How kidnapping survivor Abby Hernandez says she kept hope alive during her captivity

Abby Hernandez shares what it took to endure months in captivity and her message for other victims of violent crime. Also, a mental health professional shares what makes Abby a healthy survivor.
7:57 | 09/07/18

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Transcript for How kidnapping survivor Abby Hernandez says she kept hope alive during her captivity
What would you say to people to anybody who has gone through something and trying to get their balance again don't lose. Hope I feel like hold. Even when you feel like you've lost everything. You know there's hope is something that nobody can take away. Just keep that unit of Chicago. How do you hold on to hold happy we do having the worst. Trauma torture. The worst kind of thing that if a person let alone a child. Can go. How do you hope upon hope in the middle spin. You can't lose hope I mean it's just it's what you call you. It's the way you know he's from mostly breathing and drinking water issues something you need to. Has this ordeal made you stronger. More fractional. Times I think it's made me strong. Definitely. Then you went through so much between being physically tortured and being almost starved. You know being deprived of light and communication and contact and all of that just wondering what was the lowest point since it. Punish me for trying to get a message your crimes. Airliners and he. So he held a silent night Eaton is really horrible and I remember. I tried not to screen that ultimately I had to scream he he later on told me said they he had to stop because he's on the look at him now. House probably the most of pain and it's been. She it sort of it. And began to describe. Rape torture just. Horrific news things but in no way me that was relatively. Cash alone is that common. I've been in the field for twenty years and every time I see it takes my breath away from an -- she's had the ability. To move beyond all of that pain. And in ways that it slipped out a piece of herself that part that person that was being wounded and hurt and tortured all those days. Hopefully she's able to leave that there and now she's able to look at it. Through a different lands she says she just wanted to survive and wouldn't that survival instinct come on do you think in a fourteen year old girl. I think we all happen. Inside of us. When we see it in somebody like that it is remarkable. Unbelievable remind remarkable. You can't miss it. But that apps salute desire to live in go forward is YA. We've evolved in staying on this are. And isn't just something and it. She just happens happens sent part. Human well. I think it is part of the human will if you're able to again shifting out of the physiological fear and freight response. Which is up in a hard thing to do but that's why. We talk about it mindful in this in controlling breathing in all of those things that we talk about so much and there be these days. That allows you to usurp. That have saloon terror responds. She strategizing. August. It's amazing that she was strategizing. It is again very remarkable and again speaks of her ability to get out of her tears me. And problems solved what do you think people should take away from. People are. I hope that people learn being. How resilient people can be ended when something as horrible as is happens. The U that person happens to do is not that shameful and is hot cool and it should. Hold their head down in the apologies. That we need to applaud them and we also need to understand that everybody goes through. Situations in different ways in looks different there's not one way that is survivor looks like. Which we often think that they should it need to act is certainly be a certain way. It's not sure she's a here and she needs to be applied it is here. In her victim impact statement. She was they're forgetting her captor. She she said all kinds of things or religion told Torre. Forgiveness is the highest level it really is it's the ability to not be owned by somebody else how she'd find it in a heart to just eaten. He d.s to discuss. It's pretty in the easing. Clearly. What she was able to do classes. Allow herself to. Calm. Out from under his control. By forgiving she's no longer being controlled by him so when he physically control that are. He did not mentally. Control her. The other piece of it is that we really want to be meaning tour life. And so in that situation her decision. Conscious or unconscious to forgive and let the anger was away in. Keeping some meaning that circumstance that she was. At B wanted to speak out about this she wanted to put our story out there. Why do you think now they know when people choose to speak out make the decision who they want to speak out to where they speak at its the way in. Taking charge of their story so I applied her if she's in a place that she's ready to take tours. In lit and speak out before maybe she didn't because they were doubters out there and she didn't want to speak to them. But at this point her ability to chooses to owners story is wonderful. What kept you going. Not losing hope. No freedom really is a beautiful thing and it's it's bliss since. It's the best feeling in the world and I wanted to feel that again. And once you begin to realize you had freedom and you're out and about what's so hard for included grab onto it again. And in the beginning illusionist. This looks like high feelings of happiness so I wanted to be able to relate with people again and went into effect when we normally. Land on the phone interview her dress and what did that feel like for you starting. Something fresh it was really and those of us you know and I stopped thinking about it so much healing company can distract you with your new life and are able to be very lengthy and that's what they needed. And now today if you wouldn't describe yourself today and in. Picture a disease that as a parent SA can be alone is trying to learn new things you know and a breakthrough in engine room. I still like to leave him. My hope is that I can leave the best mom I can be. And super excited. The security on your way unions. President.

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{"duration":"7:57","description":"Abby Hernandez shares what it took to endure months in captivity and her message for other victims of violent crime. Also, a mental health professional shares what makes Abby a healthy survivor.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"57672501","title":"How kidnapping survivor Abby Hernandez says she kept hope alive during her captivity","url":"/2020/video/kidnapping-survivor-abby-hernandez-hope-alive-captivity-57672501"}