Ex-Scientology Officials Say Church Head Struck Staff: Part 2

Mike Rinder and Marty Rathbun say they saw David Miscavige be violent, though the church has consistently denied these claims.
6:45 | 01/07/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Ex-Scientology Officials Say Church Head Struck Staff: Part 2
Reporter: The year was 1990. ??? Words from a book showed me the way ??? Reporter: The church of scientology produced this publicity music video. ??? Take us from clear to eternity ??? Reporter: During the song's stirring chorus, the camera pans across a group of scientologists singing along. ??? Hey la ??? ??? we stand tall ??? Reporter: That there is the church leader David miscavige, front and center. Also in the frame, two high-ranking officials -- Marty Rathbun, and Mike rinder. Who would later become twin firebrands of the ant anti-scientology movement. It's fine that you leave, don't complain about it. Reporter: Mike rinder was head of the office of special affairs, dealing with public relations and legal affairs. He left in 2007 after what he calls a crisis of faith, fueled, he says, by multiple instances in which David miscavige himself punched or struck him. David miscavige has two personas. He has this public persona where he's all -- like a politician, glad-handing, shaking hands, smiling, happy. And then he becomes very cruel, very controlling, very vicious. I'll tell you, from my per speck Ty, the person getting harassed is myself and the church. Reporter: Rathbun, who served as miscavige's number two, worked extensively with top ranking celebrity scientologists during difficult times, such as Tom Cruise's divorce from Nicole kidman. I did little else but work to recover Tom to scientology, and help him get through the divorce. Reporter: But Rathbun told ABC, he became concerned, as miscavige turned increasingly violent. There was two other top, top managers within the church that he regularly, you know, hit with his fist, kicked, choked, threw to the ground. Reporter: The church has consistently denied that miscavige was ever physically abusive. He's very demanding of his subordinates, but I have never seen and nor do I believe that he would ever resort to physical violence. Reporter: In videos like this, it denounces Rathbun as an apostate and insists that he was the problem. You have admitted, though, haven't you, that you were physically aggressive when you were at the upper echelons of the church? Oh, yes, absolutely. I mean, we all were. We had to be, it was part of the culture. Miscavige pontificating on the other side -- Lean back, arms up -- Big bicep, muscle routine. Reporter: The two left, but they didn't go quietly. Rathbun launched a website attacking miscavige and the church. Much more on him later. Earlier, I spoke with Mike rinder. It's explosive stuff. David miscavige choking you. Absolutely. Reporter: Meanwhile, rinder became a familiar face on television, denouncing the church at every opportunity. This is an astonishingly wealthy organization that has managed to soak a hell of a lot of money out of a lot of people for a long time and accumulated it. Have you made peace with all of it? Like, all the stuff that you did? In general terms, yes. Reporter: Rinder is now a paid consultant on Leah remini's show, providing a running commentary on the church's alleged depredations. Anybody who is an enemy or a critic of scientology may have anything done to them with the idea that the end justifies the means. Those two are P.I.S, for sure. Reporter: In a recent episode, rinder confronted some men he suspected were private investigators hired by the church to tail him. Who are you? Who are you? Reporter: He's also spent ample airtime decrying a controversial church practice known as disconnection, in which members break all contact with people, including family members, who the church deems suppressive. Church attorney Monique Yingling told us that when members disconnect, it's for good reason. When someone in the church communicates they no longer want to associate with someone who's left the church, it only happens if that person starts to attack the church and attack their beliefs. Reporter: Is that voluntary, though? Okay, it's always voluntary. It's patently absurd. It's just ridiculous. You have the choice of whether you want to disconnect or not. The rest of that sentence is, "And if you don't disconnect, then, we will then deem you, what is called a suppressive person, and everybody that you know that is a scientologist will disconnect from you." Reporter: If you don't disconnect from a suppressive person, will you be kicked out of the church? No, you won't be kicked out. There may be specific services you won't be able to participate in, so long as you're connected to a suppressive person. Reporter: Right, so, it is voluntary, but there are consequences if you don't disconnect. Well, there are con consequences in every choice we make in life. Reporter: The church points out that Mike rinder has been attacking his former religion for years, sometimes for money. That is in part why, according to the church, rinder's family has disconnected from him. My son is in that building. This is called the superpower building. Reporter: We paid a visit with rinder to flag base, the church's spiritual headquarters in Florida. When's the last time you saw him? 2003, maybe. This is why I do what I do. Reporter: This visit was considerably less eventful than this one back in 2010, when rinder went looking for his son Benjamin with Marty Rathbun in tow. You just need to leave right now. You are not welcome here. Sir, you're bumping up against me. Watch it, watch it! Watch it buddy. Step out there. Show me the line. Reporter: The church has strenuously exerted itself to discredit rinder. He knows that what he's saying is false. Reporter: It provided us with these interviews with hiss trapged children. He's just trying to create a fabricated story or something? And I said, I want nothing to do with him. I wouldn't really call him a dad. I don't remember my dad ever being there, ever, ever, ever. Not once. I thought he hated me. Reporter: There's something almost shakespearean about the fact that, here's this guy who was one of the fiercest advocates for the church, W -- Please welcome Mr. Mike rinder. Reporter: -- Who's now on the receiving end of the office he served. Sure, he was believing that what he was doing was right. It's because of what the church tells you that they're doing for the world that you dedicate your life to something. We mark a new era, remember that. To lrh.

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{"duration":"6:45","description":"Mike Rinder and Marty Rathbun say they saw David Miscavige be violent, though the church has consistently denied these claims. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"44613605","title":"Ex-Scientology Officials Say Church Head Struck Staff: Part 2","url":"/2020/video/scientology-officials-church-head-struck-staff-part-44613605"}