Rodney Alcala’s trophies help identify 4 victims decades after their murder: Part 9

In 2003, evidence was re-examined ahead of Alcala’s third trial for the murder of Robin Samsoe. DNA from the evidence matched Charlotte Lamb, Jill Parenteau, Georgia Wixted and Jill Barcomb.
8:43 | 01/09/21

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Transcript for Rodney Alcala’s trophies help identify 4 victims decades after their murder: Part 9
This case was assigned to me back in 2003, when my boss came in and essentially gave me the rundown on it. Said that it was going to be a That's when Matt Murphy decided to go back to the evidence, and he had that pouch of jewelry that was recovered in the Seattle storage locker re-analyzed for DNA. Which meant that Rodney's DNA could be put up against the DNA that had been taken decades earlier from the people whom we all believed he had murdered. The DNA matched Charlotte lamb, Jill Parenteau, Georgia Wixted and Jill Barcomb. At that point, Rodney Alcala is clearly now known as a serial killer. When you get a case like this, the first thing you do is you meet with the family members and it really drives you. They say you see the reflection of your victim in the eyes of the people who love them. I forget a lot of things, except the most important thing I can't forget, and that's her and how she died. I was at the same exact age as robin samsoe. We were both 12 years old in 1979, and you connect with your victim. Matt Murphy was a young, talented, brilliant prosecutor, and the Alcala case would be his 107th homicide. And now we're going to be in one of my courts in front of one of my judges. And I was going to do everything I could to make sure that he faced justice for what he did. The third death penalty trial was set for 2010. Matt Murphy and I ended up being co-counsel on the case, once we brought our L.A. Cases down to Orange county. So we had all these really good professionals that came together. I came to know Rodney Alcala by being on the Orange county panel of expert witnesses. I met with Rodney. We met a total of 18 hours over a number of days. And this third time around, 66-year-old Rodney Alcala decides he'll represent himself. He is a narcissist. He has a genius iq measured by some. So he's very brilliant and thinks that that translates into being able to be a good lawyer for himself in the case. Alcala's choice to represent himself was a message to Mr. Murphy that he is equal to him. Mr. Alcala's perceptions about his own superiority should never, ever be underestimated. She'd been gagged wh a t-shirt shoved down her mouth. I wanted the jury to see the level of violence, because one of the things that we needed to prove was torture, so that we needed to prove he intended to inflict pain on these victims. Alcala would strangle the women into unconsciousness, wait until they wake up, and then strangled them again. He knew exactly what he's doing, and he enjoyed what he was doing. So these are the facts of the samsoe case. Because Rodney Alcala was representing himself, he got to cross examine the witnesses. And then of course questioned robin samsoe's mom. This is what they looked like. He was questioning my mother about the earrings, trying to create doubt. Alcala tried to argue with my mother. All the jury sees is the man who murdered this poor woman's daughter cross-examining her. It was so hard watching her that I think the three of us just sat there and sobbed. Robin samsoe's day in court is today. You make sure that he is held responsible for what happened to that little girl. Murphy in his closing arguments -- I mean, they were fantastic. He got her into his car, and he drove her up to those mountains. And Rodney Alcala smashed her face in when she was still alive. He brutalized her. He was rattled after my closing argument. Because that's when he first learned, you know, he wasn't as smart as he thought he was. The day the verdict was read, the courtroom was very still and very quiet. We, the jury, further find and affixed a degree thereof murder in the first degree. The verdict was guilty on all charges across the board, all five murders. The evidence that we put in for the penalty phase of the trial focused largely on his prior sexual assaults of tali Shapiro. When Matt reached out to me in 2010, he was pretty adamant that he really needed me to come forth and help put Alcala away. Now we've come full circle from '68 to '79. Bringing tali Shapiro in as the one who lived, as the one who got away is very important for a jury to see what a monster Rodney Alcala is. I was there for the samsoe family. I've never been the victim. I've always been the survivor. If you decide that the death penalty is appropriate punishment, you shouldn't feel too good about it. After hearing all the evidence, the jury went back to deliberate one more time. And they came back with a verdict in little less than two hours. We, the jury, in the above entitled action, determine that the penalty to be imposed upon defendant Rodney James Alcala to be death. I feel like robin's life meant something, even at 12 years. She stopped him from killing anybody else. And I believe that if you would have told her that god was going use her for this purpose, she would have been okay with it. I just pray that I live long enough to watch him be executed. I only wish that I could be the one to administer the injection. In 2019, the state of California placed a moratorium on the death penalty, so that meant that all prisoners on death row, and this included Rodney Alcala, received a stay of execution. This did mean, though, that robin samsoe's mother would not see Rodney Alcala executed. July 23, 2019, my mom passed away. She wanted to see that day that Alcala leaves this Earth, that he just does not breathe anymore. And it's unfair. It's unfair. Somebody so cruel and evil. Cold case investigators tonight saying they have solved two of nyc's most notorious murders. New York had been investigating cases involving Rodney Alcala, a murder in 1971 and a murder in 1977. Although Alcala is already on death row in California, he will be extradited here to go on trial for killing the two new York women. They decided to charge Rodney with the two New York murders. He conceded that he did kill the two women in question. I was surprised that he pled guilty. I think ultimately he knew he was going to be convicted. Mr. Alcala got 25 years to life, which is the highest sentence under the law. After the trial, the Huntington Beach police department released hundreds of the photos that they found in that Seattle locker to the general public. Police don't know if any of the people in these pictures were victims of Alcala but hope the public might be able to help identify them. After the Huntington Beach police department released those photographs, the decades-old mystery of Christine Thornton was about to come full circle. My son sent this email to me with all these pictures in it that the police had from a serial killer.

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{"duration":"8:43","description":"In 2003, evidence was re-examined ahead of Alcala’s third trial for the murder of Robin Samsoe. DNA from the evidence matched Charlotte Lamb, Jill Parenteau, Georgia Wixted and Jill Barcomb.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"75144479","title":"Rodney Alcala’s trophies help identify 4 victims decades after their murder: Part 9 ","url":"/2020/video/rodney-alcalas-trophies-identify-victims-decades-murder-part-75144479"}