Missing teen learns name of her captor through book he gave her: Part 5

"I asked him. I said, 'Who's Nate Kibby?'" recalled Abby Hernandez. "He just kind of breathed, and he said, 'How do you know my name?'"
7:02 | 09/08/18

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Transcript for Missing teen learns name of her captor through book he gave her: Part 5
Live free or die isn't just New Hampshire state motto it's also good to possible outcomes and running through the mind of Andy Hernandez and 50 my god and good guys and they are going to escape somehow or more new TV homes at 3000 dollar cargo container that holds his darkest secrets a steel box with multiple. Some electricity and space heaters and all sound. Neighbors see nothing and here are nothing on Abbey's needless suffering did the rapes start you know. That happened throughout your captivity. Many of the. At least captivity are too disturbing for television but she tells them in a manner that's remarkably matter of fact. She never treated at V psychologist Rebecca Bailey says it's not uncommon. To see is there any matter of fact almost she's talking about it. Think she's had the ability to move beyond all of that pain. And in a waste that is split out a piece of herself. That part that person that was being wounded and hurt and tortured all those days there's not one way that is survivor looks like. Which we often think that they should they should act would certainly be a certain way. It's not true. Meanwhile back in Conway friends haven't forgotten about can be and post this video to keep her name in the public. I cannot tell you enough how much air. Good to see no need QB is roaming around their seat town every day he believes his mobile home driving 34 miles to his machinist jobs in Conway. One that requires him to drive past the Conway police department on his way to and from work. In Gorham and he has a job to to survive. How I got water one stick to strung into my at the corner men but never wanted to water it would flip a switch movement. And water would chip in and around. To prove this to have to goal from screaming. He beat usage of we'll keep calm approach he plays heavy metal music bailing out on I was gagged. Everything is a torture ease up just getting worse instead you know I don't. Thinking of finding something a little more humane for you to keep him quiet but San thinking there shot Collard. Well it dogs. Where shock Cobb remembers declaring me. She told me okay trains creating. Just slowly started reason inflation and it shocked me so he's like a canine noted there did you ever learn his name does he say anything about. Who he whines he told news. Called me. Coming massed there. But the more time QB in can be spent together locked behind his clean dish beside the more paranoid he becomes. There was at least one moment of panic. He said you know too much. Said so I need to move view. We need to move. But we can't stay here we'll put you in the trunk of the car and we drove for a really long time. And how I used to keep track of time. I would sing American pie in the head. Continue that song was arrested eight minutes behind but for myself okay after and so this and they had eight minutes of content I. The ride seems endless and as the teenager tries in vain to keep track of how quietly travelling in. These days it. The car suddenly stops wherever they are. In the end I'm Leo Ryan and he's terrible over her shoulder into my room he. Don't be an actress he later wrote earning just our island. For months. Little just Abby known QB has driven in circles and brought her flight back to the same cargo container. In a never before seen blue. Door he tells her is wired to keep would be rescuers and pain. They knocks on the door handlers. He told me that he tricked the doors so that if true. For any reason it was busted open the room would catch on fire. The explosives are faint. But the changing dynamic between the two is about to get real. Predator slowly becoming unmasked. The one time he fell asleep would mean I was facing the door and was a welcome but wasn't wearing a plane flown. Designer rolling over and I saw his face and I quickly sat up and I covered madness. Because I was afraid you tell me now. Because he's that I need to forget what his face looked like. As bizarre as it may seem inside these cramped quarters bond begins to form. It's always bonding to the bad guy at that ability to figure out how they can sort of keep them that day so they won't go often become more violent. You know being naturally nine months I kind of eventually. Became weirdly comparable. And he does to Abby says the machinist confesses everything from his sideline marijuana business to his disdain for police and more. I remember early. Me tied me a us. Said he wanted to know how I know how to do this. Anxious that power. Because it's what they did to us they do excellence we would talk pain she told me about his experiences home. A juvenile prison and actual prison. Not how they would see us. Down there is this it happened to him yeah. While in high school QB was reportedly incarcerated for 42 days most of that time in a psych ward of the state prison because he was deemed to be a threat to himself. Andes and good listener making sure never to disagree with her capture and lending a hand with his projects. And he said you know I'm thinking of making counterfeit money couldn't he said morally you know they only basically. Sloan. He said let's make some fake money and part of how I gained his trust I guess when you know I went along with what I retorted to you know. If I were going to write a textbook. About how all that of should deal with abductions the first chapter would be about at. QB's home is filled with the bulls and he shares his passion for reading with Andy. It will be a mere slip up and mania turned mentor. He didn't a couple of could you know he's licking a cook for your man. And he always told me he says. Yet like the closest thing I'll ever have to a I guess he kind of looked at me like you wanted to teach weeks. So anyway he had a cup buck and I would just read the cutback but there's a name written in you know block letters. The nameless who they can be Andy Hernandez has uncovered what no investigator has. I mean I asked parents and they think Katie and she looked a little disappointed he's kind of readings. How do you know Romanian.

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{"duration":"7:02","description":"\"I asked him. I said, 'Who's Nate Kibby?'\" recalled Abby Hernandez. \"He just kind of breathed, and he said, 'How do you know my name?'\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"57684970","title":"Missing teen learns name of her captor through book he gave her: Part 5","url":"/2020/video/missing-teen-learns-captor-book-gave-part-57684970"}