed, and where a lot of these answers hopefully were for her. I really hope that we can find, at least, the location of Lisa, where he put her. At least, I think for Heather to be able to say good-bye. Thanks again for flying with us, hope you enjoy your stay in Kansas City. We are here to meet Paul Morrison, who was the district attorney who tried against John here in Kansas. Hi, it's very nice to meet you finally. Very nice to meet you. Do you think in your experience I'll find where she is if I keep pursuing it? Maybe. Stranger things have happened. Oh, absolutely. And especially nowadays with advances in technology. Yeah, I think you should. Yeah. This is Heather a few months after she was born, but she isn't Heather here. She was Tiffany. But then her name and the whole course of her life changes all because of a guy named John Robinson. John Robinson was a very interesting man. Originally from Chicago area. John Robinson was born in 1943 in Cicero, Illinois, and grew up in a somewhat working class neighborhood there. From everything we know about John Robinson's youth, it was ordinary. He was an eagle scout, he loved animals, and got along great with everybody. In fact when he was a young man, made a trip to England, where he sang for the queen of England. A command performance for queen Elizabeth at the palladium in London when he was about 13. Backstage at the palladium, he ran into Judy Garland. She kissed him on the cheek and this made a big story in the Chicago papers. In 1964, he was 21 years old and he met a woman named Nancy Jo lynch, and they would be married for decades and decades. He got a job at a Chicago hospital as an x-ray technician. But instead of doing a lot of x-rays, he starteding affairs and stealing money from the hospital. John Robinson got a job in the late '60s I believe with a doctor graham, who happened to be Harry Truman's personal physician. He was a very good people person. Smiled a lot. He gave an excellent first impression. But he had another side to him as well. It was found out that he had embezzled $25,000 from Dr. Graham. We weren't the only ones. He went on to have many, many years of embezzlement and other white collar crimes. He had this long, long career as this con man. If there was a way to con somebody, Johnny Robinson had already thought it through. He's always doing a con. He's always stealing from someone. Time after time, Robinson is caught and convicted for these white collar crimes, but every time he manages to escape any real significant prison time. In 1977 there's a banquet in downtown Kansas City at one of the hotels, and they announced that the man of the year was John Robinson for all his great work that he'd done. And it turned out that it was his own invention. Nominated himself. Ordered the plaque himself. The whole thing. He made it all up. With a lot of serial killers, you hear the cliche about it. Them living double lives, this guy had five lives. You kind of have to think about his wife and family. They have four children by now. And he's trying to present himself in a very favorable light. He's the referee of his kid's soccer games, he's an elder at the church. I think part of the reason that he was able to get away with it so long was 'cause he didn't look dangerous. He looks more like the Pillsbury doughboy than he does, you know, the chainsaw massacre guy. You know, he's very congenial. He smiles. He laughs. He tells stories. He slaps you on the back. Steve Haymes was Robinson's probation officer. He had his eye on Robinson for a long time, knowing that something beyond white collar crime was involved here. There was no doubt in my mind that Robinson was up to no good. Open an Olathe north high school from the early 1980s, you'll see a dark-haired girl with a very bright future. It gets to be 1984, he hires Paula Godfrey. Paula answered an ad in the newspaper for a job. That's where she met Robinson. And she disappears. Her father confronted John Robinson, who totally said, "I don't know what you're talking about." All of a sudden, these letters started appearing signed by his daughter saying, "Oh, I'm okay, you know, I'm fine. You don't need to worry about me." You're a parent or a sibling, and you've lost contact, and then out of the blue you get a letter from them. It probably made you feel good at least initially that, well, they're okay, but then on closer examination they'd often say, "Well, this doesn't sound like her." John Robinson was a very good predator. He chose his victims well. They were looking for some way out of their poverty and their problems. John Robinson gave it to them. Heather also met with Steve Haymes. That was a really powerful meeting for her. We ready? All right. Do you want to start out? I would go with how did you come across John?

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{"duration":"7:40","description":"Heather Robinson learned she was the infant who went missing in 1985 after John Robinson, a man with a long history of petty crime that evolved into murder, came into her life.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"66075174","title":"John Robinson, the conman: Part 2","url":"/2020/video/john-robinson-conman-part-66075174"}