Melanie McGuire questioned by police in husband’s killing: Part 5

When McGuire learned Bill McGuire’s body was found, she said she burst into tears. She was questioned by police and told them to look in Atlantic City for his missing car.
7:35 | 09/26/20

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Transcript for Melanie McGuire questioned by police in husband’s killing: Part 5
In the early morning hours of April 29, 2004, Melanie Mcguire said that she and her husband bill had a violent fight and that he left and she never saw him again. Melanie says the next day she got her kids up, she took them to daycare, and she started trying to figure out how she was going to move on with her life without bill. And. And during this, the next day, the cay after that, the day after that, you didn't hear anything from him. No. Did you try calling him directly? No. Because this is what used to happen, when we fought. You know, I'd call, whether it was to tell him off or to try to apologize, and we'd just end up getting back into it again. I'm done now. I'm done. She retains a divorce attorney and at this point she does tell the divorce attorney she has not seen her husband in a few days. And according to Melanie, the attorney advised her not to file a missing person's report. My heart broke for her. She didn't deserve -- nobody deserves that. But I told her that she needed to think about herself right she needs to protect herself. I called a business associate of mine who was an attorney. She said, you need to get a restraining order. State your full name. Melanie Lynn Mcguire. She had to go in front of a judge and give sworn statement about the incident that happened. Tell me what happened that brought you to court today for a temporary restraining order? My husband and I closed on our first house on Wednesday. That should be a positive thing, shouldn't it? Yeah, it should. He's been behaving really erratically. Mrs. Mcguire, you're safe here. Don't worry. Melanie explained to the judge how bill had been violent with her. Did he hit you, ma'am? No, not until -- well, I don't mean to sound like I had absolutely no part in this. I said some not nice things and he slapped me. As part of the questions, Melanie was asked by the judge if she owned any firearms. Do you know if there's any weapons? Not to my knowledge. This is a sketch of the body that washed ashore this month. We're hoping this will give us an edge and maybe identify him sooner. About a month goes by between the time that bill disappears and when sue rice identifies bill Mcguire after seeing the sketch on local TV. The next thing police have to do is notify Melanie Mcguire of the death of her husband. Melanie was asked to come down to the police station. The officer came out. He says, is your husband William Mcguire? And I said yes. And he said, I'm sorry to tell you, ma'am, that William is deceased. And I just -- I just burst into tears. But there's one thing she never asked. How was bill Mcguire murdered. They did not tell her how and the condition in which he was found. That would be one of the first questions that I would ask. The next step was that the Virginia police wanted to speak with Melanie. Melanie agrees, but she brings her divorce attorney with her and another criminal attorney in that practice. Conducting an interview with the victim's wife with two attorneys present is highly unusual. The first time I have ever have that happen to me. She was nervous. She was visibly shaking. She made expressions like she was crying, but she never had a tear in her eye. I asked her if she had any luggage. And she informed us that they didn't have any matching luggage. The next day, Melanie told detectives she suddenly remembered that the mcguires did own a matching set of designer luggage. I showed her a picture of the one of the pieces of luggage that we recovered in the bay and she identified that as belonging They asked what kind of person bill was and she said he was the kind of person that had a knack for pissing people off. She asked us, where did we find her husband's vehicle at? I told her at that point we hadn't found her husband's vehicle. And she said that probably a good place to look would be Atlantic City, New Jersey. She also informed us that her husband had a gambing problem. Did he get involved with the wrong people? That's what I would have to believe, that he had gotten himself into something. And bill thought he could always handle something. He was always into some kind of deal, so I think maybe this deal was his last deal. After the interview was done that evening, we also conducted a search at their old apartment building. The apartment was empty. She had already moved out. They asked her about bill's possessions and his clothes. We discovered that Ms. Mcguire had already given all of her husband's belongings away. Virginia Beach detectives find out that Melanie Mcguire had given most of bill's belongings away to a friend's cousin, and they wanted to track that man down. Eventually, they did and found out that most of bill's clothing was still in black trash bags, much like the bags that contained bill Mcguire's body rts. The garbage bags by sight looked identical. Things are starting to make sense with the detectives. There's the black trash bags, and there was also the hospital blanket that the head was wrapped into. And they're thinking, well, Melanie Mcguire is a nurse. That's kind of an odd coincidence. At Melanie's suggestion, detectives start to search Atlantic City for bill's car, and lo and behold, that's exactly where they find it. The Atlantic City forensic unit processed Mr. Mcguire's vehicle. They took photos. They finger printed. They vacuum cleaned the floor boards. The body was released to Melanie on a Tuesday. Immediately she had him catastrophe cremated. And the funeral lasted all of 10, 15 minutes at the most. She called the following evening, after the funeral and at that point I just kind of blasted her. I just told her, I said, Melanie, bill deserved so much more. And Mel just said, well, I'm a single mom now. And now I've just got to get on with my life. I said, well, no, the next thing is we've got to figure out who did this to him. After I got off the phone, I remember hanging up and I said, Jon, she did it. She did it. Everything pointed to Melanie Mcguire. Through wiretapping her phones, the police discovered the relationship that she was having with Dr. Miller. It's a eureka moment because it provides motive. I've told them everything

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{"duration":"7:35","description":"When McGuire learned Bill McGuire’s body was found, she said she burst into tears. She was questioned by police and told them to look in Atlantic City for his missing car.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"73252282","title":"Melanie McGuire questioned by police in husband’s killing: Part 5","url":"/2020/video/melanie-mcguire-questioned-police-husbands-killing-part-73252282"}