A pair of sweatpants is found not far from Mandy Stavik’s home: Part 3

Law enforcement went door to door and employed a helicopter, blood hounds and expert trackers to find the vanished student. The sweatpants were sent to a lab for analysis.
7:08 | 09/21/19

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Transcript for A pair of sweatpants is found not far from Mandy Stavik’s home: Part 3
The search effort to find Mandy was really extensive. The whole town practically was combing everywhere. Looking for clues, hoping to find her alive. They've called out the border patrol helicopter, and the sheriff's posse. We're going to get into some of the areas that you wouldn't be able to drive in with a four-wheel drive vehicle into. An exhaustive search goes into its second day since 18-year-old Amanda stavik suddenly disappeared yesterday afternoon. We had every kind of mode of transportation to search, from riding motorcycles, jeeps, going door to door, walking the ditches, bringing in blood hounds. They had patrols going through fields that were adjacent to her house. We had specifically trained people, that are called man trackers. My name is Joel Hardin. I was the border patrol's expert tracker for 20 years. The biggest conception about when someone says tracker is someone is down on their hands and knees looking for shoe impressions or footfall, they call it. It's so much more than that. I see in the surroundings, in the ground cover and so on, that which other people see but are not conscious of. I took several classes and the instructor would say look at this leaf. Turn it over. See this mark? It's a bruise. That's probably four to five hours old. When a branch on a live bush is broken, it bleeds and it scars. By looking at that you can pretty well predict when it was broken. Expert trackers used the term "Sign" to indicate any discoverable evidence that could be linked to the missing person. I went to the house and talked to the family, and learned what Mandy's normal route was and followed the sign and found the evidence that it was her sign that was coming out onto that road. It was her tracks. And followed it to a place where the tracks just stopped and they shouldn't have. Her dog was running with her and the dog tracks stopped there also. It makes you think probably someone pulled her into a car and took off with her. I mean, that's kind of the worst. She's not going to be forcibly taken, forcibly, unless two or three guys grabbed her. And there was no evidence of that on the road. There was no scuffling and pushing and shoving, and that type of thing. The question was, was it just somebody driving by that drove up that road and sees this beautiful girl running with a dog and decides to grab her, or was it somebody that knew her? Our man tracker went to the stavik home, talked to Mary stavik, to Mandy's mother, and the dog had come home alone, the dog was on the porch. It was a German Shepard. She was upset. She didn't know what to do with herself. I said, "Where's Mandy? Where's Mandy, Kyra? What did you do? Where is she?" Our man tracker tried to get the dog to come down, taking the dog and lead him to where she had last been. And the dog would come off the porch and the dog cowered and he thought something, by looking at the dog, had happened to the dog. We believed that the dog was kicked or hit or something to control the dog. We actually believe maybe even kicked into the ditch where it couldn't fight back or protect Mandy. Enough people along strand road had seen her heading out and then coming back that they knew pretty close to the time that she had disappeared. Her brother had seen her, some neighbors had seen her. We call it a neighborhood canvass, where we would go out door to door. Find neighbors that had seen her and then kind of leapfrog from there. You get numb. You just get focused on searching for her and hoping that you'll find, or somebody will discover something. On Sunday, two days after she disappeared, the skagit county search and rescue team were checking a lot of side roads and pulloffs, anything, and they found something they thought was a little bit suspicious. They wanted us to look at it. The first thing I did was take a video of the entire area. The only opening in the foliage here has been made by the lane. The situation was an overgrown road and everything on that road looked old, wet, been there for a long time. Over to the left of this area I'll talk about some other debris, appear to be an article of clothing. A pair of green sweatpants. Mandy was wearing green sweatpants. Mandy's mother, Mary, was brought to the scene and shown those pants. I didn't remember exactly what she was wearing. But I didn't think they could have been. For one thing, they were dirty. And they had ripped holes in them. And Mandy wouldn't have worn -- ever worn anything like that. Mary said at the time that she didn't think that they were hers but she also said that she didn't want to think that they were hers. They were eventually sent to the laboratory for analysis to look for trace evidence, look for anything that might be related to our missing person. There were some tiny fibers and there were also some semen stains that were analyzed and not connected to Mandy or anybody else in the case. I don't know. I feel so bad for her mother. I just feel so bad for her family. Strand road, where Mandy stavik was believed to be kidnapped so close to her family home, is empty today. People were absolutely shocked that this could happen in a community like acme. That changed everything. I would think of Seattle, new York, a bigger city. Not even Bellingham. I didn't even think this would happen in Bellingham. They didn't know who this person was. Does he live in our community? People were scared to go jogging. It could have been anyone and everywhere we went could have been the person that did this to Mandy. Everywhere I looked there was danger. We had a vessel searching the river by boat. And one of the searchers called out that he had seen something. That image is etched in my brain like granite. Be right there baby. Whoops. Sorry.

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{"duration":"7:08","description":"Law enforcement went door to door and employed a helicopter, blood hounds and expert trackers to find the vanished student. The sweatpants were sent to a lab for analysis. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"65761261","title":"A pair of sweatpants is found not far from Mandy Stavik’s home: Part 3","url":"/2020/video/pair-sweatpants-found-mandy-staviks-home-part-65761261"}